Rotary Car Polisher

Rotary Car Polisher – ZFE 800W Variable Speed 4” Wet Polisher

Car Polisher Electric Grinder/Polisher Grinder/Polisher
  • Price - 9.3/10
  • Versatility - 9.5/10
  • Built-in Quality - 9.5/10


The ZFE Electric Wet Grinder/Polisher  has variable speeds and is very easy to handle and use and in combination with the Granite Diamond Polishing Pads  you will do a wonderfull job gringing/polishing any surfaces made from Granite/Marble/Concrete/Stones.


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ZFE 8002 Rotary Car Polisher

If you are not familiar with the term, a wet polisher/grinder is an electrical device that is used to abrasive cut/polish hard materials using fluid for cooling and lubrication.

Lubrication is used to avoid damaging or cracking the workpiece or tool and is mostly used by angle grinders/polishers.

Hand-held angle polishers/grinders are used to polish/grind marble, granite, concrete surfaces like floors using diamond polishing pads that are very abrasive and resilient.

The diamond polishing pads come in many grits starting from 6 grit up to thousands (1800 highest shine for floor surfaces).

Concrete grinding is dry grinding and requires fewer people and special vacuum equipped with HEPA filters to get rid of all the dust produced but other surfaces are more sensible and need wet grinding to prevent damage.

Any DIY person will be interested in having the right tools to get the job done easier with professional results and purchasing the right tools might need a little time invested in researching for the best quality and best price on the market.

With a little bit of attention, you can find the best deal and a high-quality product.

Rotary Car Polisher – How to Choose

You can choose from all the models available on the market one that best suits your budget and needs just by following some simple guiding lines.

There are many brands, models, and prices for wet polishers/grinders and might be a bit confusing at first and often many buyers will first look at the price and choose a cheap version that will prove to be a mistake in the long run.

That does not mean that you must buy the most expensive one either but if you make a correct assessment of your needs you can choose a suitable one.

Another thing to keep in mind is to see if you need an electric or a pneumatic grinder/polisher because if you need a portable tool you will certainly need an electrical one.

And if you need an electric grinder/polisher you also have to find one that is double insulated and has a built-in ground fault interrupter to keep you safe while you polish/grind using water.

Wet grinders are 10 times faster than dry grinders and also the quality of the work is much higher.

Checking a product’s reviews and reputation might help you a lot because tried and tested products are more reliable and in this way you can be sure that you invest well your money in a quality product.


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Rotary Car Polisher ZFE

ZFE 800W/110V Variable Speed 4” Rotary Car Polisher is a variable speed wet polisher/grinder that can be used to grind/polish surfaces like stone, granite, concrete, marble.

This electric wet polisher/grinder has double insulation a rubber cover for the handle and a GFCI for high electrical safety.

ZFE Wet Polisher Grinder has variable speeds that are controlled by pushing a button (500RPM to 4,000RPM).

To have better maneuverability this polisher/grinder has ergonomically designed handles (top D and back handles) that will make your work easier, better and faster.

With the waterproof cover and flexible splash guard you are protected from electric shocks and can work undisturbed using the 3 hole water heads that have a 120 ° to distribute the water evenly.

This polisher/grinder has dry/wet polishing diamond pads of different diameters(3/4/5inch -80/100/125 mm) and 2 carbon brushes and a polishing plate.

At a very convenient price, you will get a very good tool that comes with all the needed accessories to do proper job polishing/grinding stone, granite, concrete, and marble.


  • easy to use
  • double insulated and secured against electrical shocks
  • has variable speeds(500RPM to 4,000RPM)
  • ergonomic handles for a high maneuverability
  • comes with a waterproof cover and an anti-splash guard that is flexible
  • has 3-hole 120 ° water heads
  • has different wet polishing diamond pads
  • 2 carbon brushes and a polishing plate
  • suitable for materials like stone, concrete, granite, marble.
  • very good price


  • the gasket for the connection with the waterline might not seal it proper


If you need a very good electrical variable speed wet grinder/polisher you will be very satisfied with ZFE Variable Speed 4 Wet Rotary Car Polisher.

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