Car Polisher

Makita Car Polisher Review

Introduction Over time, incorrect washing, weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation, pollution, acid rains, bird droppings, insects slightly degrade the shallow layer of varnish of the car. Thus, we can see how the car begins to exhibit circular micro-scratches and the paint loses from its original gloss. These micro-scratches do not let the light reflect as when […]

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Chicago Pneumatic CP7269P

Pneumatic Car Polisher Chicago CP7269P Review

Description An angle grinder is a tool that is used for grinding and polishing and can be powered electrically or with compressed air. Being a handheld tool it is very maneuverable and has great mobility. Pneumatic polishers have high rpm and lower torque because when they touch the surface the rpm will drop significantly. The […]

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Car Polishing Kit Complete Car Detailing

Car Polishing Kit – Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP (13 Items)

Description Polishing is a process that uses abrasive belts or discs to remove scratches, scale, pits to level surfaces. This process will ensure a smooth or shiny surface by using chemicals that are rubbed on the surfaces to create a specular reflection. The benefits of polishing are great allowing you to correct your car’s paint, […]

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