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Garage Door Insulation Kit – Our Top 3

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What is insulation

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Garage doors influence a lot the overall temperature because if the garage is not well thermal insulated you will have big heat losses.

If you do a cost-benefit analysis you will find out that you lose a lot of money if the house and garage don’t have efficient thermal insulation.

Insulating the garage doors is a really cost-effective and easy to apply the measure to reduce heat bills and to make your garage comfortable.

The insulation R-value refers to the insulation capabilities of the material used, so bigger values mean more insulating power.

Why do we need garage door insulation

Heat exchanges can happen in three different ways like radiation, convection, and conduction.

So when we speak of radiation we are thinking of the heat radiated from

the sun that will be transferred through the atmosphere directly to the uninsulated garage door.

Convection refers to the movement of warm air that is less dense upward and the downward movement of cold air.

So raised heat will pull cold air from outside allowing cold to infiltrate the garage space.

Conduction is a property of a material to transfer heat at a molecular level and usually garage doors are from with metal.

The sun will directly beat down on the garage door and the heat will accumulate because the metal is a very good heat conductor.

The metal doors used for garages are inefficient when regards to thermal isolation and also thermal comfort.

R-value represents the resistance of a material to conduction and metal has a really low one, needing added insulation with materials with high R-value

Other important things

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Without proper insulation of the garage doors even if the walls are perfect insulated you will still have great thermal variations and exchanges.

Adding a reliable insulating system you will make a big difference balancing the micro-climate of your garage.

These are very cost-effective solutions that will efficiently improve the quality of your working space making it more heat-efficient.

Having insulation on your garage door will ensure an efficient barrier against high-temperature fluctuations

With proper insulation, your garage will have a controlled and balanced environment with optimal temperatures and a reduced noise level.

The insulation kits are easy to use and do not cost a lot of money helping you to improve significantly the thermal barrier from your garage.

These kits are designed to contain all you need to do a proper job insulating your garage door is a very simple and efficient way without any cost.

Insulation types for garage doors

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Manufacturers have developed three different methods to isolate garage doors like batt insulation, foam board insulation, reflective insulation.

The Batt insulation uses rolls of rock wool or fiberglass that is fluffy in a layer.

Because it comes as a thick fluffy layer it is a great insulating material and can be easy installed.

But if you have not enough space and you must compress it then it is not suitable for your use, compressed batt insulation is not good.

The rock wool is a great material for insulation and has fire retarding properties being a bit more expensive than fire glass.

The Foam board insulation uses rigid panels that are similar to Styrofoam.

This kind of material can be used on wood and metal garage doors to better insulate them.

The foam board has a lower R-value than batt insulation but when you cannot use batt insulation foam is perfect being less thick.

These foam panels must have a foiled face to avoid becoming a fire hazard.

The Reflective Insulation is made of a flexible insulating material which is covered and surrounded by a shiny foil.

This kind of insulation is used in summer to help keep garages cool and can be used in combination with other types.

Garage Door Insulation Kit – Compatibility

Most of these insulating kits are manufactured and designed for metal garage doors that have side channels.

The side channels are perfect to fit in fiberglass sheets or solid foam core.

For wood garage doors you can use the adhesive tape to secure the insulation.

What is very important when you use foam panels is that you must check to see if they are fire rated and have vinyl or foil facing.

Without these facings, foam panels are highly flammable and you should only use special kits that are designed for this purpose only and not any kind of foam panels.

If you aim to reduce heat from your garage then you should use radiant insulation kits.

This kind of insulation is good at keeping heat out of your garage and can be used in combination with rigid foam core insulation.

To secure this kind of insulation you will need to use double-sided adhesive tape.

Reflective insulation is suited more for very hot areas and the thicker insulation for colder areas.

Insulating material addresses not only the thermal changes but also fumes, noises, and some security issues.

To insulate your garage doors means to ensure a good working environment for your enjoyment.

What to look for in a good garage door insulating kit

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Garage Door Insulation

When you look to choose a garage door insulating kit to match with your garage door you should have in mind a few things like size, material, effectiveness, and costs.

The size is important when you choose to make sure you will have the right amount of insulating material and that you can need to make alterations to fit the garage doors.

Some kits will fit better and might be more easy to fit and install to your garage door than others.

The material you choose must fit your needs so when you chose a certain material you must be sure it will serve well its purpose and that you can install it properly.

The effectiveness is really important so you must choose a material with a high R-value to be more efficient.

The cost must be in correlation with the quality of the product to ensure good insulation.

A good insulation kit must maintain and extra barrier, provide protection, slow conductivity to heat.

Many insulation kits are available on the market that would do a great job insulating your garage door and we have prepared a top 3 best quality kits to make this job easier for you.

Garage Door Insulation Kits – Comparison Chart

Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit
NASA TECH White Reflective Foam CoreCar Garage Door Insulation Kit
Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit by Cellofoam North America Inc
Insulating type
Fiberglass panels
Foil foam core rolls
Expanded polystyrene boards
White Vinyl
White vinyl
White vinyl
Resistance to moisture
Moisture resistant
Moisture resistant
Moisture resistant
Double-sided tape and retaining clips
Double-sided heavy duty tape
Kerfing pannel

1. Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit

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Garage Door Insulation Kit

This kit is number one in our top ensuring high-quality thermal protection for your garage doors.

This kit is designed to fit perfectly in the exposed channels of the metallic garage doors.

Using this insulating material you will increase five times the efficiency of your garage door as a thermal barrier.

The material from which is made is really flexible, easy to clean and resistant to bumps.

In this kit, you have R-8 value fiberglass panels that have a white facing made of vinyl.

With one lit you will cover 9/ 7feet and 8-inch tall door and has a simple and easy to use fastening system.

It will reduce the noise with 20 % allowing you to nor worry about the noise made in the garage

To secure the panels you can use the double-sided adhesive tape and two retainer clips for each panel.

Each panel must be trimmed to fit the garage door specifications with a knife blade and fitted with the vinyl part inside.

By pressing the panel to the garage door you will clip them with the retainer clips.

The vinyl material can be replaced if some accidents occur and you puncture it.

In this kit you will have the insulating panels, protection gloves, retaining clips and repairing tape for vinyl in case it is punctured.

If you have metal garage doors and wish a good insulation kit this is one of the best options.

Key features:

  • made of fiberglass material
  • it has an R-8 value
  • has a white vinyl face that is easy to clean

2. NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core Car Garage Door Insulation Kit

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Car Garage Door Kit

This is the number 2 on our top is a very good insulation kit made by NASA TECH which provides the perfect insulation against thermal influences.

This really thin material is very effective and comes in rolls of foil foam core insulation that are really easy to install.

It has a class 1 fire rate even if is made of a really thin and light weighted material.

It will ensure an 8 R-value and will help you keep your garage cool in really hot summers.

The reflective layer will keep heat out and even moisture making it perfect for areas with extreme heat.

This material has 2 faces providing really good insulation in the interior side and a professional clean look on the exterior.

It is easy to install with the help of the adhesive double band which will frame the material on the inside.

Key features

  • really thin material
  • has an R-8 value
  • it is resistant to moisture

3.Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit made by Cellofoam North America Inc

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Garage Door Panel Kit

This kit is our number 3 because is combining traditional polystyrene insulation with the improvement of usability and effectiveness.

This material is the easiest to install having great flexibility which allows it to be bent because the Styrofoam panels use kerfing.

Then EPS boards are easy to cut in the right dimensions using a cutting knife and even easier to just fit in place in the door channels.

You will obtain a very clean and professional look thanks to the white panels that are covered with white vinyl.

These panels will offer great insulation for your garage doors against cold, heat, noise, moist.

With one kit you will be able to insulate a single garage door that is 9 feet, if the dimensions are different you might need another kit to have enough material.

Key features

  • very easy to install
  • has an R-value of 4.8
  • has a vinyl face and will protect against moist


To insulate your garage door very well you do not need a lot of money or to be an expert.

All you need is to choose a good quality insulating kit that will help you make your garage more comfortable.

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