Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower Review

Robot Lawnmower
  • Price - 8.9/10
  • Quality - 9.8/10
  • Features - 10/10


The Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower is ideal for property owners that don’t have enough time to maintain their lawns looking flawlessly and need a little bit of help.


Robot machines are getting more and more popular all over the world. This includes robot vacuums, robot mops, robot pool cleaners, robot window cleaners, and even robot lawnmowers. If you’re a very busy person and you’d rather spend the little free time you have with your family instead of doing house chores, these robots can help you out. A robot mower can even be set to maintain a lawn and even make you forget about lawn mowing entirely.

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Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower

First of all, you’ll need to place the wire tapes all over your property so the robot knows where to go and where not to go. Even if your backyard is completely fenced, you will need to use the wire tape to help the robot navigate through your backyard. You can set the boundaries, set the zones the robot shouldn’t go to and install the charging dock properly. It’s also best if you invest in a little robot mower garage that keeps the unit and the charging dock away from the rain.

After you’ve set the robot, it will start mowing your lawn exactly how you want it and at the height you want. And more than that, these robots are mulching lawnmowers. This means they will maintain your lawn nourished. You can also set the robot to mow the lawn on a specific schedule. This includes every week, every month, at specific hours where your kids are not in the backyard, etc.

One excellent feature that any robot lawnmower should have is a rain sensor. The robot is waterproof but the rain sensor alerts it to go back to its charging dock and wait.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower.


Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower

The Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower is a good robot that can help you maintain your lawn without much effort on your part. It was designed to be installed in your backyard and let it slowly get your whole lawn mowed. And if its battery drains before the job is done, it runs back to its charging dock, gets recharged, then gets back to work. This means you won’t have to bother with gas, electric cords, or rechargeable batteries when trying to mow your lawn. This little robot can mow even on narrow paths and only leave the areas that are impossible to reach for it to you.

Thanks to its compact design, this robot doesn’t take a lot of space when docked and it looks pretty elegant as well. It’s still big enough to get the job done but not too big that it would ruin the fragile part of the garden. You will also love the fact that it navigates pretty well, especially if your garden isn’t full of obstacles. It also has various smart features and it’s also safe around pets and children. But it’s best to set the mower to do its job when no one is in the backyard. Kids are very curious so it’s recommended to keep them away from this little mower.

This little robot is also designed with two big rear wheels that help the unit move around accurately. The wheels are high-quality and can help the robot easily mow lawns that have small bumps as well. You can count on the wheels to help the unit make its way up steeper lawns. And when it comes to maintenance, you can get everything done with a soft brush.

Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower Features

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Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower

The Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower has a dual blade and is designed with a cutting path of 22in width. This ensures an efficient and effective cut even when it deals with slightly larger lawns. This model can handle yards that are up to 3/4 acre (32,760 square feet). More than that, the robot can deal with lawns that have an inclination of up to 20%. And the 26V Lithium battery gives it all the power it needs to get the job done in your stead. One thing you should keep in mind is that the blades might need to be changed once or twice a year.

Thanks to its high-quality design, you can set this mower to automatically get to different zones within your yard, then return to the base once it’s completed. When it comes to charging the robot’s battery, it can last between 90 to 110 minutes. It also comes with a new, personalized app that allows Bluetooth connectivity. This offers you the chance to control the robot regardless of where you are. You can expect the mowing time to be somewhere between 80 to 100 minutes.

With its Alexa smartphone capabilities, you will be able to control the robot with nothing but your voice. This gives you the possibility to ask Alexa to start the robot mower, robot vacuum, robot mop, and even the window cleaner at the same time while you’re cooking. The robot is very easy to use and even easier to connect to your smartphone and Alexa system.

This robot lawnmower is also designed with a high-quality and accurate rain sensor. Your robot will return to its base station until the rain passes. Its base station is also designed with a roof and can protect it against rain.

Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • High-End Quality
  • Quiet Performance
  • Integrated Rain Sensor
  • Very Good Performance
  • Anti-Theft and Safety System
  • Alexa Smartphone Capabilities
  • Dual Blade With 22in Cutting Width
  • Compatible With Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Takes 80-100min to Charge and 80-100min to Mow

Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower Cons

  • Very Expensive


The Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower is very and it also comes with a stingy price. You can even set it to work at night and it wouldn’t bother anyone. It offers a very quiet performance that’s not even compared to all the noise a traditional lawnmower makes. More than that, you will also enjoy its anti-theft and safety system that makes the unit completely useless if it’s stolen.

This is because the unit needs a valid code (that you choose) to be able to work at all. And if it gets picked up or tilted, the unit automatically immediately shuts off. This is great for both security and safety as this means the blades stop if your pet or kid tries to play with it. If you’re looking for a high-end robot mower ad you’re not scared of high price tags, you should try this model.

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