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  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Ease of use - 9.8/10


Diono Everett NXT Booster it is a safe seat for our children, and is suitable for up to 12 years old.


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 Everett NXT

As anyone who has kids will tell you they are very costly to support! Giving security in the car for our young ones is supreme and not voluntary. That said, it does continue expensive.

If you’re purchasing a separate vehicle seat for every stage of growth, then you’re going to be wasting a lot of cash on something that will only last several periods at great.
When buying for an auto seat for your kid, there is a lot of stuff to keep in mind to guarantee you’re purchasing a perfectly sized seat.

Alternatively, reflect an all-in-one exchangeable auto seat that will accompany your kid through every step until they grow out of booster chairs completely.

With so numerous various vehicle seats on the market, taking the best one can get stressful.

Diono company are on a mission to innovate safe products that parents and children love.
In this article, we will discuss one of the most sought after car seats, created by this company especially for the solitude of our children.


Created to grow and made to last, when it occurs to your next experience, Everett is always available.

Super lightweight at only 8.9lbs(enabling you to remove the seat among cars with ease) and highlighting a 7-position flexible headrest with side collision security, Everett guarantees that your small one grows they will be both comfortable and safe. Suitable for kids who weigh between 40 and 120 lbs (18.1 – 50kg) and whose height is between 38 to 63 inches (96.5 cm – 160cm) or approx. 4 – 12 years.

They hold some of the highest seat dimensions and the tallest backrests ready to guarantee that Diono booster seats give lots of growing area. So you can rest guaranteed they will be with you for the long distance.

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Created and manufactured without compromise, security is always their main interest. To guarantee your peace of mind, all of their booster chairs are rigorously examined, and they go above and beyond the supervisory conditions.

Although side-impact shocks value for less than a quarter of accidents in the US, they appear in higher damage rates. That’s why they create their boosters with built-in side collision security for extra kid protection.

Built around security performance, the 7-position headrest adapts to give protecting head care for your kid throughout the life of the Everett NXT. Plus deep walls allow improved side collision security.

Parents love the thin, narrow design, takes satisfaction of area in any car. The geo-graphic print sheets have been kindly engineered in soft but hard-wearing materials.
You can wash the cover in your washing machine and then moving it back on is as simple as taking it off.

There are several distinct forms this seat can be fixed, but they are all relatively simple to understand and won’t create a ton of difficulty when trying to carry it between cars.

This car seat can be found in several colors such as red, plum, black, and blue.

Diono booster seat Pros

  • Has Very Lightweight Design
  • Can Make Swapping Vehicles A Breeze
  • Has Ergonomic Memory Foam Fabric To Keep Your Child Comfy

Diono booster seat Cons

  • it’s a bit expensive


If you want to buy one of the most reliable car seats we recommend Diono booster seat Everett NXT High Back Booster. It is a very easy car seat and your child will love it.

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