Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam Review

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The Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam is ideal for frequent drivers that need some peace of mind while on the road.


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Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam

While some places are still enforcing strict laws against Dash Cams, they’re now more popular than ever. They’re the most trusted eyewitness when it comes to a crash or accident. You can also use them to capture the beautiful views and city lights at night, while you’re on a journey.

A Dash Cam is a camera device that can be mounted on your dashboard, or directly to your windshield. You can use it to capture the view while you drive, and optionally, the sound inside your vehicle. There are two main types of Dash Cams, single-channel and dual-channel.

Single-Channel Dash Cams have the highest resolution potential, but they can only record the front view. Dual-Channel Dash Cams, on the other hand, are recording both front and rear views. With them, you’ll be able to have an all-around protection shield. Most accidents happen from the side or rear points.

Some insurance companies offer premium discounts just for using a dashcam while on the road. And if you find yourself in a court battle, you have concrete evidence of what, when, and how it happened. Dash Cams can also offer important information like license plates and even the culprits.

Single-Channel Dual Cams are of great help, but if you can afford them, dual-channel dash cams are recommended. These devices are especially important if you’re a frequent driver. They have a lot of useful features and can save you thousands of dollars on court settlements.

You need to make sure that the Dual Dash Cam you opt for has a discreet and compact design. This helps it go unnoticed by thieves and angry drivers you might argue with.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam.


Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam

The Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam can be used as both a single-channel and dual-channel dash camera. You can enjoy 4K UHD Videos as the front camera records up to a resolution of 2160P@24fps, or 2560x1440P@30fps, or 1920x1080P@60fps. When both camera units are in use, they both record at FHD 1080P@30fps simultaneously.

The 2160P@24fps resolution offers high-end video quality and helps you see the street signs and license plates more clearly. The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) allows the cameras to perform optimally in the nighttime as well.

Thanks to the Super Night Vision, you can count on these cameras even in the middle of the night. The WDR+HDR system automatically adjusts exposure. This Dual Dash Cam’s F1.8 wide aperture with 170degree viewing angle creates perfect images.

With the 3” OLED Touch Screen, you can easily set the cameras up by touch screen. Compared to the ordinary LCD screen, the OLED screen offers a much clearer display effect. You can also benefit from the wide range of viewing angles.

Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam supports up to 128GB high-endurance Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card. It also has to be Class 10 or above. The Card has to be purchased separately, and format before using. You can also contact Lifechaser and get the latest computer software.

The rear camera works as soon as you’ve plugged it in the “AV IN” port. It also features a red cable that can be connected to the reversing lamp leads. This will show you the full back view when you’re backing your vehicle.

Thanks to the Gesture Control Photo-Taking feature, you can just slide your hand under the sensor to take a photo. The sensor is at the bottom of the camera and it helps you take fast photos while driving.


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Lifechaser Car Dual Dash Cam

Lifechaser’s Dual Dash Cam features the latest Omnvision image sensor and BSI technology. This helps the camera capture ultra-high-resolution 4K/2K videos. You can rely on it to arm you with concrete evidence in case of an accident. It also features an easy installation by 3M Magnetic Mount.

The video format is H.264, MP4 and the photo resolution is up to 12-Megapixels. Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam is also equipped with a built-in Li-ion 400mAh battery. The working temperature is between -4F – 140F.

Thanks to the latest WDR and F1.8 7-glass lens, the cameras can clearly capture small details like neon lights, street signs, etc. The rear camera’s 150-degree view angle covers 6-lane recording and creates stunning images.

With the built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, you can check the vehicle’s location, speed, and route on Google Maps via desktop software. And if you want to view the videos on your phone, you can download the APP and connect via Wi-Fi. You can also share the videos (Android & iOS)

Lifechaser’s Dual Dash Cam also features Seamless Loop Recording, which can program the camera to record at 3,5, or 10-minute intervals. Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest when the memory capacity has been reached. This helps you never run out of space.

When the built-in G-Sensor detects a collision, the current video will be instantly locked. The video will be classified as an emergency file and it will be saved in a different folder. The G-Sensor also helps to keep the file protected so it won’t be overwritten by the Seamless Loop Recording.

Thanks to the Parking Mode feature, the camera will automatically start to record when people or things come closer to your vehicle.

Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Ultra-High-Quality
  • 4K/2K Resolution Capabilities
  • Parking Mode
  • Seamless Loop Recording
  • WDR
  • F1.8 Lens Aperture
  • G-Sensor
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • OLED Touch Screen
  • 150-Degree Wide-Angle
  • Working Temperature is Between -4F to 140F
  • Gesture Control Photo-Taking
  • Supports Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Cards Up To 128GB

Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam Cons

  • Memory Card Not Included


The Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam offers all-around protection while you’re on the road and when your car is parked. It comes at a very decent price and has a lot of very useful features. If you’re looking for a reliable Dash Cam that can give you some peace of mind, you should give this product a try.

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