ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum Review

Vacuum Cleaner
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Suction Power - 9.3/10
  • Accessories - 8.8/10


ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum is one tiny, but powerful, piece of device. It is perfect for cars, since it can be stored almost anywhere.


Car maintenance is really important and not an easy task if you choose to do it on your own. Keeping a clean interior is important for comfort and car value. Dirt, debris, and trash can affect the good functioning and aspect of the car.

To maintain a clean car regularly and as often as you need is expensive and time-consuming when you rely on a car-wash serving facility.

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ThisWorx for TWC-01 Review

To put an end to all that money spent and time wasted at car-wash ques you can easily get a really good device that can assure pro-quality cleaning at home or anywhere you need and any time you need.

A good car vacuum cleaner is a good investment that will allow saving a lot of money and time. A great variety of car vacuum cleaners are now on the market to make cleaning more efficient, easy and money-saving.

Car vacuum cleaners have more autonomy allowing free movement for a great job with small effort and greater reachability. These vacuums are smaller and more compact making them easier to use and reach places that would be otherwise hard to get.

To name just some features that make them so great is easy: reduced dimensions, easy to use, easy to handle, time saver, powerful vacuum, versatility, easy maintainability and lots of affordable accessories, good car and socket charging.

What is ThisWorx for TWC-01

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter installed and one as a reserve that is washable, a brush to remove dirt and dust from the filters, a flexible suction hose adapted for the accessorized changeable tips(narrow tube nozzle for dirt, sand or dust and brush nozzle for pet hair, fuzz or dust bunnies) and a nice holder to keep the unit inside with a carry-on handle. This way you can easily and safely store it inside your car.

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum Review

This vacuum cleaner has a very long 16 feet DC power cord to power the strong suction 106 watts motor which draws 8 amps from the 12 V cigarette plug of your car with the car running. You cannot use it with-out the car’s engine running because it will deplete the battery. But as a valuable feature, this device has an in-built inverter.

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Ergonomic design with a generous capacity transparent trash recipient that can be easily cleaned with an auto-shut-off lid. The HEPA filters are super easy to clean with the brush so you will not get dirty hands and are easily washable to remove any other dust and debris remaining.

The unit is nice and small with an on/off button on the superior-top side with a small narrowed muzzle that can vacuum dry and also wet dirt. To remove the filter for cleaning the top side has a button that allows to easily remove and attach the filters. It is important that the filters are well dried when you put them back after washing. These filters do not need frequent washing.

The ThisWorx for TWC-01 has an inbuilt induction fan, easy to maneuver filters and a rubber one-way valve that allows dirt to be suctioned easily but not to come out.

Three different nozzles help you face any situation and access even the most inaccessible places in your car that need to be cleaned. The small nuzzle with an inbuilt rubber band gets all the big debris and dirt without losing one.

To access narrow spaces we attach the narrow plastic muzzle that has a long built tube flattened to adapt to small crevices. The brush is attached when we need to get all the dirt, fuzz, pet hair, dust from the car carpet by agitating the fibers of the carpet or tapestry removing in this manner all the saturated dust, debris and pet hair.


  • small and really easy to use
  • really long power cord
  • easy to clean filters
  • can reach even impossible spots
  • easy to store and has a nice carry bag
  • can clean wet dirt also
  • comes with useful accessories
  • is really affordable


  • can be loud
  • can only be plugged in the cigarette charger and another option to plug-in in would have been good
  • works only with the car’s engine on or else the car battery will be depleted
  • must check if the car fuse-box is compatible at least at 15 amps so the vacuum cleaner does not blows the cigarette lighter’s 10 amps fuse


If you wish to clean your car like a pro with a small cost this car vacuum cleaner would be a perfect investment, helping you to save a lot of money and valuable time.

As a small, ergonomic, easy to use and clean car vacuum cleaner ThisWorx for TWC-01 scores many points making it really appreciated and a must-have device for a car that is really affordable. You cannot get better than this at a good price.

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  1. I agree it is a nice vacuum but do agree with the “CON” that the vehicle must be running when using it or it will deplete your battery. I would like to see a 110V adapter
    made available for those of us who.own one.

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