Rand McNally TND 540

Rand McNally TND 540 Truck GPS Review

Truck GPS
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Accuracy - 9.6/10
  • Functions - 9.3/10


It will help you get to your destination faster, without losing yourself on unknown streets.


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Rand McNally TND 540

GPS is a gadget that helps us to orient ourselves when traveling somewhere where we have not been and we do not know the routes. Or more accurately, it is a digital map that performs better than classic maps.

In addition to the initial function of helping us in terms of orientation, a GPS has the role of indicating the shortest routes, the distances of the respective routes, but also the time that we need to reach the destination.

Cars can have an integrated GPS on board, but most do not have such a feature. That is why there are GPS navigation systems that can be purchased separately and mounted on the car, very simply. It usually includes a suction cup or a mounting bracket. The advantage of a GPS device compared to the one integrated with the dashboard is that you can change its position in the car and you can even move it from one car to another easily.

I don’t think we would like to get to a country and the GPS doesn’t have a map of it. So we need to make sure beforehand that we have as many maps as possible for our GPS. We also need GPS maps so that it can calculate all possible routes in case a road is closed. As they are newer, the maps will be updated with the latest changes in routes, roundabouts or the status of some road works.

Rand McNally has been remodeling business and personal journey with advanced movement technology. Their purpose is to offer innovative products and aids that drive performance, protection, and connectivity.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about Rand McNally TND 540.


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Rand McNally TND 540 Route Map

This GPS navigator is created to be a very compact, transportable, but robust system for expert trackers and private cars, as well. It features a rich, clear 5″ screen and appears with Wi-Fi connectivity and lifetime maps upgrades from the personalities recognized for maps.

It’s been redesigned from the preceding 530 prototypes with various new characteristics that will perform the TND 540 an indispensable device for truckers with usually multiple jobs to do. The tech characteristics and menus have not only been simplified, but the TND 540 comprises a more strength quad-core processor and increase the memory.

It covers seamless real updates to our maps, instinctive symbols for identifying data more efficiently, and audio skills that enable us to route the machine output through our truck’s sound mode. It is also Bluetooth-compatible with DC 200 and ELD 50 plug-ins.

What it does

The TND 540 offers a 5″ LCD in a huge resolution. The investment adds an anti-glare cover and magnetic dashboard mount. There is a night method for decreasing the map illumination when running in low light to obtain it more friendly on the eyes. We can also take after-market adhesive tablets, hardware mounts, hard travel case, etc.

We can verify on current circumstances and estimates, or choose from among 10 distinctive roads overlays that give wind velocity and rainfall for the street ahead.

This GPS navigator enables us to illustrate local combustible prices on our map, or explore and filter by combustible name, variety, or cost. The device has map coverage of both the U.S. and Canada.

We will simply find regional businesses such as bars, stores, restaurants, and more, searchable by keywords or business name.

The TND 540 permits us to switch among original and alternative ways to make measurements. We’ll be capable to search for addresses by zip code, location, or latitude/longitude projection coordinates.

We can reclaim current updates on regional traffic data, whether we are on a distant company street or downtown in the village.

Rand McNally TND 540 Features

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Rand McNally Truck GPS

With the TND 540, we can initiate or deactivate notifications for velocity limit switches, dangerous curves, abrupt declines, and other driving problems. We can also customize these signals by inserting our favorites and how distant ahead of time we’d like to take the warning.

The fuel log feature enables us to register and keep all our combustible acquisitions, by time or by area, and determine current or medium combustible prices whenever we want. This device has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of data storage space.

We get 3-D imaging to support us drive hard highway transpositions, including a road support characteristic. We can also examine a list of facilities for expected highway exits, including meals, baths, combustible, and so on.

With the Truck Profile feature, the device determines maps based on the car specs we enter such as height, width, length, and load.

With the TND 540, we can simply plan in up to 50 stations and reconsider the whole route as we go. We can also produce “bread crumb” ways by registering any off-the-path drives we prefer to go.

We can simply see our driving metrics, such as start and stop times, track development, distance, confined rise, and measure time.

With points of interest feature, we’ll be capable to explore and reach complete data on trucker-critical points like weigh services, truck stations, and assistance hubs.

We also receive regular updates on construction activity near our route so we can bypass movement difficulties or circuits.

With spoken command we can text, navigate, and accept calls all by voice control without taking our hands off the wheel.

Rand McNally TND 540 Other Functions

This GPS navigator gives approved digital instruments like calendars, notepads, and calculators. we will be capable to predict resting time and distance on all our plans. The TND 540 also allows us to cross-reference Rand McNally’s popular published Atlas as well as entrance online aid and FAQ segments.

The TND 540 arrives with a DriverConnect application that enables us simple integration with a diversity of electronic logging machines. We can visit the Rand McNally website for a complete list of cooperative devices. DriverConnect syncs up automatically with Rand McNally’s network application so we can see and print as many as six month’s values of our log data, plus view data on car examinations.

The Rand McNally TND 540 comes with an anti-glare screen cover, USB car charge cord, suction-cup window mount, and QuickStart user manual. It also uses a 1000 mAH lithium-ion battery.


  • easy to use
  • accurate routing


  • hard to update


If you are used to visiting new places you have never been to before, we recommend that you buy Rand McNally TND 540. It will help you get to your destination faster, without losing yourself on unknown streets.

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  1. its a very good gps, like expected from rm. features and routing is just perfect.
    BUT,.. the small screen and the letters are hard to read. one of the biggest problems i have after only one year is the battery. despite on charge the battery drains empty and it shuts off. of course at the worst moment possible.
    i was using rm gps for the last 15 years and was super happy with my old 530 that lastet like forever. the quality of the new generation makes me think of changing brand with the biggest issue of dependabilaty.
    i tried to find a solution with rm customer service but they are not really helpfull. no real solution,.. just go and buy a new one.
    it looks like rand mcnally is flying a bit high on former success and is forgetting about what really counts.

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