FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner Review

Car OBDII Scan Tool
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The FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner is ideal for both professional and regular car owners.


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FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner

We spend a lot of money every year on just having our OBD system checked. This is why a lot of car owners would rather make a small investment into an OBD, or OBDII scanner. Then they solve the little problems by themselves without wasting tie, fuel, and inspection money.

An OBD refers to the car’s On-Board Diagnostics software system. However, it’s only used in old vehicles, newer models use OBDII instead, which is an upgraded version. It has improved messaging formats and signaling protocols. It continuously performs self-diagnostics and fixes any detected problems.

A vehicle’s OBDII software monitors and regulates its main functions. And when it detects any problems, it sends various commands to maintain the vehicle’s overall health levels. It also has the capability to self-correct if any anomalies occur in fuel mixture or car ignition.

However, OBDII systems have their own complicated language. To be able to understand its data, professionals and car owners need an OBDII scanning dedicated device. Then you will be able to see the data concerning your vehicle’s engine RPM, air temperature, throttle, road speed, coolant, and camshaft and crankshaft position.

You can find two types of OBDII scanners, Code Readers and Scan Tools. The Code Readers are inexpensive and can clear and read various codes from your vehicle. However, they lack some manufacturer code information, and it’s not capable of accessing a few kinds of data.

Scan Tools, on the other hand, are more expensive but also more complex and can perform more jobs. You can use them to gain access to both live and recorded data. They can read any manufacturer code information and more.

In this article, we’ll talk about the FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBDII Scanner.


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FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner

The FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner can perform a full detection process on a vehicle’s four main ECU systems. This includes transmission, ABS, airbag, and engine systems. It’s also compatible with various popular car manufacturers. You’ll be able to turn off the check engine, airbag, abs light, and read any transmission temperature.

Compared to other OBDII scanners on the market, this Elite diagnostic tool can do much more. You’ll be able to scan TCM, ABS, SRS, full OBDII functions, oil light reset, and EPB service features.

Thanks to its great OBD compatibility, you can use it to scan both OBD and OBDII vehicles manufactured after 1996. It can also cover cars, trucks, diesels, SUVs, Vans, and newer automobiles. However, the year supported may vary on different car manufacturers and models.

With the Live Data Merging, the NT614 Elite allows you to view live sensors data and offers data graphing. It can also merge two PID graphs for intuitive diagnostics and to monitor your vehicle’s performance.

You’ll also receive a one-key and VIN reading, or manual input, 4,3-inch color display. Unlike its previous version, this OBDII scanner also offers menu-driven operations and multilingual menu options. This greatly improves the user’s experience. You should also keep in mind that the data display might be a little bit slow.

Thanks to the included durable protective case, you can keep the OBDII scanner away from dust and other outside elements. If you purchase it for professional everyday use, the case will keep it safe from fall and daily wear and tear.

You will also receive a free 16G memory card. The included USB cable can be used for lifetime updates via a windows computer.

FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner Pros

  • Easy To Use
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Highly-Accurate
  • Protective Case
  • Live Data Merging
  • Free 16G Memory Card
  • Compatible With Various Old and New Vehicles

FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner Cons

  • You might face an update problem when the FOXWELL website is crashed.


The FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner is high-quality, highly-accurate, and long-lasting. You can use it on almost any automobile manufactured after 1996, even on 2020 models. You’ll also benefit from free lifetime updates and enjoy this device for many years to come. If you’re looking for the best professional OBDII scanner, you should give this product a chance.

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  1. I purchased Foxwell NT614 Elite OBD2 Code Reader last year but recently have problem with its power. It been used only few times personally.. The unit should get its power once plug into the socket or computer usb port but it dont, please advise, thank you..

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