Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller Review

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  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Quality - 9.8/10
  • Versability - 10/10


The Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller is ideal for dog owners that want to take their older pets with them on walks or on cycling adventures.


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Taking your dog with you exploring the world becomes harder and harder as he gets older. But luckily this doesn’t mean you should completely deprive him of a small adventure from time to time. You can still get your furry friend out to see the world by using a pet carrier or a stroller. They’re excellent for almost any dog that is old, sick, or injured.

Dog carriers are designed to be attached to your bicycle and allow you to take your dog with you almost anywhere you go. These models have an extended aluminum or steel arm that allows them to be connected to almost any bike. The connector comes in many forms but usually, most of them can be installed without the help of a professional.

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller

Dog strollers are pretty much what their name suggests they are. They are small strollers in which you can place your pet, and push it around on your walks. This is a great way for both you and your dog to get your daily dose of fresh air, while you’re still getting your exercise. They have two rear wheels and a sturdier, front wheel. This ensures a great performance on almost any surface.

They’re all designed with protective mesh that ensures your pet is safe from insects, and it also has a waterproof shield that can be rolled down in case of rain. And if you think you’ll need both models, you don’t have to invest in two separate dog carriers. You can get a two-in-one model that is easy to adjust when you need it.

Two-in-One models are not usually foldable but they are still excellent at saving space.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller.

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller Description

The Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller is a two-in-one model that can be easily adjusted to your needs. If you feel like cycling off-road, you can attach the trailer and take your dog on an adventure. And if you want to take a quick walk in the park, you can take your dog with you as well. It’s easy to mount and dismount and it supports up to 88 pounds.

Since this is a pretty bulky model, you should check if its dimensions are OK with you. On the inside, it’s 32in L x 24in W x 21in H. And on the outside, it’s 50in L x 34in W x 39in H. Check the dimensions of your door, elevator, and other tight spaces. If it’s not at least 36in Wide, you might want to look for another model.

The trailer itself weighs 40lbs, which makes it very bulky and heavy. This sadly means you might have some trouble getting up the stairs or in the trunk. When you need it as a stroller, you can attach the provided third wheel that also comes with swivels and locks.

Thanks to the zippered front and rear entrance, your dog can get inside through any side it wants. It also makes picking him up and placing him inside a bit easier. The mesh is excellent at protecting your pet from all kinds of bugs. And the extra shield is waterproof and should be rolled down when it’s raining or the wind is too much. The entire carrier is very well-ventilated.

When you’re converting the trailer into a stroller, you can use the adjustable handlebar to push it around. It’s great quality and easy on the hands. It also comes with an adjustable harness.

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Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller Pros

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Easy to Mount and Dismount
  • Zippered Rear and Front Entrance
  • High-End Quality and Long-Lasting
  • Supports Dogs that are up to 88 Pounds
  • Can be Used as a Dog Trailer or as a Dog Stroller

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller Cons

  • None


The Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller is of high-end quality and is one of the most versatile models on the market. It features a two-in-one design, and it allows you to take your dog with you regardless if you want to cycle or walk around the neighborhood. This pet carrier is made from durable materials and can support a medium-size dog just fine. If you’re looking for the best way to take your older dog on a walk, you might want to give this product a try.

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