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The global positioning system was produced by the US state. It consists of 24 satellites orbiting above the earth. The system receives signals from these satellites using them to identify and track the location of the device with an accuracy of several meters in optimal conditions.

Trackers utilize many satellites to exact their device positions via triangulating models. This suggests that the more satellites the gadget can “see,” the more precise it will be in pinpointing positions.

There are several types of such GPS systems


Personal trackers control characters or even pets. Normally, they operate through a private device like a pocket piece or jewelry. After activating the devices, users can identify and track the device remotely.


Alike to personal trackers, asset trackers can be utilized for non-vehicular things. Asset trackers can be anything from a little radio piece to big satellite tags.


Car tracking, made with both cellular or satellite systems, is one of the most popular examples of GPS tracking.

Cell-based vehicle tracking is more familiar than satellite tracking. This method utilizes a tool to obtain data from the car and then reports the information by utilizing cell towers. Correlated to satellite tracking, cell-based vehicle tracking requires less money and reports quicker.


Seldom, cell-based car tracking will not run because cell towers are unavailable. Satellite tracking clarifies this difficulty. Through satellite networks, companies can get updates from even the most distant places!


The ultimate example is phone tracking. Now, some companies use cellphones as a GPS tracker. The method is very easy – after fixing a phone app, the phone utilizes Internet data to register and report its position.

How to choose the Best Truck GPS

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Truck navigation

Even with all of the improvements that have been done in personal GPS operations, truck drivers are disinclined to depend completely on this technology when they’re on the way.

Multiple drivers say that GPS systems are unpredictable and they don’t let them prepare out their plans and route. Plus, general car GPS systems don’t alert drivers about streets where trucks are forbidden or areas of matter for them to stop. However, numerous of the most common GPS bands are coming out with extremely superior GPS systems, excellent for truck drivers.

These systems don’t just provide direction, they do various added jobs to support truck drivers on the street. The goal is for these GPS systems to be the first device for truck drivers so that they don’t have to depend on a paper map.

The most fundamental characteristic of every GPS is detailed mapping. Our GPS is going to show us the directions we need to get and how long it is working to take us. However, some systems give rated combustible prices and enable drivers to prepare routes with stations along the way.

The traffic alerts is a characteristic that almost every GPS has now. A good GPS will give us info about upcoming collisions, buildings, climate, and any other reasons for delay.

Most GPS devices can unite to everything. Many GPS systems will arrive with Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers, hands-free speech control, backup cameras, and connectivity to phones. This means all of our units can operate collectively for us to get the work completed as efficiently as practicable.

Best Truck GPS Features

A great GPS for truck drivers will prepare maps based on streets that are allowed for semi-trucks. All we have to do is set in our truck’s data, including height, weight, length, and load. When the GPS understands this data, it will manage all the trouble of preparing our plan accordingly.

A GPS for truck drivers will arrive stocked with data that just a truck driver would be excited in comprehending. We will own information on repairing assistance, tow help, truck stations, weigh stops, rest depots, and more.

These systems will also provide data about curves, steep approaches, and dangerous streets. Finally, a good GPS for truck drivers will give road aid to make sure we are in the right way to exit.

Combustible is one of the most important investments that a trucker will cover. That is why it’s essential that our GPS can furnish us with data to save combustible and make convinced we aren’t paying too much.

When we plan our route, a good GPS will let us discern where to stop in advance to load up with the most cost-effective combustible. Our GPS can also alert us if we are driving extremely quick or deviating from our prepared route.

Our ELD has to be synchronized with the truck’s motor to comply with the FMCSA’s ELD Mandate. This denotes that our GPS cannot be utilized as our certified ELD.

However, the data that our GPS holds can be utilized to check that the numbers from our ELD are correct. GPS units now can monitor our time of service, driving situation, time of sleep, mileage, and IFTA combustible information.

A lot of GPS devices for truck drivers can also be utilized by a fleet administrator to see the precise position of all of the trucks on the street. This can aid enhance the client’s assistance of the business by providing the administrator to let carriers and receivers know how close their driver is to appear at their target. Administrators can also make sure their operators are on the right route and driving properly.

The SOS button in a GPS tracker is an extremely essential characteristic to watch out for in taking GPS trackers as it could save lives. The driver can press this button when in danger to alert the officials or elected people of the device’s current position, including ways. This particular characteristic has been confirmed significant in emergencies.

TomTom Trucker 620Rand McNally Truck GPS Navigation

Rand McNally TND 540
TomTom Trucker 620
Rand McNally OverDryve 8
Onboard truck navigation yes yes yes
ELD-compatible yes
Hands-free calling/texting
yes yes
Voice assistance (Siri/Google)
yes yes
Bluetooth yes yes yes
Lifetime Maps and live traffic yes yes yes
Satellite radio

Dash camera

Self-facing camera

Built-in speaker
yes yes
Advanced routing
yes yes yes
Lifetime Maps
yes yes yes
Exits quick view
Fuel prices and logs
Service alerts

yes yes
3-D junction view

yes yes
Toll costs

yes yes yes
Address book

RoadWork updates
Fully integrated

WI-FI yes yes yes

Here are the highest-rated GPS devices for truck drivers that are on the market.

1. Best Truck GPS – Rand McNally OverDryve 8

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Rand McNally Truck GPS Navigation

When we think of Rand McNally, probabilities are we first consider physical maps, not navigation GPS. However, the company’s new digital change provides commercial line drivers and normal drivers alike a strong GPS called OverDryve 8.

With its highly precise GPS antenna mount, extended phone integration and easy-to-use interface, is the best overall vehicle GPS. The Rand McNally OverDryve 8 duplicates as a Wi-Fi tablet when separated from its mount.

Thanks to added map updates and traffic warnings for the life of the gadget, we can always have the most up-to-date maps and avoid car collisions or building obstacles during our tour.

The GPS can also give us alternative ways, should we desire to avoid a particular street or just happen to want a more spectacular run. No matter where we’re driving, it tells us the velocity limit of that special path so that we can follow regional traffic rules. It also shows us which road we should be driving in to make our following turns.


As opposed to other systems, while we’re driving, we can turn on the unit’s built-in dash cam to catch a beautiful way journey, or we can always hold it on in case we’re in a collision and need to furnish proof to court or our insurance group. The camera still runs if we remove the unit from the dock, if, for example, we want to document scratches in our car, a flat wheel or anything else important.

This GPS preloads the truck GPS with 10 million points of matter, the most in the industry. These tips add combustible stations, motels, eateries, shops, museums, and other areas, guaranteeing us are never stuck running around aimlessly in an unknown region.

We can also fast add and save our beloved addresses into the system and reach them whenever we want to move there. If we commute requirements to add many stops along the way, we can program them in. It will automatically classify them into order by distance and drive us to each in the most suitable course.

The OverDryve 8 has a fresh, new perspective, though its build is somewhat large compared to the other systems we reviewed. However, it’s the most powerful, accurate and feature-packed device on our comparison.

Despite appearing in a big box full of accessories, which may look a little daunting at the beginning, installation and fixings for the OverDryve 8 is easy and fast. Its interface is well-designed and instinctive, and it’s simple to find whatever selection we’re looking for. The GPS attaches to its mount via magnets, so it’s kept sturdily in position but is also simple to transfer.

It has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD, which makes it simple to see our travel items like upcoming shifts, the lane supervision characteristic and even the velocity limit symbol.

The gadget itself arrives with an intelligent assistant, letting us use our voice for operating, sending messages, creating phone calls and scanning applications.

The GPS operates OverDryve OS, its original platform. One of the bonuses of such a strong native working system is that it allows us all varieties of skills beyond GPS navigation.

Once we separate the gadget from its magnetic mount, we can utilize it as an everyday tablet. It is Wi-Fi able and lets us to capture images as well as download and play music.

The Rand McNally OverDryve 8 is filled with its original OS and all of the premium characteristics we’d expect from a vehicle GPS. It also has powerful battery life and its screen is the most comprehensive, highest-resolution choice on the market.

Its large phone integration keeps us connected while you drive, as it can interact with our phone’s assistant, play music, or call or text a mate.

2.Rand McNally TND 540 Truck GPS

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Next up on our top is a truck-specific navigator, Rand McNally TND 540.

It has been created with characteristics to help streamline the everyday drive and our business. It has a strong system, consisting of a quad-core processor, big storage space and intelligent characteristics.

This is a pretty modern, wifi-compatible gadget with fast updates. As opposed to the first in the top, this Gps has a 5-inch touchscreen.

This little navigator is created with trucks in mind. It connects to wifi to continuously update us on weather states in our area, traffic updates, and combustible costs. We can also use it to maintain track of our combustible, log our hours and compare maps to find the quickest route.

If other units are mounted using a magnet, this navigator fixes to our windshield with an added suction cup mount. It is easy to use, and its display highlights obvious, clear icons to update us at a look without losing our focus on the street. It can guide us through our truck’s native audio system.

The modernity of the TND 540 produces it quicker than just about anything else on the store. It acts much like a computer. It is continuously renewing and with twice the storage place of other systems, so that it will keep information and remember us road favorites. It is also Blue-tooth cooperative to make calls and send messages along the route.

One place this GPS falls out is with the intuitive, user-friendly navigation system of others, but it is still very precise, and will operate excellent for anyone who wastes a lot of time on the road. We would suggest this Rand McNally pilot to any truck proprietor or operator.

3.TomTom Trucker 620

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Tom Tom Trucker 620

This is the single TomTom pilot on our list, but it is one of their best. This modern GPS comes with renewed truck-specific maps, compatibility with Bluetooth, Siri, and Google, and can program-specific courses according to our vehicle. This unit has no wifi connectivity compared to the other two.

Also, in this case, the size of the touchscreen differs, more precisely this unit has a 6-inch LCD witch is clear to read and intuitive.

It was designed for licensed drivers for usage in heavy-duty road trucks. It is smart, quick, and can associate through our smartphone data to prompt updates and assistance.

It mounts to our windshield, and the battery can persist for up to an hour when unplugged, which means that if our truck’s battery stops, we will still be capable to use the unit to make calls or find the nearest assistance stop. Hands-free calls and messages are accessible with Bluetooth, Siri, Google Now or other hands-free methods.

One of the best characteristics of this gadget and missing from other units is that it can be programmed especially for the height and weight of our truck to obtain the perfect route. That means it will plan our combustible stops on the route and help us bypass low permissions. It can also precisely navigate us to the required service and rest locations.

This GPS is ready for a mid-range cost. It does not come with a company’s warranty, but it does come with lifetime plans updates. We would promote it for modern, tech-savvy drivers who will be capable to connect it with their phone or gadget to obtain the most out of its characteristics.

Even with these GPS systems especially for truck drivers, it is still suggested that all drivers have a real map with them on all occasions. Technology is becoming better every day but still can’t be 100% granted. Systems break, run out of battery, etc. However, these GPS units should operate most of the time and enable us to be able to work our truck as efficiently as practicable.

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