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Makita Car Polisher Review

Car Polisher
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If you thought of a moment to do the hand polishing, because it would be more qualitative manual work, well, in this case, the rule does not apply.


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Makita Car Polisher

Over time, incorrect washing, weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation, pollution, acid rains, bird droppings, insects slightly degrade the shallow layer of varnish of the car.
Thus, we can see how the car begins to exhibit circular micro-scratches and the paint loses from its original gloss.

These micro-scratches do not let the light reflect as when the surface is perfectly glid, the paint starting to lose its gloss.

In such conditions, it is obvious that anyone who wants a car that looks like new for a long time will want to achieve a Polish.
This operation is indispensable when we want to eliminate fat, dirt and scratches on the machine, which cannot be eliminated by simple washing.

The Polysalt consists of removing a thin layer of varnish, leaving in sight a refreshing and shiny lake. Removing this layer of varnish, must not alarm us the thickness of the lake given to one side is the order of the microns.

Moreover, manufacturers take this into account in manufacturing, the varnish layer in the paint thus having a thickness that supports a polis once every 6 months for more than 10 years.
In any case, it is not recommended to polish more than half of the varnish layer because it contains protective elements of the UV import for the color layer.

Hand polishing is simple, but it is recommended for very small areas or areas where the polish machine does not reach. For the largely or totally elimination of imperfections on the paint of the car, it is necessary to polish the surface using a polish machine.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now also make the electric polishing of the car, in the comfort of your home, using one of the polish machines on the market, with a very good price-quality ratio.
Makita is a company producing power tools from Japan.

Japanese group owns production units of electric drilling machines, electric screwdrivers, rotary hammers, electric saws, saws, generators in Japan, China, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and Germany.
Makita 9237CX3 polish machine is one of the products we will present below.


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Makita Car Polisher in action

Automotive detailers, marine lovers and rock polishers rely on Makita Car polishers for high-quality detailing and polishing. The 7” Makita Car Polisher (model 9237C) couples consistent power and speed control with new strength and performance features. The result is a fast and strong polisher for clear coat finishes, stone polishing, and more.

Detailers will enjoy the variable speed dial and trigger so they can match the speed to the application, and the constant speed control is managed to maintain a constant speed even under load. The 9237C has a rubberized loop handle that gives attached comfort for users and added protection for careful work surfaces.

For improved durability, the Polisher has a wire mesh input cover to prevent wool bonnet fibers and other trash from accessing the motor.
The variable speed is 0:3200 RPM.

Variable speed dial and trigger enables users to coordinate the speed to the application, and constant speed control keeps constant speed under load.

The 7” Makita Car Polisher also has a soft start for smooth start-ups and more limited fling off of polish. For operator comfort and to help protect delicate surfaces from the damage it has a rubberized loop handle and a gear housing.

This tool is equipped with wire mesh input covers to stop wool fibers from accessing the motor and an upgraded cord guard for enhanced flexibility and longer life.

Externally accessible brushes are for simple serviceability. The 7” Polisher has a rubber tool rest for upside-down placement of tool when used with the side handle and a lock-on button for constant use operation.
The 3-prong plug prevents static electricity accumulation. Also, it includes a pad alignment/centering sleeve.


  • Improved cord guard for improved flexibility and longer life
  • Externally accessible brushes for easy serviceability.
  • includes 7″ backing pad, hook & loop, wrench, side handle, tool bag, 7″ wool bonnet, hook and loop, compounding and polishing, loop handle, pad for alignment or centering sleeve

the power source is through corded-electric with no battery required


  • The only downside would be that you can’t use it with battery


If you thought of a moment to do the hand polishing, because it would be more qualitative manual work, well, in this case, the rule does not apply.
If you want to save money and still want your car to shine, you can Polish it home alone with our Makita Car Polisher.

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