Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Sport

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If you want a premium-quality car chair that can adapt with a fast-growing baby, the slide Sport converter Car seat model can be the model you need.


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Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat

The safety of all passengers in a car is essential. Adult persons, or people with a height of at least 1,50 m, may be protected from the airbags and seat belts of the machine.

But what do we do when we have a young child? For this purpose, children’s car seats have been created. Children’s car seats perform important functions, protecting the child in several ways.

This chair is made of special materials, which are intended to absorb or to isolate in the event of a shock. They also have the function of sound isolation, and their design allows the child to sleep in it without any problems. It is made of various types of foam and foams that maintain the child in the center, having the best safety level.

These chairs can come with different colors and patterns, some also having the function of a chair, offering the child a correct position and a more comfortable fit. Today I will present you the model of the auto chair for children Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Sport convert, a model that is totally unique.


Chicco Nextfit Sport Car Seat

 Chicco seats are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and safety and are recognized globally.

 The car seat model Nexfit Sport, fits both young and growing children. The seat orientation position is influenced by the age of the child. The rearward-facing mode is intended for young children, while the forward-facing mode is intended for older children. The headrest has nine fixed positions, and wireless harness favors positioning in both ways.

This car seat model can be moved from one car to another without any problems because it has premium locking and release connectors with one click. So mounting and dismantling will never be a problem.

Chicco Nexfit Sport is designed to provide the safety of a correct and secure installation in a remarkably simple way. It has a SuperCinch force tensioning system as well as a LockSure safety belt locking system. These two systems optimize the safety of seat attachment simply and compactly.

Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat Features

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Being a model that complies with all European safety standards, Nexfit Sport offers two specially designed protection layers against both frontal and lateral impact.

The housing is also deep and rigid, and the foam specially constructed for child seats absorbs the energy of an impact. Another positive thing about the seat housing is that this housing is reinforced with a steel armor that promotes safety and strength in the event of an impact.

Another positive characteristic of this chair is that it can be cleaned. However, some rules must be observed to preserve it optimally. For example, the tissues can be washed manually, or by washing machine software, using only cold water and mild detergent.

Laundry drying is not recommended, but natural drying. As regards the practical components, they can be cleaned with a sponge with some hot water next to a little soap. After cleaning, they must be wiped with a dry towel.

This model comes with a cup holder, which is very useful for the child. They can put their bottle or bottle of water or tea in the holder, standing in a correct position without overturning. This accessory can be washed manually or even in the dishwasher.

 This model is designed with three colors: black, gray or dark blue.

The Nextfit Sport is designed for children between 12-40 pounds, touching several categories of car seats. So you will only have to pass from the stroller to this chair.


  • super easy to install
  • latch system
  • very qualitative
  • comfortable seat


  • heavy
  • seatbelt installation can be a little difficult.


So, if you thought you would invest in a qualitative but durable product that would provide your child with optimum safety in a car, the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Sport model is a model to be taken into account. Besides, they support children with different types of age.

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