Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Booster Seat

Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Booster Car Seat

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  • Price - 9.5/10
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Maxi-Cosi Rodifix is a really great booster seat, specially designed for children.


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Maxi-Cosi Rodifix

Booster Car Seats are made for the older kids who are too big for car seats that leave them with no comfort and not enough room to move around, but not big enough for an adult seat.

Moving a kid to an adult seat while he’s too small for it can cause serious problems. A shoulder belt that isn’t crossing his chest, but it’s on his neck instead will annoy him until he decides to tuck it under his arm to be comfortable. This can lead to brain and spine injuries because the head travels too fast in a crash.

No matter how enjoyable a family road-trip is, it will always turn into hell if the kids don’t have the proper seats and comfort they need. Do you remember being younger and trying to eat something in the back seat but couldn’t because the shoulder belt would choke you? Not fun.

That’s why Booster Car Seats are the perfect solution for your older kids that can’t stand car seats anymore but still need a safe seat. Boosters are inexpensive and do not take up much space. They are so simple to use that the average older child can put one in the car, climb in and buckle himself without assistance.


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Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Review

If the simple act of trying to settle the kids in the car has turned into a circus show, RodiFix has specifically designed this booster so that older children can easily and safely buckle themselves in. This way you’re acknowledging they’re big kids now. This booster up-levels other car seats by having a reclining system.

The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Seat must be reclined in the proper position prior to fully installing unit in vehicle. The reclined positions are to be used only to install the booster seat flush against the vehicle seat back. Vehicle seat must be upright.

It has premium cushioning so that your older kids can finally get the comfort they deserve while eating their favorite snacks. But don’t worry, the pads are easily removable and most importantly, machine washable and dryer safe. They’re also replaceable in case you need a new one.

The RodiFix Booster has a belt-positioning for kids between 40 to 120 pounds and up to 57’. The shoulder belt crosses the kids shoulder over his chest, firmly in the middle, without touching his neck or coming off the edge of his shoulder.


For a superior side impact protection, this booster car seat features Air Protect technology. It’s inside the adjustable headrest and adds extra comfort with plush side wings that grow along your kid.

The Rodi Air Protect from Maxi-Cosi is a lightweight car seat compatible with most cars for a quick and easy transfer from one car to another. The booster seat can be adjusted in height to grow with the child up to 12 years of age.

The head piece lifts up several inches, doesn’t constrict the kids shoulders but still curves around to give them a soft area to rest their head if they’re sleepy. The sides around their bodies curve out and can be adjusted as they grow without stifling them.

The rigid latch connector, while it sets it aside from most other booster seats, it provides the easiest and quickest installation and ensures that the seat stays secure in the vehicle for the whole ride.

Sadly this Booster Car Seat doesn’t feature a cup holder and will not be compatible with one.

This booster comes along with a seat belt guide to make sure you have all the information you need, to safely teach your little bundles of joy how to buckle themselves in. The manual is pretty detailed but perfectly understandable. It includes step by step instructions that are written in an easy-to-understand language and are easy to follow.

Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Pros

  • Air Protect Technology
  • Easy Installation
  • Comfortable
  • Reclining
  • Machine and dryer safe

Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Cons

  • No cup holder


The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Seat is easy to install, extra safe and its Air Protect technology grows with your kid. If the lack of a cup-holder doesn’t bother you, this is a perfect way to show your kids you acknowledge their “Big Kid” status.

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