Portable navigation system

Portable Navigation System XGODY X5 9″

  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.6/10
  • Accuracy - 9.5/10


Having a XGODY X5 9″ Portable Auto SAT NAV GPS Navigation System will ensure you will have all the needed autonomy and piece on mind  to do your job proprely no matter if you drive a truck or any other car.


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xgody Portable navigation system

Having assistance on the road is a normal thing these days ensuring all the support needed for a comfortable and stress-free ride.

GPS navigation systems have all the features needed to give you autonomy and freedom of movement anywhere in the world incorporating maps, routing assistance for any kind of vehicle from passenger cars, trucks, buses to RVs and utilitarian vehicles.

By purchasing GPS navigation systems specially designed for your car will cover the specific needs of your vehicle and save you from a lot of effort and trouble.

Always it is best to be well prepared when you are on the road and to fully equip your vehicle with a high-quality GPS navigational system will ensure an incident-free and pleasant ride.

Because trucks have specific requirements you can find on the market GPS navigation systems that are specifically tailored to address those needs and buying one for your truck will be the best investment you have made for your vehicle.

A GPS navigation for trucks will have included in maps all the truck restrictions, large vehicles routing, POIs for trucks that are so important for truck drivers.

Customized GPS navigation will have profile configurations based on the truck’s parameters (height, length, width, weight, axle load) and will choose routes that will avoid roads that are not suitable for your truck and for the load you carry.

Having good 3D maps with included lane guidance and truck-specific POIs, truck drivers can drive with confidence knowing that they have their back covered no matter where they are going.

GPS systems that are designed for trucks will make it easy for you to plan your journey including multiple way-points to load and unload your vehicle and all that with real-time information about traffic to avoid any delay and save your fuel.

GPS Features

A navigational system fitted with a GPS is flexible and can have multiple vehicle profiles to use it on many vehicle types depending on your needs.

So if you buy a Truck GPS navigational system you can use special configuration profiles to use it also on RVs, caravans, camper cars and avoid all the unsuitable roads.

With Sygic Truck Navigation you will not need an internet connection to have access to maps because all the maps are preloaded and stored already on the device and you will be notified in advance with all the changes in speed limit and also will always have the exact estimated time of arrival.

All truck drivers know the importance of avoiding speed tickets and these systems will emit early warnings for any speed camera existent on the route and save you from a lot of inconveniences.

Choosing the right GPS Navigation System is important so before deciding on a specific one it is a good idea to check reviews and make an informed decision and a good investment in a reliable and high-quality device.

Portable Navigation System – Presentation

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xgody 9inch gps

XGODY X5 9″ Portable Auto SAT NAV GPS Navigation System is designed to support 7 types of vehicles from passenger cars, trucks, ambulances to buses and taxis having specific functions for each vehicle type.

By choosing the profile suited for your vehicle type you will customize all navigation routes according to the length/height/weight of the vehicle avoiding this way all the risky routes (that have limits on weight/speed/height/width).

XGODY X5 9″ has a big 9-inch touch screen that has a user-friendly interface making the experience fun and easy.

At an incredibly good price, this device has included many valuable features as free lifetime updates for 2 and 3D maps, voice navigation, smart settings for the routes, lane navigation and a super quick search that is very easy to use.

Having a new design and updated and upgraded UI interface and 8GB ROM and 256MB RAM will have a faster response time and supports many multimedia functions as supporting ASF/ AVI/ WMV /3GP /MP4/ RMVB video format.

It is compatible and can support a Micro SD card up to 32 GB, on which you can store music movies, videos to enjoy on the road when you have time.

Portable navigation system 9inch


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • specially designed to be compatible with 7 different vehicle types
  • has customized features for each vehicle profile
  • free lifetime updates for the 2 and 3D MAPS
  • has a big 9-inch touch screen
  • new upgraded user-friendly interface
  • voice navigation
  • smart routes settings
  • lane navigation
  • compatible with an up to 32 GB micro SB
  • compatible with many types of video formats


  • does not have Bluetooth connection


If you need and affordable good quality GPS navigational system that is compatible with 7 types of vehicles and includes special profiles for each one with amazing features like voice commands, smart routes, and many others you should try the XGODY X5 9″Portable navigation system.

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