Viper 5305V Car Alarm System

Viper 5305V Car Alarm System Review

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If you need a good car safety system, we recommend Viper 5305V. You will not be stressed at all when you park your car in a place you do not know very well.


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Viper 5305V Car Alarm System

Each car is equipped with its door lock system, but in most cases, it is not enough to protect as from car thieves. Having an alarm in our car can help to improve the safety of our vehicle.

While modern cars already have an alarm system installed, our vehicle may not have one, or we may want a different alarm system, which will give us an even higher security system.

If these alarm systems are equipped with a panic mode, it can alert those around us that we are in danger. Also, with an alarm installed, we have more possibilities to receive compensation from insurance. The feeling of safety and tranquillity is enhanced when we know that our car is protected.

Good car alarms can also help us find our car faster in a crowded parking lot when we forget where we parked it. But to enjoy all these advantages, we must choose the best car alarm, for our needs.

Viper company uses the latest technology to ensure that consumers are in control. They offer a wide range and functions that we can count on each time, being the best selling vehicle safety brand and remote start.

This company also created the product that we will discuss today in this article, the Viper 5305V car alarm system.


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Viper Car Alarm System

With Viper 5305V we can start our car from up to a quarter-mile away, thanks to the remote start and security system.
With just a push of a button on the remote control, our car can be heated or cooled, as we wish, when we get to it.

Also, this remote control can alarm and disarm alarm. If we want we can unlock the doors and even open the trunk.

The LCD screen on the 2-way remote, can show us that our vehicle has responded to all orders. At the same time, the icons will light up on the screen to show us if a security feature has been activated.

We can program the Viper 5305V to start the car every three hours, or whenever the temperature drops to 0 degrees, to keep the engine warm.

This system will prevent most thieves from stealing our car as well as the things we keep inside it. We will feel safe and secure no matter where we choose to park the car.

With Passive Arming/Locking the system can be programmed to automatically arm and lock. It can detect when you leave the car without closing it, by opening and closing a door, and after 30 seconds it will close it and arm it.

Viper 5305V has a shock sensor. In this way, the slight impact on the car will flash the vehicle lights and the siren will sound for several seconds by sending an alarm signal to the remote control.
If the shock sensor is triggered for other reasons such as opening a door or striking the car, the siren will ring as long as it is programmed by us and we will also receive an alert on the remote control.

In case the remote control is lost or broken, we can manually disarm the security system. To do this we must have the key in the ignition.

The Pit Stop mode feature will allow the engine of the car to run, even after the key has been removed from the ignition. We can use this function when we want to leave the car for a short time and we want the engine to not cool down.

Owner recognition is another interesting feature of this system. Utilizing the portable programming tool Directed Bitwriter, our dealer can register several of the system settings.
The programmer does it possible to process various settings for any remote control that is managed with the system. Next, whenever a particular remote control is managed, the system will remember the settings selected to that remote control.

Viper 5305V Car Alarm System Features

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Viper 5305V

Owner Recognition allows up to four users of the system have various settings that satisfy their particular requirements. It is almost like possessing four separate alarms in our vehicle, one for every user.

This system has also an audio sensor who uses a microphone to pick up sounds then using proprietary acoustic software will analyze the sounds to determine if the car glass has been broken.

The backup battery holds the system armed, triggers the alarm and also holds the starter kill running if central battery power is detached.

With field disturbance sensor an unseen dome of coverage is secured by establishing the 508D detector sensor. Your protection system can then respond to any incursions into this area with the triggered series.

The 545T Nite-Lite future, automatically switch on our parking and headlights when it becomes dark. Besides, the 545T will turn your lights on whenever the wrap-around wipers are utilized. A remote control capacity can also be utilized to establish on our parking and headlights for a planned period.

The trunk discharge output of the system can manage a factory strength release for the vehicle’s trunk or hatch. If the factory announcement is not energy initiated, then Directed’s 522T trunk freeing solenoid can often be attached.


  • we will have the car safely no matter where we leave it
  • thanks to the remote control we have comfort


  • it needs a professional installation


If you need a good car safety system, we recommend Viper 5305V. You will not be stressed at all when you park your car in a place you do not know very well.

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