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The EASYGUARD EC002NS is ideal for car owners that want to make using a vehicle much more convenient and benefit from countless high-end features.


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We get to enjoy countless new car gadget every day, like Dash Cams, Blind Spot Mirrors, etc. Now, the most used one is the Remote Start System, and for good reasons. We’re all craving convenience no matter what we do, and there’s little more convenient than starting your car from a distance.

If you live in a very cold or hot area, you know how uncomfortable those first few minutes of driving can be. Sometimes you’d rather just be late and allow your car a few minutes to warm up or cool down. Driving in a freezing car isn’t even half as bad as driving in a suffocatingly hot one. And if you have sensitive skin, you might end up with a burn or two as well.

But as technology advances, we got to enjoy Remote Starts Systems that allow you to start your car from inside your home. You just press one button a few minutes before leaving and get to drive in a comfortable vehicle.

They’re also not as complicated as they sound. Your mechanic can install a small box in your car and simply connect it to a few important wires. Then, with the help of  a hand-held compact remote, you can activate several features. You can open the doors, turn on the engine, turn on the AC, open up the trunk, etc.

High-quality Remote Start Systems can even be connected to the car’s horn and alert you if someone tries to break in your car. And if you install a GPS tracker, you’ll know exactly where your vehicle is at all times.

In this article, we’ll talk about the EASYGUARD EC002NS Remote Start System.


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EASYGUARD EC002NS Car Alarm System

The EASYGUARD EC002NS is a smart key RFID PKE car alarm system. It features PKE, tough password entry and shock sensor alarm. With the Remote Engine Start and Keyless Go System, you can conveniently start or stop your vehicle’s engine.

Thanks to Rolling Code Technology, the access code will change every single time you use the remote. There are also several billion choices which make the system very hard to hack.

You will benefit from stable quality and performance throughout the EASYGUARD EC002NS’s lifespan. The powerful functions and excellent performance will make using your car a little bit more convenient.

It fits most DC12V Petrol vehicles available. However, professional installation is required even if you know what you’re doing.

The EASYGUARD EC002NS allows you to manually arm/lock and disarm/unlock the vehicle. You can also choose from making the alarm mute or audible. If the sound bothers you, then you can mute it. But if you usually can’t remember where exactly you parked your car and it’s a common model, then maybe you should leave it on.

You can also benefit from a Valet mode that can be turned on when you give your car away, and off when you receive it back. When the PKE feature is turned on, your vehicle will automatically unlock when you’re within a 3-6 feet radius. And then it will automatically lock the car’s door when you walk away and you’re out of its 6-9 feet radius.

If you forgot the key, you can use a password to lock/unlock the door and drive home. Since the EC002NS offers a push start button, it will not be compatible with vehicles that already have one installed.



  • Easy to Use
  • Push Button Start/Stop
  • PKE-Passive Keyless Entry
  • Mute/Audible Alarm
  • Manually Arm/Lock and Disarm/Unlock
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Panic Mode
  • Valet ON/OFF Mode
  • Rolling Codes Technology
  • Shock Alarm Warning


  • Must Be Professionally Installed


The EASYGUARD EC002NS is a high-end Remote Start System that will provide you with almost unmatched convenience. It has a lot of useful features and excellent security that will last for a few years. If you’re looking for a luxurious high-end Remote Starts System, you should try this product.

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