Audew Portable Compressor

Audew Portable Compressor Review

Portable Air Compressor
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Power - 9.3/10
  • Ease of use - 9.6/10


This portable compressor has been and will be a good choice for many people, I strongly advise you guys to try it.


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Audew Portable Compressor

This smart machine was created to make our lives better. All you need to do is trust this device and make it pump on any tire, at any pressure you desire and after you do that all you need to do is to press the On button.

This machine will shut down by itself once the selected pressure is reached, you can sit and scroll the news on Facebook, call your lover or just have a drink while this portable compressor is doing everything.

No need to watch over it like at a small child or a gas lamp. The cable of the pump is pretty long so it can be easily dragged all around the vehicle without being scratched or having any damages.

This compressor can be used in the garage, basement or even in the forest at midnight, it has a LED system that allows you to see how much pressure is put already in the tire and how much is left to put, great huh?

It is easy to use and its weight is light so you can take it anywhere you go. Storing it is easy since it is not big like other compressors, does not eat a lot of energy and it is not looking like a brick.

 It can be used on cars, bikes, balls, balloons and anything you want. Some people use it just to clean their clothes from dust or any other wood remains so it is quite useful in many situations.


  • 10-meter cable
  •  4 ways of use: PSI,KPA,BAR,kg/cm2 
  • Light for using in the dark
  • LCD screen
  • Auto switch-off
  • Small-sized
  • It can inflate and deflate the tires
  • 12v lighter plug
  • Can be used nozzle attachments 

How do I use it?

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Audew Portable Compressor Review

Easy, all you have to do is to put the plug inside the car while the engine is on. Make sure it fits at the tire valve and after that, all you need to do is to press the “on” button.

The Audew Portable Compressor isn’t that easy to break so you should not be concerned about its life’s duration.

Although, the cycle of a normal tire inflate is about 8 minutes and it can put in like 30-35L and between these cycles, there should be at least 5-7 minutes of rest for the compressor.

The sounds that come from it are not that high. Thus, you can use it easily. I’m not only talking about a car but about any other situations like at a party or a cycling trip and why not a camping site.

Speaking of which, the warranty for this product is of 1 year.

After the settled pressure is reached, the pump will put 1 more PSI on the LCD screen. After that it will return to its original number that you have chosen, eventually shutting itself down.

On the head of it, you will see a white or red, simple light, that is the light I was speaking about earlier. That is why it can be used anywhere.

Some of the customers have been using it for sports balls like football, basketball or even tennis. Others have been using it for some toys, bikes, or even foam machines that are used in carwashes.

The bad part is that the cable won’t be long enough for some of the customers so they will have to buy a longer one and replace it.

Others will need an adaptor. If you overuse it constantly it might get burned, so our advice is to leave it be for a bit. Anyway, most of the customers are happy about their choice related to the Audew Portable Compressor, which makes it worth to buy.


This portable compressor has been and will be a good choice for many people, I strongly advise you guys to try it.

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