Rove R2 4K Dash Cam

Rove R2 4K Review

Car Dash Cam
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The Rove R2 4K Dash Cam is ideal for drivers that are frequently on the road and need a reliable eyewitness in case of a crash or accident.


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Rove R2 4K

Cars get faster and faster every day while some drivers get more reckless. A simple run for milk can turn into an accident that can get you into court. If you don’t have a reliable witness, you can end up taking all the blame even if you’re innocent. That’s why investing in a Dash Cam is so important.

Dash Cams are camera units that can be placed on your dashboard or mounted on your windshield. You can use them to record everything that happens on the road while you drive. And you can also rely on their surveillance while you’re running errands.

A lot of insurance companies will offer a premium discount if you have a dash cam mounted on your vehicle. It can help them solve insurance claims much faster and protect you from insurance fraud. You can also use these cameras to record the view while traveling and save them for when nostalgia kicks in.

Dash Cams are also widely recognized as a reliable eyewitness to car crashes or accidents. These gadgets can arm you with the evidence you need to prove your innocence. The better the quality of the camera, the better the chance of catching important information, like license plates.

The most important thing about a Dash Cam is how discreet it is. You won’t be able to drive with something that blocks your view, plus the fewer cables the better it looks. If you get into an argument with an angry driver, he might become violent if he sees the dash cam. After all, people don’t like being filmed braking the law.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Rove R2 4K Dash Cam.


Rove R2 4K Dash Cam

The Rove R2 4K Dash Cam offers 4K Ultra HD Recording capabilities as it can record videos up to a 2160p resolution. Thanks to its quality, you’ll be able to clearly see small details like street signs, neon lights, etc. It also features a revolutionary Super Night Vision tech.

With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can use the Rove APP to manage and view the recordings (Android & iOS). With the APP you have to option to download the videos directly on your phone and share them. Some landscapes are too breathtaking to not share with friends and family. If you caught something funny, your video might go viral.

Thanks to the built-in GPS, you can accurately record your driving routes and speed. You can view your tracker on Google Maps via Wi-Fi using the APP, or with Rove’s car DV Player. They also provide free Firmware upgrades for this camera.

Rove’s R2 4K Dash Cam contains the largest type of apertures in the industry, F1.8, and other useful features. It supports up to 128GB Samsung Class 10 – U3 Speed Micro SD Card. The Memory Card has to be purchased separately.

The quality of the SD Card is very important when it comes to using it on a 4K, high-end Dash Cam. It needs to be highly-resistant otherwise it won’t work properly or at all. It’s highly advised against any “SanDisk Ultra” or “Generic Class 10 for HD Video” Cards. Especially from third-party sellers.

The Rove R2 4K Dash Cam is backed by a 1-year warranty and you can get a refund in just 30 days. Rove pride themselves with their customer service and offer both texting and emailing options.


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Rove R2 4K Car Dash Cam

The Rove R2 4K is one of today’s most advanced and powerful 4K Dashboard Cameras. The most outstanding features are its Novatek NT96660 Processor, OV4689 Ultra-Low Light Capture 4MP CMOS Sensor, and its 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens.

Thanks to the meticulously designed Hardware, the camera can provide superior 4K videos even during nighttime. Advanced Software is the result of countless hours of developing and testing. Because of it, you can benefit from a user-friendly and personalized experience.

With the 150-degree Ultra Wide A+ lens viewing angle, the camera can capture more details at once. The WDR function optimized video quality using a wider light range and image details.

The built-in G-Sensor activates as soon as it detects a collision and locks the current video. Then it considers the file important evidence and protects it against being overwritten. G-Sensor also records the 3-Axis impact data on an X-Y-Z Axis graph. This way you can see and prove when and where the impact occurred on Google Maps.

Rove R2 4K’s G-Sensor settings offer you 9 sensitivity options, while others give you only 3. This allows you to set the accurate G-Sensor sensitivity based on your car.

Thanks to the Time Lapse Recording option, you can capture a specific number of images per second, at a much lower rate. Then it combines them into a video and plays them at a normal rate. This feature offers you short footage of everything that happened. You can choose from 1Frames/Second (Normal), 2F/S (Smooth), 4F/S (Smoother).

With the help of the internal battery, the 24-Hours Parking Monitor feature works optimally. The G-Sensor detects if someone hits your vehicle and it turns the camera on automatically. It records a 1-min video, then locks it and saves it.

Rove R2 4K Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Ultra-High-Quality
  • Accurate
  • Captures 4K Ultra HD Videos
  • Advanced G-Sensor
  • Offers 9 G-Sensor Sensitivity Settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Provides a 24-Hours Parking Mode
  • Time-Lapse Recording
  • Offers a 150-degree Wide-Angle
  • Advanced Software
  • Great Hardware
  • Great Night Vision
  • Supports up to 128GB SD Card
  • Built-in battery
  • Affordable

Rove R2 4K Cons

  • SD Card Not Included


The ROVE R2 4K is a reliable camera that can successfully capture even the smallest details. It comes at an affordable price and it offers exceptional features. Its nighttime capabilities are almost unmatched and the advanced G-Sensor is highly-accurate. If you’re looking for a trustworthy road eyewitness then you should give this product a chance.

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