RUD Tire Chain Centrax 4716735

RUD Tire Chains 4716735 Snow Centrax

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  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Ease of use - 9.1/10


Drivers who want to have a good set of chains, at an affordable price can rely on this model. RUD 4716735 Snow Chains Centax Comfort Mountain offers an easy trip even on a snow asphalt.


 Equipping cars with winter chains can be a condition if you want to go through the cold season without incident.Snow chains are accessible to the weather-driven machine. They are devices that sit on the wheel of the vehicle to provide maximum traction when traveling on snow or ice. These devices are attached to the wheels of the machine, used particularly when snow is consistent.

Firstly, chains are not used throughout the cold season, but only when extreme weather conditions can endanger human safety. The chains are coming to the driver’s help after a long snowy night, to get out of the parking lot easier. One important thing to mention is that chains must be removed from the wheels when they reach dry parts of the road. If not, chains can cause machine damage or wear out prematurely. When using chains, it is not recommended to exceed 45km/h


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RUD Snow Chains

Probably the most important advice on the snow chains for each driver would be: You have to learn how to install them alone. And since we are not all mechanics, the chains at RUD come to the aid of all drivers, offering easy and effortless installation.

The German company RUD was founded in 1828 by three Aalen citizens. Over time, RUD has become one of the world’s most recognized chain companies with production subsidiaries, representation, and distribution in standard cities such as France, Switzerland, Great Britain, reaching the US, South Africa, China, and India.

The model of the chain RUD 4716735 is a simple, dynamic, easy to mount model, it can also be used for both front-wheel drive and rear-facing cars. President Snow, anti-slip chains, Rud Comfort Centerrax are automatically installed, extremely simple and fast.

Assembly maneuvers shall be carried out from the outside, being a compact assembly. The fitting is carried out easily without tools. Only the adapter is pre-installed.

 Fit without removing the wheel from the machine using the tensioning device. Having good ride behaviour, with the machine performing optimally on the road, The Chain has a diagonal pattern on the tread, consisting of square feet with a size of 3mm and at the same time offers cross-protection for the wheel while travelling. The safety hook is robust and easy to attach, making it easy to use.

RUD Tire Chains Extra Features

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RUD Tire Chains Centrax

Suitable for vehicles with ABS and TCS.

The model with square chain components is extra reinforced for tough wear conditions. The Packaging is attractive, with a high quality textured bag, in which you can easily store the chains. The bag is resistant to humidity, so it can stay in your luggage without any problems. Being a clever bag designed, its material makes it resistant to dirt and its small size makes it easy to store in small spaces or your luggage.

Snow chains RUD 4716735 are approved according to American and European ratings, being listed among the most qualitative winter chains. Throughout the snow chain’s lifetime, they must be well cleaned before being stored in the box next to them. Thus, not only you have them ready to use the next time you need them, but also you maintain their quality and their efficiency. When it comes to packaging, you should know that this is a set of two snow chains.

The snow chains RUD 4716735 offer a practical and easy solution, being perfect for the machines used daily.

The weight of the chains is 16,53 pounds and the size of the bulbs is 29.8 x 9.3 x 8.3 inches, facilitating storage in small spaces.

RUD Tire Chains Pros

  • easy to use
  • Mounting without tools
  • Well and small packaged
  • durability over time
  • good for  mountains driver

RUD Tire Chains Cons

  • very tight fit
  • short instructions


If you want to feel safe even in the snowy days, winter chains RUD 4716735 are a perfect choice. They will help keep your car under control, so you can enjoy winter and all its beauties. Or why not, a vacation in the mountains.

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