Garmin Dash Cam 65 Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Image quality - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.5/10


If you need an excellent and quite compact dashboard camera, we recommend you Garmin’s Dash Cam 65.


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Garmin Dash Cam 65

The streets are crowded with terrible drivers. It doesn’t matter where you are just taking your car out for even a quick drive and you’re all but assured to recognize someone flouting the road regulations.

For this reason, we often have to answer before the law for involvement in accidents that we are not guilty of.

But the car accessories manufacturers have thought of this as important and have created a witness for us, the drivers, that we can always have in the car with us.

An on-board camera is no longer a novelty but a necessity in the increasingly chaotic and crowded traffic.
But on the market, there are many models, with different specifications created by companies known more or less.

We must be very careful when purchasing such a gadget if we want our personal needs to be satisfied.

Garmin is a global supplier of navigation products, designing superior products for cars, aviation, and navy. The company has over 11,400 associates in 50 offices worldwide.

Today, we will discuss in this article about the famous camera, Garmin Dash Cam 65.

Garmin Dash Cam 65 Presentation

Garmin Dash Cam 65 has all the newest rich characteristics, such as speech command, red light camera alerts, dangerous driver warnings, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also packages them in a friendly compact form that wears a very smart magnetic mount.

The primary element you see about the 65 is its small size, about 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches.
The back of the cam is provided over nearly entirely to a nice 2-inch LCD, while you control the system and scan menus with four keys on the right side of the gadget.

The only important characteristics breaking up the form are the micro USB gate on the left side, and the SD card opening and energy aperture on the bottom. The USB port is located so that the power cord (auxiliary/cigarette lighter to micro-USB) shows up to the cover. It’s a beautiful design. One of my preferences.

The Garmin 65 gives a super-wide 180-degree range of view, and records 1080p video at 30 frames per second. That’s about the highest size and frame measure we suggest for a regular dashcam usage.

Some cameras hold 1440p or higher, and some that taking 60-fps video. But once you estimate in-dash cam-grade optics and compression, you usually turn up with the equivalent number of feature as with 1080p/30 fps, but considerably longer files. Talking of which, the 65 crafts with an 8GB SD speed memory card, so you can get operating right out of the case.

The 65’s mount is a smart design, consisting of a little magnetic plate that attaches to the windshield. A magnet on the bottom of the mounted branch that connects to it, and a sphere shared in the camera itself where the other edge of the mount arm counterparts. It runs great: it’s simple to install, it provides a wide kind of positions, and it certainly holds the orientation you fixed for it.

Garmin Dash Cam 65 Features

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Garmin Dash Cam

Utilizing the Garmin 65 is a flurry. With the many sounds and noises, probably the most helpful is speech power. It enables you to tell the cam to conserve a video or photo, stop tape audio, or start recording a Travelapse video. The latter, as you might imagine, is a time-lapse story of experiences. GPS is united and watermarks the video.

Bad driver technology adds lane deviation, impact, and you’re-sitting-uselessly-at-a green-light alerts, as well as a red flash camera warning. Everything is conditioned upon the data Garmin has on the region, which, given its wide practice in GPS units, is large.

There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can offload your video takes to your telephone using Garmin’s VIRB app. This necessitates connecting the telephone to the 65’s Wi-Fi hotspot, then distributing the gallery from the main list of the camera. The phone settings accessible in the app are the smallest.

The 65 characteristics movement discovery and can be utilized for parking monitoring if you hard-wire it to a regular 12-volt source. You can connect the camera to the pc, but the contents of the SD Card didn’t look to be possible. Reading it needs a card reader, or of course the Wi-Fi and the application.

The 65’s video day catching are sharper than common with a sunny color palette. If there’s an error, it’s the fish-eye effect produced by the 180-degree eyeglass. I’ve seen 170-degree cameras where the result isn’t really as obvious, but if you don’t need any fish-eye—don’t buy a wide-angle cam. For taking action to the parties, however, it can be priceless.

The Dash Cam 65 does work a little warm, most likely due to packing a lot of electronics into a very little space. Working temps are from -4F to 131F.

A gift for unexpected events: The camera will work for quite a while even without a 12-volt energy source. The record-after-power-loss benefit is stable, going up to a minute, but Garmin declared the battery is suitable for up to 30 minutes.

I noticed a bit more than that with the display off when restarting and operating the cam without 12-volt. So yes, the 65 gives full security in case of collision, and can also increase as a handy cam should the necessity occur.


  • handsome, small device
  • red light, impact, and lane deviation alerts
  • voice control and Wi-Fi


  • Video stabilization requires some practice
  • Observable fish-eye influence from the 180-degree eyeglass


If you need an excellent and quite compact dashboard camera, we recommend you Garmin’s Dash Cam 65. Due to the large visual field, you will not miss any event that happens near your car.

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