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Launch Creader 9081 OBD2 Scanner Review

Car OBDII Scan Tool
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Accuracy - 9.9/10
  • Features - 9.9/10


The OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 is ideal for 1996 and newer vehicles and can be used by both professionals and amateurs.


On-Board Diagnostics 2, also known as OBD2 is a car’s software system. OBD was used in old vehicles, and OBD2 is its upgraded version. It’s also much better thanks to the improved messaging formats and signaling protocols. Its job is to always perform self-diagnostics.

The OBD2 software continuously monitors and regulates a vehicle’s main functions. It helps maintain a car’s overall health by sending various commands. If any anomalies occur in fuel mixture or vehicle ignition, the system has the ability to self-correct.

To be able to understand OBD2’s data, car owners and professionals used a special device called an OBD2 Scanner. This device can show you data about your car’s engine RPM, air temperature, coolant, throttle, road speed, and camshaft and crankshaft position.

There are two main types of On-Board Diagnostics 2 scanners. The first ones are Code Readers. They’re inexpensive devices that can clear and read codes from your car. Unfortunately, it lacks some manufacturer code information, and it can’t access a few types of data.

The second type of OBD2 is Scan Tools. They’re more expensive than simple Code Readers but also much more complex. With them, you can gain access to both recorded and live data. They can easily ready any manufacturer code information and enable any advanced troubleshooting options.

While OBD2 has great self-correct capabilities, it still can’t solve all your car’s problems. This is why OBD2 scanners are used. They’ll allow you to know if there’s something wrong with your vehicle.

OBD2 scanners are durable but you should still use them with caution.

In this article, we’ll talk about the OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081.


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Launch Creader 9081 OBD2 Scanner

The OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 supports OBD2 and EOBD functions on all vehicles manufactured since 1996. It provides multilingual support, this includes English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

It also offers some functions that only support most 2006 and newer models. This includes 11 reset options, EPB/BMS/SAS TPMS DPF and oil reset, Tooth learning, Throttle and Anti-theft matching, and Injector programming.

Thanks to its fast car code diagnose reader, it can very efficiently clear vehicle error codes with live car sensors graphical data. This will help you see if there’s something wrong.

With the MIL and I/M readiness state, it will be easier to focus on any symptom-specific or suspicious data parameters. Then you won’t have to lose any time with useless information until you find what you need to know.

The OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 doesn’t need an extra battery as it charges directly from the OBD2 car scanner interface.

Thanks to the 4.0-inch TFT color screen and smart hotkeys, this OBD2 scanner is perfect for both professionals, DIYers, and personal diagnosis. The company offers a 1-year warranty.

You can turn off the engine’s light in just a few minutes after clearing the codes and finding the cause.

It also allows you to clear the lost car key’s information and program the new key into the ECU database. This will keep your car safe from the thief that stole the original key.

And if you’re annoyed by the TPMS service light, you can quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU. Then you’ll be able to perform the TPMS reset procedures after the tire sensor’s replacement.


Launch Creader 9081 OBD2 Scanner

As mentioned before, the OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 also offers 11 Modes of Reset Services. The Oil Reset Service will reset the oil calculations of the Engine Oil Life System every time you change the oil.

If you perform any replacements in the EPB system, the EPB Service will allow you to reset the brake pad. With the SAS Service, you’ll be able to perform steering angle calibration. Then clear the steering sensor fault memory as well.

To get a firm brake bad you can bleed the air from the anti-lock brake system with the ABS Bleeding. And if you need to stabilize the filter’s performance, the DPF Regeneration feature will help you clear the particulate matter.

The BMS Service will allow you to re-match the new battery in the ECU and clear the fault information. And if you want to turn off the malfunction indicator light, you can reset the tire pressure in TPMS with the TPMS Service.

If someone stole your car’s key, you can disable it with the Anti-Theft Matching. You can also finish tooth learning after changing crankshaft in engine with the Gear Learning, to use the new part.

To make a relearn after clearing, you can re-match the injector to ECU with the Injector Programming. And to regulate throttle operation accurately, you can initialize the throttle actuators back to the default state. To do this, you can use the Throttle Adaptation.


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Launch Creader 9081 OBD2 Scanner

Overall, the OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 has $08 Modes, making it a professional diagnostic scan tool.

Mode $01 allows you to read the extensive current, pending, and permanent codes. And Mode $02, clears any detected fault codes and efficiently turns off the Check Engine Light.

The $03 Mode will show you the graphical live data of the car’s computer module(s) to be able to analyze it easier. While the $04 Mode allows you to view the car’s operating parameters when a DTC is detected.

With Mode $05, you’ll be able to read I/M readiness status and have your car inspected for state emissions compliance. And with the Mode $06, you can check the fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions by doing an O2 sensor test.

Mode $07 allows you to view minimum, maximum, and current values to be sure that every monitor is OK. And last but not least, Mode $08 allows you to completely retrieve the car information of VIN, CINs, and CVNs.

It should be noted that the OBD2 system is designed to work as an emissions program, not a system for diagnostics.


  • Easy To Use
  • Efficient
  • Fast
  • Multilingual Support
  • Provides 11 Reset Options
  • EPB/BMS/SAS TPMS DPF and Oil Reset
  • Tooth Learning,
  • Throttle Adaptation
  • Anti-Theft Matching
  • Injector Programming
  • No Extra Battery Needed
  • Has $08 Modes
  • Protective Carrying Bag


  • It’s very selective on the cars it supports.


The OBD2 Scanner, Launch Creader 9081 is a good quality scanner that has excellent functionality. It’s very convenient to use with one hand and reads the code quickly. The large display with big numbers and letters will help you view the data without damaging your sight. If you’re looking for an affordable, accurate, and easy to use OBD2 scanner, you should try this product.

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