Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Truck GPS

Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Truck GPS Review

Truck GPS
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The Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Truck GPS is ideal for frequent truck and trailer drivers.


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Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Truck GPS

We drive today much more than ever, and much further. And we don’t always recognize the environments where we’re going. This is why we’ve used maps and similar orientation ways for a very long time. And recently, we started to depend on GPS devices to navigate our way everywhere.

A GPS (Global Positioning System), is a space-based satellite navigation system. It can provide a specific and time information of a GPS transmitter in any weather condition. As long as there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites, any GPS transmitter can be detected on or near the Earth.

GPS systems are also some of the most versatile technologies we developed so far. It can be found in almost any industry section. They can be used by anyone, from normal day-to-day people to the military.

We use these systems to map roads, cities, forests, help farmers harvest their fields, etc. We can also navigate planes both in the air and on the ground. They’re also used by emergency crews to locate people that need medical assistance.

One of the most used GPS system forms is the one we have on our phones. They’re not as advanced and accurate as professional devices, but they do the job in most cases. They’re actually great for short-time usage.

However, using a phone’s GPS often is not recommended, especially if you’re in constant need of directions. This is why frequent drivers use dedicated GPS devices. Which, unlike phones, they can offer information even in areas with no cellphone signal. This is because they’re based directly on satellites.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Gramin Dezl570Lmt Truck GPS.


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Garmin Dezl 570Lmt

The Gramin Dezl570Lmt Truck GPS features a special Truck and Trailer Services Directory. This means that you’ll benefit from an entire map made to accommodate a truck and trailer driver’s every need. You’ll be able to drive wherever you need with a map made specifically for you.

It can search and filter all the truck stops by brand name or preferred amenities. You’ll be able to find the perfect food and rest places your whole work trip. The points of interest will also be rated by other real-life truck drivers. This includes parking spaces, restaurants, hotels, and repair places.

Thanks to Foursquare, you’ll be able to search millions of new and popular shops, restaurants, etc. It will also help you find the closest truck maintenance places, and inform you of their opening and closing hours. You’ll also be directed to your closes fuel recharging place.

By customizing the Gramin Dezl570Lmt Truck GPS, you’ll be able to enjoy a journey planned specifically for you. You can set the truck routing by just adding a few details before departing. You can let the device know your truck’s size, weight, and width, and it will plan the best route to your destination.

With its storage and power capacity, you can use a MicroSD card, however, it’s not included in the package. But you will benefit from free maps and traffic alert information your entire life, free of charge.

You’ll be able to see all those information on the provided 5.0-inch glass display. The display is crystal clear and you’ll be able to easily see any route warnings. This includes sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits, steep grades, etc.

Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Highly-Accurate
  • Great Quality
  • Foursquare
  • Route Warnings
  • Advisories and Cautions
  • Local Sunrise and Sunset Times
  • Has a 5.0-inch Glass Display
  • Free Lifetime Maps
  • State and Country Border Notices
  • Customized Truck Routing
  • Truck and Trailer Services Directory

Garmin Dezl 570Lmt Cons

  • The device’s battery doesn’t last too long.


The Gramin Dezl570Lmt Truck GPS is great quality and it offers highly-accurate information. It was designed for long-term use and it continuously learns from your type of driving to self-improve. If you’re looking for a high-quality and accurate Truck dedicated GPS device, you should try this product.

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