High Tech Optical Head-Up Display

High Tech Optical Head-Up Display Review

HUD Display
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The E-Lead High Tech Optical Head-Up Display is ideal for busy drivers or people that get very easily distracted by thier phones while on the road. 


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If you’re the type of driver to always worry about their phone, investing in an Optical Head-Up Display (HUD) might be a great thing to do. There are thousands of accidents all over the world, every year, just because of texting. HUDs are great if you’re a busy person, or you just can’t live without checking your phone all the time.

An Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD) is a wearable device that has the capability of reflecting projected images. They also allow the user to see through it, similar to augmented reality tech. OHMD technology has existed since 1997 in many forms. A derived form of it is the Optical Head-Up Display.

An Optical Head-Up Display is a device that helps you see what happens on your phone. This way you can see who calls you and what notification you’ve got at all times. You can set it on your dashboard, right in front of you, and it will show you all the details on your windscreen.

The reason HUDs are so useful is that they prevent you from turning your head from the road to look for your phone. It also prevents you from taking a hand off the steering wheel to get the phone out of your pocket. You can have everything right in the corner of your eye.

HUDs are extra useful if you don’t have a dedicated GPS device and you’re using a GPS APP. You can use the HUD  as a GPS device instead and get audio directions.. You can also use it to see your vehicle’s OBD information on your windscreen.

In this article, we’ll talk about the E-Lead High Tech Optical Head-Up Display.


High Tech Optical Head-Up Display

The E-Lead High Tech Optical-Head Up Display is a very advanced gadget that helps you stay focused on the road. It uses the latest technology to let you know when someone’s calling you or just texted you. Countless accidents happen because of phone use, this device helps you to not become one of them.

The E-Lead HUD uses a mirror technology to project your phone screen image right in front of you, but without blocking your view. If you’ll recieve a notification you will be alerted. You won’t need to compromise your and other driver’s safety by being stuck to your phone.

HUDs are 20 times more bright than your smartphone so you’ll be able to see it even in the middle of a sunny day. The writing is bright but the rest is see-through so it won’t take up half of your front view. You won’t see anything if there are no new notifications, so it won’t distract you with useless information.

HUDs automatically adjust to the light around it so it won’t disturb your view in low light conditions. Depending on how bright or dark it is outside, the mirrored information will be of a suited brightness. If you ask for any information by voice, it will light up and provide you with the required information.

The HUD will display clear and easy-to-read wording so it won’t affect the driver’s sight. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android users. But unfortunately for iOS users, and Apple HDMI adapter is not included. You will have to buy it separately to connect to the HUD.


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High Tech Optical Head-Up Display

Thanks to the Tempered Glass Attached on your windshield, this Mirror HUD clearly display under any harsh weather conditions. There is also no glass vibration.

If you switch to OBD mode, the HUD will display OBD information. This includes the vehicle’s speed, engine RPM, and hub milage. The HUD is functional from -31F to 180F.

You can also benefit from three convenient audio system options. The first option is to use HUD’s built-in Audio System. The second one is to transmit your smartphone audio to the car speaker via Bluetooth. The last option is to use the FM transmitter. It supports playing music from the phone to the car stereo through the FM channel.

The third option can be used for early model cars with no Bluetooth built-in audio system. A free FM Transmitter is included in the package as a gift.

With the provided ruler, you can easily attach the HUD and glass combiner. Use the wiring demonstration to connect a power supply, OBD, and smartphone.

The reason an Apple HDMI adapter is not included is because the aftermarket ones won’t automatically upgrade when Apple launches a new phone.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • Free FM Transmitter
  • Displays OBD information
  • Three Audio System Options
  • Automatically Adjusts to Light
  • Clear and Easy-to-Read Wording
  • The Display is 20x Brighter Than a Smartphone


  • Apple HDMI adapter not included.


Day by day technology continuously advances. For years we’ve been looking for solutions against testing and driving. If you’re a busy person and you constantly need to be on your phone then you should give the High Tech Optical Head-Up Display a try.

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