Automatic Electric Sliding Gate

Automatic Electric Sliding Gate Review

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  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Quality - 9.3/10
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This Automatic Electric Sliding Gate is ideal for property owners that want to operate their gate without getting out of their vehicle.


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Automatic Electric Sliding Gate

One of the most used automatic home accessories is the Automatic Gate Opener. While it was invented around a century ago, its new smart features are what won so many house owners over.

Some people are too sick to continuously get out of their cars to open and close the gate. While others hate getting out in the pouring rain or freezing cold every time they leave or come. The main reason why these devices are so popular is that they solve these problems.

An Automatic Gate Opener is a device that helps you operate the gate without getting out of your vehicle. You can add its compact remote to your keys to make sure you won’t lose it. And when you’re ready to open or close the gate, just press one button.

The remote will send an electric signal to the gate opener which will then execute the command. You can only use the remote from a short distance. And if your car is compatible, you can sync the gate opener to your car’s integrated remote. This way you won’t have to worry about any remotes.

There are two main types of gates, sliding and swinging. And there are different kinds of automatic gate openers that are specifically designed for each gate. However, you can find a gate opener for any type, size, material, and style of gate.

Another reason these devices are so popular is their security. An automatic gate opener can restrict any stranger’s access to your home and keep you and your family safe. It will also get rid of those annoying drivers that use your driveway as a turn-around.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Automatic Electric Slide Gate.


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Automatic Electric Sliding Gate

This Automatic Electric Sliding Gate can allow you to get in and out of your property with just a press of a button. It has a very simple design that can integrate with any gate type and can be easily installed by anyone.

It can be used on a wide range of sliding gates and thanks to its stop and reverse feature, it can keep your kids and pets safe.

The gate will automatically stop once the gate opener detects an obstacle such as a car, child, pet, etc. Then it starts reversing back to its initial position. If it was closing, it will open again, and if it was opening, it will close back up.

Thanks to the wired keypad, you’ll be able to enter your property without your remote. All you have to do is insert the PIN you’ve chosen into the keypad and the gate will be activated.

The package also includes a weatherproof protecting the case of the keypad. Since it has to be installed outside your property and it will surely experience rain and snow, it has to be protected.

If you’ll lose your remote or if someone steals it, you’ll be able to block said remote from the control panel. This will stop the thief from using the remote to gain access to your property.

To increase the security levels, this automatic gate opener uses rolling codes technology. This means that the codes change every single time you use the remote. There are millions of code combinations that will make hacking into the system much harder.

Automatic Electric Sliding Gate Pros

  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Use
  • Keypad
  • Stop and Reverse Feature
  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Weatherproof Keypad Protection Case

Automatic Electric Sliding Gate Cons

  • The quality isn’t too great.


This Automatic Electric Sliding Gate is an affordable automatic gate opener. It can help you get in and out of your property without getting out of your vehicle. If you’re looking for an affordable gate opener for a lightweight gate, you can try this product.

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