Warn Axon 101150 Spydura Winch

Warn Spydura Winch Review

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Warn Spydura Winch

Ever since the dawn of time humans could count on one thing to always get us into trouble, and that’s adrenaline. Fighting duels, exploring unknown grounds, parkour, speed driving, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX, there’s always something that can keep us on edge at any given moment in our lives.

What do you do when determination and horsepower are what gets you in trouble? What if when you’re having more fun, your sports car gets stuck while your friends have a good laugh about it? It’s all fun and games but now you need something you can count on, and that’s strong enough to bail you out.

A perfect solution is the Powersports winch. A winch that’s specifically designed for sports fanatics that get themselves into a little bit of trouble from time to time. A machine you can count on anytime you end up stuck on a muddy mountain road, between a huge pile of rocks or annoying fallen trees.

An electric winch is used to perform heavy-duty pulling jobs. With the help of an electric motor that powers a spool or steel drum, a winch can be used to winding a steel or synthetic cable wire that’s attached to a steel hook on the cable’s leading end.

Importance of a winch

When it comes to retrieving something, a truck, a boat, etc.., electric winches need a lot of power. The power is provided by the towing vehicle’s battery, but if you need to retrieve a heavier vehicle, from a difficult spot, a dedicated winch circuit must be added to provide power to the back of the tow vehicle.

Every winch, manual or electric, has a motor that drives or powers the drum that spools the wire. Electric winches use electric motors and are naturally powered by electricity. The current changes on opposing poles spin a magnet that powers the motor and turns the winch.

A manual winch, on the other hand, requires a lot more effort. The crank pulls a line in to be stored on the drum, and the windlass, a horizontal-axle rotating machine, maintains tension while the ratchet lock prevents slipping. A gearbox will allow you to winch at different speeds and ratios.

A manual winch is way more dangerous and harder to use than an electric winch, the risk of an accident is also greater. While an electric winch is more expensive, it definitely pays back the investment.

A PowerSport winch is an ultra-high-performance electric winch that’s used to retrieve sport vehicles, from mountain tracks that are packed with obstacles for the driver’s entertainment. In this article, we’ll talk about the WARN Axon Powersports Spydura Winch.

Warn Spydura Winch Description

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Warn Spydura Winch Review

Let’s talk about the company for a second. WARN Industries is one of the world’s most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company was founded in 1948 and its first invention was a locking hub system designed for use on surplus World Ward 2 Jeep vehicles.

WARN Industries designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that increase the performance of vehicles such as power sport and four-wheel-drive. The company is headquartered in Portland and 90% of its products are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

WARN completely reimagined and reengineered their winches, leaving the competition in the dust, backed by 30 years of experience of proven reliable real-life performance. Developed with the extreme riders in mind, WARN has made the Axon Powersports Spydura Winch.

This winch model is the world’s first digitally controlled Powersports winch that adds some brainpower to your vehicle’s horsepower. The new design is faster, quieter and more efficient than past models.

Warn Spydura Winch Features

The digital control feature offers never-seen-before levels of performance and user feedback. The user feedback includes load and temperature information so you’ll know when you’ve reached the limit and if the winch needs a break or not.

Thanks to the durable, all-metal construction that has a black powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance, and waterproof sealing that keeps all the elements out, this Powersport winch is a perfect assistant on your driving adventures.

Based on the well-known WARN 4WD hub lock know-how, the new clutch design features a three-planetary gear train that’s all-metal, smooth and reliable. With the load-holding mechanical brake, you can benefit from great control.

With the Warn Axon Powersports Spydura Winch, you can benefit from a massive 5,500lbs capacity that comes with a synthetic rope. This revolutionary Motactor combines motor and contactor for ultra-high performance and easy installation, and it’s used for the biggest UTVs and biggest pulls.

The package includes a control switch that you can easily mount on your dashboard, 50’ x 1/4″ Spydura synthetic rope, hawse fairlead, and a black hook. 

WARN Spydura Synthetic Winch rope is made out of a unique ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material and offers high abrasion resistance and tremendous tensile strength. This is the market choice for winches with 10k pounds or less pulling power.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Digitally controlled
  • Waterproof
  • Highly-durable
  • Ultra-High performance 
  • 5,500lbs capacity
  • Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope


  • No wireless remote for such a high performance


The power, durability, and technological advancements make this Powersport winch a game-changer. If you’re sometimes enjoying a driving adventure through mountain tracks and natural obstacles, you might want to consider having the WARN Spydura Winch with you in case you need a reliable helping hand.

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