Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift

Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift Review

  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Lifting Capacity - 9.7/10
  • Ease of install - 9.4/10


If you have a garage and the space is very small to fit two cars, definitely a car lift is best for you.


Auto lifts are the wave of the future for car lovers. Automotive companies have a good thought of what consists of a top of the line lift. As things are changing many people are now watching to do some car maintenance at home, and car lifts will make it simpler and quicker.

More and more, homeowners with a deficiency of parking place in their garage are utilizing a car lift for the comfort and practicality they give. Vehicle lifts take benefit of your garage’s unused vertical area by elevating your car off the floor. This enables you to park another car underneath it.

While they’re named “car lifts”, these useful tools can deposit much more than just sedans. Car lifts with the proper weight range can handle bigger vehicles like SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. They can even be utilized to store motorcycles and your garden tools or snowblower while their off-seasons.

There are several companies of automobile lifts in the market, both the two-post and four-post. Well, most personalities get so confused by the difficulty of choosing from the two-post or four-post. However, this should never be your problem.

Four posts lifts car are the largest and usually most powerful of the car lift options. 

Mayflower Blacksmith is a well-known company that deals with the creation of car lifts. In this article, we will discuss one of their products, namely the Pro 800lb car lift.


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Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift

If you own a garage and you would like to give you support to a wide range of vehicle proprietors, then this matches one of the best choices for you.

It can lift your vehicle to up to 72 inches controllable points with a lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs. As long as the vehicle is not filled, you can simply use this lift.

Perhaps the best characteristic is the excellent lifting velocity. Anticipate it to raise your car in less than one minute in a quiet but fast action.

Cooperative with most family vehicles and some trucks, this system also gives a 93-inch drive-thru permission.

I also like its single-point security lock release and the built-in 10 locking points that grow even more this unit’s versatility.

The car lift is also outfitted with a set of three drip trays, an air tray, and some center ramps.

It is constructed of high-grade steel that makes it strong, as well as the powder finish that makes it rustles.

How to use a car lift

It will vary depending on the type of automobile lift you have taken. That said the most significant thing is, of course, to get the car loaded securely onto the lift.

A scissor and a 2 post car lift will see the car frame resting on supports.

Continuously check your car handbook for the safest and most powerful elements of the frame to attach the supports to.

If you have spent in a 4 post car lift with floor plates then it is much easier work to get the car onto the lift.

Just drive onto the deck plates, apply the handbrake to ensure the car.

Once the automobile is securely acquired on the lift, only lift it into the air. That highlights the simplicity of these tools absolutely one of their stand out characteristics.

Car lift safety tips

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Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift

As we discussed before always make sure that the car is securely on the lift before proceeding. Read the operating manual of the lift to guarantee a safe fit.

Always put the lift on a fixed solid and strong floor space. This will enable the vehicle lift to work securely without any risk of moving or falling on an inadequate foundation.

Follow the installation correctly. They will vary between lifts so it is hard to provide firm guidance on the installation on a particular lift here. All we can point out is that all the data you require for a safe install will be supplied in the product paperwork.

Never lift a car that weighs more than the higher weight limit. In fact, you should not be always lifting anything that gets close to the upper limit. If your car weighs 6,000lbs, you should see for a lift rated at least 8,000 lbs, to provide plenty of additional capacity.

How to install Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift

  1. Choose the direction of the main machine the location of the power unit is near the location of the power supply. Fall the main posts, fit on the beam.
  2. Pull out the piston of the cylinder.
  3. Fit on the two tracks.
  4. Fix up beam and the limited plate with bolts(M12*80) in the contract direction.
  5. Fix up the cap of posts(the cap is same for four location)
  6. Joint the track beam and drive-on splint with the bolts(M12*100) in the direction of vehicle drive on.
  7. Fix up the power unit link the hose from the power unit to fitting outside the main track.
  8. Put the safety pole into the main track, the “T”-shape pole be in from the direction without power unit, the bent pole with red handle be in from direction with power unit.
  9. Put into the straight pole under the main track, joint the “T”-shape pole and bent pole with screw connecting.
  10. Fix up the safety rob to safety plate with bolts(M16*40)
  11. The safety rob with handle should be vertical.
  12. Fax on the drive-on board according to the user.
  13. Fix up the shield for safety lock.
  14. Fix up bracket of wheel according need of user.


  • is a good product
  • easy to use
  • very stable and safe


  • it’s a bit slow


If you have a garage and the space is very small to fit two cars, definitely a car lift is best for you. With the Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift, you will be able to use the vertical space of your garage in the most secure way.

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