ONeal Rider Boots Review

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The ONeal Rider Boots are ideal for motorcycle riders that love off-road racing and need the proper equipment to remain safe.


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Motorcycle riding is as dangerous as it is fun. This is why most countries all over the world enforce safety equipment to different degrees. Helmets are a must pretty much everywhere. But other safety equipment is highly recommended as well. This includes reinforced gloves, jackets, pants, and boots. A simple milk run can turn into a hospital visit if you don’t have the proper safety equipment.

ONeal Rider Boots

Rider boots are very different than your regular boots. And the usual reinforced boots that are used in warehouses are not good either. This is because the rider boots need to be a lot of things. They have to be comfortable, secure around the ankles, stay secure on the feet, and withstand the instinctive foot on the floor when you’re leaning on the side.

The way a rider’s boot closes is also very important. It’s highly recommended to always avoid laces as they can get trapped somewhere on the motorcycle or get undone while you’re on the road. They typically offer the best ankle support but today’s rider boots can do it without them as well. Opt for clipping systems or anything that is convenient for you but can’t cause a problem while you’re riding.

ONeal is a company that was formed in L.A., California by Jim O’Neal, a big motorcycle race lover. Today, there are over 7,000 retail locations all over the world and the products are always top-quality. They always use high-end quality materials and each product is carefully designed by a team of experts that have a passion for motorcycle riding. This helps them make excellent products.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ONeal Rider Boots.


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ONeal Rider Boots

The ONeal Rider Boots are high-quality and can protect your feet in case of the inevitable. They’re also made with injection-molded plastic plates, which play an important role in protecting your feet against impact. It’s a natural instinct to place your foot down if you feel like you need to stabilize yourself on the motorcycle. But doing this can damage the boot quite badly, which is why the plates are so important.

Thanks to the metal shank insert, the shape of the boot will be greatly reinforced. It will also offer better support while you’re on the motorcycle. But you should keep in mind that these boots are not the most comfortable when it comes to walking. They’re ideal for long rides but you will need another pair of shoes for walking. You should also keep in mind that these boots only come in full sizes. This means that if you wear a size and a half, it’s recommended to purchase a pair of boots that is half a size bigger.

The closing mechanism of these boots is very good as well. You won’t have to worry about laces getting undone in the middle of the road. You can easily secure the boots with the help of four snap-lock, adjustable buckles. Their job is to mold the boot after your foot to ensure the best fit possible. A good fit will keep your feet more secure in case of an accident. And ankle support is a must as sprained ankles are very common among motorcycle riders.

With the air mesh interior, your feet will get the ventilation they need as well. And to prevent heat damage, the boots have a synthetic leather heat shield.

ONeal Rider Boots

ONeal Rider Boots Pros

  • High-End Quality
  • Air Mesh Interior
  • Generous Heel Support
  • Injection Molded Plastic Plates
  • Cushioned Insole for Extra Comfort
  • Metal Shank Insert for Shape Reinforcements
  • Easy to Use, Snap-Lock, Adjustable Four Buckle Systems
  • Synthetic Leather Heat Shield that prevents Heat Damage

ONeal Rider Boots Cons

  • The buckles could have been made a bit more durable.


The ONeal Rider Boots are of great quality and they do an excellent job at protecting your feet while riding at highway speeds. You never know what can happen and these boots are ready to keep you safe even on a milk run. They’re quite comfortable as well, which is a must for riders that spend hours on the bike each day. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that is reliable, good quality, and long-lasting, you might want to give this pair a chance.

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