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Camping knives come in many shapes and forms. But the biggest battle is between folding knives and fixed-blade knives. Folding models are typically referred to as “pocket knives” because of their small size and how easy they are to carry around. However, camping sometimes requires a more serious blade that can help you survive in case of the inevitable. This is why fixed-blade models are the way to go when you plan a camping trip. They’re designed to help you survive, not to remain concealed and well-hidden.

The Ka-Bar Camping Fixed-Blade Knives are easily some of the best on the market as they are heavily used in every branch of the military for numerous combat and field-craft chores. Their price definitely shows their quality but they are worth every penny. The length of the blade is 9 inches, the whole knife’s length is 15 inches, and it weighs 16oz.
The HELLE Camping Fixed-Blade Knives are of high-end quality as well and they are almost as good as our first picks. They’re handcrafted in Norway with a lot of care and there’s a long tradition behind each process. The handles are always made from natural materials. The length of the blade is 4.9in and the entire knife’s length is 10in. It also weighs 7oz.
The Boker Camping Fixed-Blade Knives are the shortest ones on this list but their quality is very high as well. They’re excellent for both new and experienced camping lovers and hunters. One of the advantages of this knife is that it also comes with a Tek-Lok. The blade’s length is 3 3/4in and the overall length of the knife is 7 3/4in. Its weight is 9.6oz.

Fixed blades are extremely versatile. You can find models as short as one or two inches, but you can also find extremely large blades ready to cut through a dense area without issues. It’s up to you to get what you need. But you should always be more prepared than you’re expected to be. You never know when something can happen.

Having no moving parts is a great advantage as well. Your fixed-blade knife won’t break if it’s forced a little bit. This makes them last much longer. More than that, you won’t have any hinges to worry about that need regular maintenance. You don’t need to apply oils and other products that are required to keep your pocket knife in a good condition. It’s also easier to clean a fixed blade.

When it comes to length, a fixed-blade knife can offer you anything you need. On the other hand, a pocket knife is usually quite short as it’s important for it to remain hidden. Folding knives do very well in urban environments. However, if you’re a serious hunter or outdoorsman, a fixed-blade knife is the ideal choice.

Fixed-blade knives are great for cutting, digging, splitting, hammering, hunting, food preparation, etc. Just make sure the quality is very good.

How to Choose a Camping Fixed-Blade Knife

Unless you’re dealing with a very unusual case, it’s safe to say that you won’t ever need a knife with a gigantic blade. It’s very inconvenient and it’s sometimes hard to fit into a camping backpack. Take into consideration what you’ll be dealing with on your trip and invest in a knife that can help you with that. While big blades are definitely impressive, you should make sure they’re practical for you.

Another thing to stay very far away from when camping is a knife with a camouflaged handle and sheath. While camping, it’s 100% safe to say that your knife will be all over the place. One moment you’re cutting something and two minutes later you’re splinting some fire starters. If the knife is not easy to see, you might lose it before the camping even starts properly. They might look cool but they’re a very bad idea, especially if you don’t have a spare.

Camping requires you to do a lot of things when you least expect it. You might hit something you shouldn’t while trying to cut some firewood and this can easily break a weak blade. Make sure your blade is high-end quality and is made of the best material possible. Stainless steel is both highly durable and quite lightweight, making it the top choice for many campers. Always opt for rust-resistant knives as the weather won’t be nice on you just because your knife is shiny.

The sheath needs to be very good as well. It should be capable of withstanding even the sharpest blade and easy to use. You shouldn’t spend more than a few short seconds getting your knife in and out of the sheath.

In this article, we’ll talk about Our Top 3 Camping Fixed-Blade Knives.

Comparison Table

Product Name
Easy to Use
Ergonomic Handle
High-End Quality Blade
Made in:
Reduces Fatigue
Handle Length
5 3/4 Inches
4.9 Inches
4 Inches
Blade Length
9 Inches
4.9 Inches
3 3/4 Inches
Knife Weight

1 Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Fixed-Blade Knife


The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Fixed-Blade Knife is high-end quality and its job is to make your life a lot easier when you’re outdoors. These knives are widely used in all branches of the military because of how durable and handy they are. It doesn’t matter what you need to cut, this knife can help you out a lot.

It easily fits in a pocket and you can add it to your belt if you like keeping vital tools around your waist. You can also add this knife to your survival kit wherever you go in case of the inevitable. Its blade is very sharp and you should be able to maintain it that way with a simple knife sharpener.

Becker Knife and Tool Corporation was founded in the early 19080s by Ethan Becker, an avid outdoorsman that loves hunting. The company makes industrial-strength tactical and survival knives that have gone through rigorous real-life outdoors testing before being approved. Ka-Bar is the manufacturer that focuses on researching, designing, and developing superior-quality knives approved by Becker himself.

This knife is made in the U.S.A. and is quite lightweight compared to other camping knives. You can use it in a wide range of combat and field-craft tasks no matter where you are. And if you are an avid hunter, you can definitely add this tool to your hunting kit as it can make your life a lot easier. More than that, you can definitely benefit from this knife’s performance even if you’re only camping with the family. It’s easily one of the best when it comes to making fire-starters.

You will receive the knife and a high-end quality sheath that can help you keep the knife in pristine condition. But anything needed for the occasional maintenance is not included.


The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Fixed-Blade Knife features the well-known Becker trademark ergonomic handle design. It’s very well secured and the only way it can be separated from the blade is if it breaks during extreme chores. Each screw is carefully placed to secure the handle while also not bothering your hand when you’re using it. And when it’s time for cleaning, it can be done with water and soap.

Its ergonomic design ensures that you will be able to maneuver the knife in any way you need to. You will quickly find that it smoothly fits your hand and you can easily start making all kinds of tricks with it. And even when the handle gets slippery, it still offers enough grip to ensure you won’t get hurt. It can be used during rain without any issues.

The blade has the traditional American Bowie style that ensures a superior performance no matter what you’re using it for. Camping will become a lot easier as not even the hardest wood can stand against it. The Combat Bowie is capable of performing at a superior quality for extended periods of time. And more importantly, with a lot less fatigue caused to its user. Your chores can take a lot of time if your hand starts hurting in the middle of it. But these knives ensures a better performance.

Thanks to the MOLLE compatible heavy-duty polyester sheath, your knife will be kept secure and in perfect condition when not in use. You won’t have to worry about the blade cutting something it shouldn’t. And when you’re storing it away, the blade won’t get ruined if it’s not used from time to time. The blade’s length is 9 inches and with the handle, it measures 14-3/4 inches.


  • Easy to Use
  • Weighs 16oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Requires Less Effort
  • Blade Length 9 Inches
  • Knife Length 14-3/4 Inches
  • High-End Quality and Durability
  • Has a 20-Degree Edge Angle


  • Quite Pricey

2 Helle GT Stainless Steel Traditional Field Knife


The Helle GT Stainless Steel Traditional Field Knife is high-quality and can be used for a wide range of camping chores. It’s carefully designed to help you cut, splinter, and even dig when you have to. You can add it to your survival kit but it shines the best while camping. It’s a knife made to cut wood and it’s great for both beginners and expert camping lovers. All you have to do is sharpen it and keep it clean, which is not a lot of maintenance.

Helle is a company founded in 1932 and is very good at making a wide range of knives and tools. Their knives are made with a lot of work and dedication and each model goes through lots of real-life testing before being approved. They only use the best materials possible to ensure superior quality and a very long lifespan. You can trust in their products as they are designed by experts and the company has almost 100 years of experience in making knives.

Thanks to the handmade quality, this knife is guaranteed to be ergonomic and capable of going through more than 45 different manual operations. It’s very lightweight and can be maneuvered even with wet and slippery hands. And if you’re a hunter, this type of knife will definitely catch your attention as it’s specifically classified as an Outdoor Hunting Knife.

Your package will arrive with a knife and a good-quality sheath that will help you keep the knife in excellent condition. It can easily handle the sharp blade and the rest of the bag won’t be affected by it. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the color is brownish and this can be a problem while camping in the fall.


The Helle GT Stainless Steel Traditional Field Knife features a triple-laminated stainless steel blade that is unique to the Helle knives. The blade also has two layers of tough stainless steel (18/8) that can prevent breakage and corrosion. And the high carbon core will provide a superior cutting edge.

Thanks to the dedication each knife is made with, each model has a natural handle made from curly birch wood. Instead of the typical screws, knife handles have, these models are designed with an aluminum finger stop. This ensures that each model has its own unique look that’s been forged by nature. If dropped in water, the handle will help it float as it only weighs 2 ounces.

The length of the handle is 4.9 inches and the length of the blade is 4.8 inches. This is quite big and is not meant to replace your typical pocket knife. The blade is 0.13-inches in thickness, which will allow you to cut through a pretty wide range of objects without getting ruined.

The knife also features a sheath that is made from genuine leather and has a snap design. This model was designed by Gunner Lothe in 1997. Each sheath is tanned in a special way and treated with saddle grease that will offer increased durability and shine.


  • Easy to Use
  • High-End Quality
  • Knife Weighs 7Oz
  • Made from Natural Materials
  • Handle Made from Curly Birch Wood
  • Handle Length 4.9in and Blade Length 4.8in
  • Triple-Laminated Stainless Steel (18/8) Blade


  • A Bit Pricey

3 Boker Plus Bob Knife


The Boker Plus Bob Knife is much smaller and is excellent for campers that need to pack as light and compact as possible. Its blade is made of stainless steel making the knife quite lightweight. And since the handle is very light as well, you don’t have to worry about losing it if you drop it in the water. It will float and you should be able to retrieve it. The entire knife weighs just  9.5oz.

Thanks to the compact construction, you can use it a lot easier for simple tasks. The blade shape is spear point and the edge is plain. It’s important to have the right knife for the job and camping requires a durable and reliable cutting tool. This AUS-8 steel blade can help with splintering and cutting wood for the entire camping trip. Its thickness is 7mm and it’s made to last a long time.

With the 3-D canvas Micarta handle, you will be able to maneuver the knife however you want without much effort. It will also cause less fatigue when performing long and time-consuming tasks. The handle is made to fit perfectly in your hand and to ensure a perfect grip. And the other end of the knife also comes with a slightly shaped form that can be used as a hammer or for similar needs. More than that, the blade grind ensures a balanced cutting performance without reducing the heft.

This knife will also come with a Tek-Lok and a Kydex sheath. Their jobs are to keep the knife secure for long periods of time and within your reach. You’ll be able to store it away for long periods of time without worrying about ruining the blade. The whole knife is “built like a tank”.


  • Easy to Use
  • Great Quality
  • Excellent Blade
  • Canvas Micarta Handle
  • Kydex Sheath and Tek-Lok
  • Knife Weighs Just 9.5 Ounces
  • Blade Length 3 3/4in and Overall Length 7 3/4


  • Pricey


Camping Fixed-Blade Knives are highly recommended for outdoorsmen and hunting enthusiasts. They offer the needed performance in any conditions and won’t break anywhere near as easily as a pocket knife. More than that, they’re a lot more serious and sturdy, which will help in ensuring a very long lifespan. While pocket knives are excellent at being compact and full of extra features, a fixed-blade knife is the way to go if you’re serious about camping. These knives can be used for wood cutting, hunting, food preparation, etc.

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