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SUV Snow Chains – Peerless 0232805 Auto-Trac

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  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Durability - 9.7/10
  • Ease of install - 9.7/10


Peerless 0232805 Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV Tire Traction Chain Set is designed to increase your grip on snow and ice allowing you to be comfortable and safe on the road even in extreme winter weather


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Auto Trac Suv Snow chains

Snow and traction chains are very important in extreme conditions and bad weather when your vehicle needs extra grip and traction to face ice, snowor other conditions that might endanger your safety.

Traction chains will guarantee maximum safety and comfort no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Having hi-quality durable, safe and easy to install traction chains might save you from a lot of trouble in winter weather.

Many types and models of traction chains can be hard to install and any little mistake can affect your safety on the roads, it would be a terrible thing to get stuck somewhere on the road when the weather is bad.

A little bit of research can give you some useful insights on how to choose the most suitable type of chains and how to properly install them.

What is important is that new technologies are available that use hi-quality materials that are more resistant, lighter and made possible the introduction of safer and easier to use tightening systems.

One of the companies that use new technologies to increase safety and easy usage is Peerles Inc.

They offer several options and styles of winter traction chains that can be used for every type of car varying from passenger cars to SUVs and trucks.

One of the most appreciated models of Peerles Inc is the Auto-Trac self-tightening traction chains.


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peerless suv snow chains

Peerles Auto-Trac self-tightening traction chains have a patented ratcheting tightening system that will automatically tighten the chains while you drive.

You can install them very easily without even moving the vehicle just by attaching the two outside self tighteners and the inside cable and just drive.

These traction chains come in a pair of two and can be used for passenger cars and light trucks without any additional tensioners for the chains.

The cross member links that come with Auto-Trac chains are made from a very durable, high-impact straightened, resistant to abrasion and light manganese steel alloy ensuring the reduction of,,fly-off’’ and more gripping points.

Having a,, D” cross-section with a low mass the links will ensure longer wear by reducing the contact of the cross members with the road surface at the same time increasing surface area that is in contact with the road.

This patented tightening system ensures that the,, S” class clearance requirements are meet for SUV’s and pick-up trucks but also the passenger cars.

With this top of the class tire chains, all worries about bad winter weather will be forgotten.

In just a few minutes you can install them and you are ready to go is protected and safe from losing traction and grip on snow and ice.

As a safety measure, it is best to try them first and train yourself on how to install them before you use them in winter conditions to avoid any unpleasant event.

This set of two traction chains comes in a storage bag to make it easier for you to store them in your car.

Before trying to install them it is best to look for a safe and flat place to park your car so you can install the chains properly without endangering yourself.

The dual self-tightening polycarbonate ratchets from each chain will make the whole job automatic and easy for you, just by lifting for the installation and pressing down to tighten the chains.

What is amazing is that these new technologies and hi-quality products are available at very affordable and economical prices.

SUV Snow Chains Pros

  • easy to install
  • very good braking performance
  • very good handling performance
  • very durable
  • the automatic ratcheting tightening system
  • no need for tensioners
  • class,, S” performance
  • affordable and hi-quality

SUV Snow Chains Cons

  • must follow precisely the installation instruction otherwise, you might damage the product if is not used properly


If you need to increase your traction and safety in winter weather and need a hi-quality pair of traction chains that are very easy to install and use made of very durable and light materials you should try Peerless 0232805 Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV Snow Chains.

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