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Mighty Mule Single Gate Opener Review

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The Mighty Mule Single Gate Opener is ideal for owners that want to secure their properties. It works on all types of single gates and can be used on farms as well.


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Mighty Mule Single Gate Opener

A lot of homeowners struggle with their gates sometimes. Maybe you’re in a hurry and getting out of your car to open and close the gate wastes some the time you don’t even have. Or maybe you’re done with those shameless people that have the audacity to use your driveway as a turnaround. If you need a solution to those problems, investing in a good Gate Opener is the answer.

A Gate Opener is a device that is capable of opening and closing the gate for you. Most openers come with a hand-held remote you can use from various distances. The moment the Gate Opener receives an electric impulse from the remote, it can operate the gate.

The best part about these devices is that you absolutely don’t have to get out of your vehicle to open or close the gate. You can attach the compact remote to your keychain and operate the gate with a simple push of a button.

And if you lose your remote, or it gets stolen, you can easily block said remote’s access to your home. You can also install a keypad outside your gate in a place you can easily get to from your car. Then when you come home, you can just roll down your window, put the PIN in, and the gate will open.

Most Gate Openers also have an Auto-Close feature. This allows you to set a closing time after the gate has been activated. And for extra convenience, you can install a sensor device inside your property. And when you drive past it, the gate will automatically open.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener.


Mighty Mule Single Gate Opener Review

The Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener features an exclusive Dual Sense Technology. This tech meets UL325 6th Edition Standards for additional protection and safety. You can count on this device to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe from unwanted intruders.

While a lot of people prefer it when someone else does the job for them, this Gate Opener allows you to do it on your own and enjoy your work later. Some people can afford a professional but love that feeling of being able to do it without a specialist’s help.

Thanks to its detailed instructions, installation DVD, and unlimited 24-hour technical support, this Gate Opener is ideal for DIY lovers.

Before purchasing this product, you have to make sure you won’t need a stronger Gate Opener. The Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener is ideal for light swing gates. Unfortunately, it can’t handle gates that are more than 12ft long or heavier than 300lbs.

This Gate Opener is perfect for all single gate types, including chain link, tube, panel, vinyl, and wood. It can support your gate even if it’s being used a lot every single day. Its durable design allows it to last for a whole decade or more.

The package includes a single button remote (Model #FM135), AC transformer (Model #RB570), control box, an installation manual with DVD, and all required hardware.

For optimal performance, the Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener requires a 12V Automotive or Marine Type Battery (not included). It will have to produce a minimum of 250 cold-cranking amps (CCA).

You can also purchase a Mighty Mule 5-Watt Solar Panel (Model #FM121) or a 10-Watt one (Model #FM123). The Gate Opener can safely handle any powering option you choose.


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Mighty Mule Single Gate Opener Features

The Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener features an Auto-Close option. You can program the opener to automatically close the gate after up to 2 minutes from the time it opened.

If there are times you don’t want to keep the gate open for the amount of time you programmed it, you don’t have to wait. You can just simply use the hand-held remote to close it back.

Thanks to Dual Sense Tech, property owners are provided with additional safety. You’ll also benefit from precaution without the need for a secondary entrapment device, such as photo eye sensors (Model #R4222).

With the built-in Safety Sensor, the Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener offers enhanced safety. If your children or pets run into the gate while it’s being operated, the unit will stop the action and reverse it.

The safety sensor activates when the gate faces any kind of obstacles in its path. If you pressed the remote button by mistake and the car is in the way, the gate will stop before hitting it.


  • Very Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Auto-Close Feature
  • Safety Sensor
  • Backup Battery Capable
  • Solar Panel Capable
  • Dual Sense Technology
  • Compatible With All Single Gate Types
  • Added Safety


  • The control box is not big enough if you have accessories such as a vehicle sensor, wired push button, lock, etc.


The Mighty Mule MM260 Single Gate Opener is durable, reliable, and will last you up to 10 years, even more, if properly maintained. Gate Openers can easily cost around 1,000$ so this one offers exceptional service for its price. You can even easily solve the small control problem if you’ll want to use accessories. If you’re looking for a reliable opener for lightweight single gates, you should give this product a chance.

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