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A simple drive to the supermarket can quickly turn into an unfortunate accident. And if you don’t have the evidence that you weren’t at fault, you could end up taking the blame. Some people are shameless and would do anything to get away with their mistakes

You can never know for sure what’s going to happen while driving. You could get into a heated argument with an angry driver or see a meteorite. Both these things can be clearly captured on a dash cam and saved for later viewing. This way you can have the proof of the argument or a mesmerizing video at your disposal.

Dash cams are more and more popular all over the world. Even though there are a lot of places where they’re considered illegal, they’re more used than ever. A dash cam acts as an eyewitness for your entire journey. It can record every detail on the road and, optionally, every sound inside your vehicle.

There are mainly two different types of dash cams, single-channel and dual-channel dash cams. A single-channel front-view dash cam is used to record what happens in front of you. Dual-channel front-and-rear dash cams capture both the front and rearview.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best dual-channel front-and-rear dash cams. They’re also simply known as Dual Dash Cams.

What are Dual Dash Cams?

Best Dual Dash Cams

Dash cams are cameras capable of recording every detail through the windshield. They’re mounted on the dashboard or directly to the windscreen for a clear view. They’re powered by the cigarette lighter and are generally very easy to use.

Single-channel dash cams can only capture what happens in front of you, not behind your vehicle. While they’re also very useful, most accidents happen from the side or rear point. That’s why many drivers use a dual-lens dash cam for comprehensive coverage in and around their vehicle.

Dual-channel dash cams, aka dual dash cams, feature two cameras for better all-around protection. One is mounted on your dashboard or windscreen, and the other on the rear side of your car. Both cameras, save their recorded videos on the memory card inside the front-facing camera unit.

The rear dash cam is connected to the front-facing camera by a cable. This means that you won’t need a separate power supply for it. The rear dash camera charges with the help of the cigarette lighter as well. Both cameras come with mounting options so you won’t have to get creative on your own.

Discreet design is very important in dash cams. If a thief would break into your car for some change, they sure as hell will try to steal the expensive cameras. That’s why most dual dash cams are equipped with a compact and discreet design. Plus, the less visible the cables are, the better it looks.

Dual dash cams are very good for protection against fraud claims. You can use them to provide concrete evidence of an accident or to just record a breathtaking landscape.

Why do You Need a Dash Cam?

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The main reason why dash cams are so popular is because their job is to protect you in case of an accident. If you’re not the one at fault, you can use the footage to prove it. A dash cam will act as a reliable eyewitness in case of an altercation with another driver.

Countless accidents happen every year that ends in lengthy court battles. If you lack the proper evidence, you might end up paying for everything even though you’re the victim. A dash cam can save you thousands and thousands in legal fees and settlements.

One huge advantage of having a dash cam is benefiting from reduced car insurance premiums. Some insurance companies would offer this discount just for using a dash camera. And if your car breaks down, a dash cam can act as a GPS tracker to help emergency services get to you.

Most good dash cams also include a Parking Mode. With this feature, the camera starts recording the second it detects an impact. Thanks to the dual dash cam, you can easily find out who hit your car when parking.

If you’re a frequent driver, having all-around protection is very important. And a dual dash cam is one of the most useful pieces of in-car tech you’ll ever use. Some dual dash cams are inexpensive and do the job just fine. While on the other hand, high-end ultra-high-quality ones can cost a lot.

What to Consider When Buying a Dual Dash Cam?

When buying a dual dash cam, there are a few things you have to consider. The most important thing is to make sure that the rear camera has a high or decent resolution. Some dual dash cams come with a high-resolution front-facing camera and a bad quality rear camera.

Since two cameras are recording simultaneously, you will need quite a bit of storage. So make sure that the front-facing camera can support at least 64GB. And 256GB if your cameras have a super high resolution.

Like we said before, discreet design is needed for a lot of purposes. That’s why a compact dual dash cam is ideal. You also have to be able to 100% rely on it at all times. So make sure it isn’t faulty when you get it. Simple mounting options are also preferable.

Another very important feature is the G-Sensor. Its job is to automatically start recording when you turn on your engine, and stop recording when you turn it off. The G-Sensor also automatically saves and locks the current video file if the camera detects an accident. This helps to protect the evidence.

A built-in GPS is of great use in tracking your routes on the map. If you live in a region with very hot summers, you also need to pay attention to heat tolerance. Same if you live in cold areas and you have to continuously park your car outside.

The last two important features are motion detection and night vision. An excellent motion detection sensor helps the G-Sensor work 100% accurately. And a dash cam with great night vision clarity is a must for excellent night time performance.

Comparison Table

Product NameViofo A129 GPS Vantrue S1HP F870G
ImageBest Dual Dash Cams
Parking ModeYesYesYes
Video Quality2160p front, 1080p rear2160 front, 1080p rear1080p front, 720p rear
Storage Capacity256GB256GB32GB
Great Night VisionYesYesYes
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1 Viofo A129 GPS Dual Dash Cam

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Our number one choice is the Viofo A129 Dual Dash Cam. The unique advanced features make this dual-channel dashboard camera one of the best available on the market. It has everything you could possibly need for a safe journey.

Thanks to the motion sensors, the Viofo A129 will start automatically the moment you turn on the engine. You don’t have to worry if you forgot to press the ON button. Viofo is always ready to go. This way it can preserve power and storage space.

With the collision sensor, the camera automatically starts recording then save the locked images. In case a collision happens, you will have all the important data safely stored away. The “locking” feature will prevent the overwriting of said important files.

The overwriting can happen due to the loop recording feature. This great addition allows the camera to record endlessly even if the storage is limited. New recordings are saved over the oldest recordings. You won’t have to worry about running out of space at important moments.

Thanks to the built-in GPS, you will be provided with important data, such as location, time, speed, and date. The date will be imprinted on the recording to make them tamper-proof and solid evidence to use in legal situations.

The Viofo A129 is one of the best dash cams because the rear camera and front camera both have excellent quality. It delivers great video quality, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a reliable parking mode.


Best Dual Dash Cams

An important feature is the use of capacitors that are not lithium-based. This helps a great deal at making the cameras more resistant to heat.

The rear camera is attached with adhesive pads on the rear windshield. Then it will send the videos to the front camera through a 20-foot cable. The plug and play connections are simple. You don’t have to be a tech pro to use this dual dash cam.

Thanks to the Viofo A129 dual dash cam, you will benefit from a significant upgrade to your vehicle. In case of a hit and run accident, you’ll be able to obtain the license plate and other important pieces of information. A device like this can do a ot of good when you’re fighting scams.

The camera is stealthy and the 2-inch screen with buttons to navigate makes it beginner-friendly. Thanks to the secure mounting system you can easily detach the camera if you need to hide it.

Thanks to the Sony Starvis sensors installed on both rear and front cameras, you can benefit from great night vision. The lenses are F1.6 with a high aperture. For an easy installation, you will receive everything you need in the package.

Viofo A129 is a top-ranked product because of the excellent hardware (Novatek NT 96663 processor, F1.6 glass lenses and Sonny Starvis IMX 291 sensor).

You can use this product as a security system or just as a recording option on your road trip. There are a lot of breathtaking landscapes and buildings you can’t properly enjoy as a driver. When nostalgia kicks in, you can rewatch the videos and relieve your summer vacation.


  • High-Quality Front and Rear Cameras
  • Heat Resistant
  • Excellent Night Vision
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Novatek NT 96663 Processor
  • F1.6 Glass Lenses
  • Sonny Starvis IMX 291 Sensors
  • Great Parking Mode


  • The optional Bluetooth remote is sold separately

2 Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam

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The second place on our list is taken by the Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam. This dashcam was made to give you a reliable eyewitness of what happens while you’re driving. With its small and practical design, it can record everything both front and rear.

The Vantrue S1 holds FHD dual-channel registration and you can set it up however you want to. This dash cam takes high-definition clips from both front and rear cameras. The front-facing camera has a 170-degree wide-angle, while the rear-facing camera has a 160-degree wide-angle.

Thanks to its beginner-friendly compact form, it fits anywhere and is easier to use. You can easily mount the cameras according to your registration requirements.

Besides the two cameras, the package also includes a 10ft charger, 3ft mini USB cable, and a 20ft rear camera cable. The camera cable is used to connect the rear camera to the front camera. You’ll also receive camera brackets and adhesive stickers.

The Vantrue S1 supports up to 256GB (SD Card not included). We do not recommend Sandisk and Transcend Card in any circumstances. Please format the card before using it.

To attach the dash cams, you will have to go through a thorough windshield cleaning process. You can use water or alcohol and wipe the glass clean with a dry tissue. Space where you’ll install the camera must be clean and dry.


Thanks to the built-in GPS module accessory, the front and rear GPS dash cams can position and coordinate with the engine. Then these items can be presented back showing the vehicle’s positions, the same way, velocity (KM/H or MP/H) on Google Maps via their GPS Player.

The Sony IMX 327 sensor and Novatek NT 96663 chipset allow the camera to perform great in various situations. The front dash cam can take videos with a resolution of 2160p or 1080p during both day and night. If you choose the 2160p resolution, make sure you have an SD Card to match. 4K videos take a lot more space than the rest.

After 5 minutes of detecting no action, the camera switches to Parking Mode. Triggered by the motion sensor, the camera will automatically turn on and record if it detects anyone coming in contact with your vehicle.

For long periods of time in the Parking Mode, you need to hardwire it. Or attach it to an external battery when parking.

Thanks to the loop recording feature, the newest video overwrites the oldest video to never run out of space. In case of a hit-an run incident, the G-Sensor will automatically lock the footage. It will secure it to “Event File” to prevent it from being overwritten.

Time-lapse is used to automatically capture photos at specific periods of time to save space. It also edits them into a video so you can play it faster than real-time. The time-lapse feature can also make frames for a video of a multi-week street journey.

To be able to quickly find them, front and rear videos are stored in separate folders.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • G-Sensor
  • GPS
  • Parking Mode


  • SD Memory Card Not Included

3 HP Dual Dash Cam F870G

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The last one on our list is the HP Dual Dash Cam F870G . This dash cam comes with some special characteristics. For example, it features ADAS, more specifically LDWS and FCWS.

The G-Sensor keeps all your important records secure. With the 3-axis G-Sensor, the camera detects any unusual situation and locks it independently on the SD Card.

Even if it can only support 32GB, it can still store a great amount of footage. This is possible because the registration quality is full HD.

The front-facing camera captures a 155-degree wide-angle, while the rear one can only capture a 120-degree wide-angle. The front one is significantly better than the rear one.

You can see both records on the screen or just record in the rear. You can set up teh picture however you want it. The rear camera is weather-proof, being equipped with the standard IP67.


A very important feature is the parking mode which makes the camera record every time it detects a shock or hit. The front camera doesn’t go higher than 1080p, while the rear won’t exceed 720p.

The HP Dual Dash Cam comes with a high-quality nighttime vision. Equipped with a Starlight sensor made by Sony, the camera lights up during low light conditions.

The 6-lens and F1.8 together with the unique HDR method can balance the dark and light spaces. This way you will be able to see clearly all the important details you need.

Thanks to the built-in GPS, each video comes with embedded location, date, time, and velocity. Thanks to the GPS you can easily keep track of the places you’ve been to.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • G-Sensor
  • GPS
  • Parking Mode
  • Decent Night Vision


  • The rear camera has a lower resolution.
Best Dual Dash Cams


You can never know when you might find yourself in the middle of a legal battle against a scammer. That’s why we think every driver should have a dash cam. And if you can afford, a dual-dash cam provides the best coverage.

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