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Sadly, not enough people care enough about their vehicle’s headlights. They’re one of the most important components of a car and their job is to keep you safe and seen.

You’re three times more likely to get into an accident while driving during the night than during the day. This is because it’s very hard to see another car on the road, especially if it’s black. White and bright-colored vehicles have the smallest chance of collision.

A lamp attached to the front of a car that can light the road ahead is called a headlamp. Although they’re also known as headlights, headlamp is the right term for the device itself. The headlight refers to the beam of light produced by the headlamp.

The main purpose of your car’s headlights is to illuminate the road and enhance safe driving. They are a very important vehicle component that ensures your road visibility during low light conditions. You’ll also need official approval for them and any tampering is illegal.

Most vehicles available today use halogen headlight bulbs. This is because of how inexpensive they can be to manufacture. They do a decent job, however, more and more car manufacturers start equipping their vehicles with LED headlights instead.

LED lights are much more bright, efficient, and long-lasting than the halogen ones. However, they also come with a higher price tag. This is why some people opt to keep using halogen lights that redeem themselves by having a very low price.

The difference between halogen lights and LEDs is not only their brightness levels but also their lifespan. A halogen light can last up to 1,000 hours while some LEDs can last even 50,000 hours.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs – Why?

LED lights are slowly but surely becoming the future of lighting. This is thanks to the fact that it consumes 90% less energy, uses no toxic chemicals, and is 100% recyclable.

Using LEDs will also save you a lot of money in the long run, as they’re much more energy-efficient than any other source. Since our planet will soon be in a critical state, we need an environmentally safe and reliable lighting option.

After being around for a long time, LEDs have greatly evolved and expanded everywhere. Now, they’re providing higher quality at a lower cost lighting solution in both commercial and residential environments.

A conventional incandescent bulb costs $1, requires 60W, and lasts for up to 1,200 hours. And if you need brighter ones, they last less than 1,000 hours. LEDs, on the other hand, cost $8, require 10W, and can last at least 25,000 hours. A high-quality one can even last more than 50,000 hours.

Their environmentally-friendly features make them a must-have for anyone that tries to go as green as possible. They also operate at a much lower temperature, which makes them cool to the touch.

You also won’t need to pay for frequent light maintenance anymore. LEDs produce no mercury and no UV rays and reduce eye strain and headaches.

The reason why LEDs are more expensive is that they use an actual circuit board to operate, and are made of electronic components. Unlike conventional bulbs, a LED could be considered an actual electronic device.

After becoming more popular, their price already started to decline. As the LED adoption rate increases, the prices will go down more and more. The energy and replacement cost savings redeem them in a short period of time.

What Are LED Headlights

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LED Headlights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) work differently than halogen headlights because they don’t have a filament. And while they’ve been around for almost 50 years, their ability to produce white light increased their popularity.

LEDs have always been more energy-efficient, but only recently we were able to make them powerful enough for other uses. Now, they’re almost everywhere. You can purchase vehicles, lamps, strips, and cables, etc. One LED bulb can do the work of 25 incandescent bulbs.

When an electric current passes through a semiconductor to another, it creates white light. Electrons can only move in one direction, and as they move from a place to another they lose energy. This action creates photons which then result in light.

This process of producing light is called electroluminescence. And the more energy the electrons lose while moving, the more photons (light) are created. The fact that they need very little energy to power them and that they don’t heat up makes them the most efficient headlights.

Halogen lights last between 500-1,000 hours, and if you want brighter bulbs, they last even less. LEDs, on the other hand, easily last 20,000 hours and the better the quality, the more they last. You can even purchase LED headlights that last more than 50,000 hours.

Compared to halogen headlight bulbs, LEDs are also larger. This is due to the extra heat sinks and fans they need. They also work at a lower voltage than typical halogen lights.

LEDs are also much brighter than halogen lights. This is why you must be careful when using them when there’s an oncoming car. If you won’t dim them down you will risk blinding the other vehicle’s driver and cause an accident.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs Buying Tips

Best LED Headlight Bulbs Buying Tips

Since LEDs took the automotive world by storm, a lot of people feel lost when it comes to purchasing them. So let’s take a moment and talk about what should you take into consideration when shopping for them.

The first thing that you should know is that unlike halogen headlights, LEDs can be a lot harder to install. Professionals and DIY lovers have this part covered. But if you’re not too familiar with headlight installing, you should know you might need to spend money on installing them as well.

Installing doesn’t cost much but you should be ready to spend a little on them. The good news is that every single dime will be worth it. Most LEDs can last up to 20 years, which is as long-lasting as your car. They also don’t require any maintenance or replacements so you can exclude any additional costs.

Now, the main reason people decide to use LED headlights is because of their brightness levels. A halogen headlight falls below 3,000 lumens combined (both bulbs). While LEDs can be between 8,000-12,000 lumen range.

Due to how bright they can be, many states have strict laws against the use of LEDs over a certain lumen range. This means you should inform yourself about your local laws.

After that, you need to realize that there are different types of LED bulbs that can be used for different cars. This is because some cars use very different headlight types than others.

Some vehicles use a single beam system that contains two bulbs per headlight. On the other hand, other cars use a dual beam system that has one individual bulb for both functions. You’ll need to check your owner’s manual before purchasing any LEDs.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs – LED Chip Types

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Best LED Headlight Bulbs

Another important thing to consider is the chip type, as it’s one of the most crucial parts of a LED. A good chip will help maximize its life span and efficiency. The most popular chips are SMD, COB, and ETI FC.

SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)

This chip is standalone that can be placed on a ceramic base. Their advantage is that they are capable of safely holding 3 different diodes on the same chip. In simpler terms, they can hold 3 semiconductors that let the current flow in one direction.

With this, you can benefit from almost any color combination just by adjusting each diode’s output level. However, it does have a drawback. SMD chips need individual circuits for each diode. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of the system failing.

COB (Click-On-Board)

This chip type has some features that are similar to the SMD chips. They can also support more than 2 diodes on one single chip. However, while SMD chips need a circuit for each diode, COB chips use a single circuit design. This makes it much more simple and has lower failure risks.

But it does have its own downsize too. COB chips can’t create various different color combinations like the SMD chips. This is because the chip needs multiple connections to be able to adjust the individual light levels.

ETI FC (Flip-Chip)

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This is the third, and final type of chip, which is a newly invented tech. It has a unique feature that mounts the diode upside down. This shortens the process of manufacturing and increases the rate of heat dissipation.

COB chips need heat to bypass the GaAs (gallium arsenide) and the substrate (the base material) to produce light. On the other hand, the ETI FC chips are capable of completely bypassing both of them. This means that there won’t be any need for a heat sink anymore.

Thanks to its short manufacturing process and its ability to work optimally without a heat sink, the LEDs with an ETI FC chip are the most wanted ones.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best LED Headlight Bulbs on the market.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs – Comparison Table

Product NameAUSIFahrenCougar MotorTorchbeam T2Sealight
True Plug-And-PlayYesYesYesYesYes
Smart CoreYesYesNoNoNo
50,000h LifespanYesYesYesYesYes
Compatibility97% 98%95%90%90%
Intelligent CoolingYesYesNoNoNo
Turbo FanYesYesYesYesYes
Temperature Resistance-40F-240F-49F-302F-40F-176F-40F-170F-40F-170F
ChipCSPETI FCMulticore-Eutectic CREE  

AUSI 9005 and H11 Headlight Bulbs Combo Kit

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AUSI 9005 and H11 Headlight Bulbs Combo Kit

The AUSI 9005 and H11 Headlight Bulbs Combo Kit are DOT-FMVSS-108 and ECE certified. This ensures your safety while driving with a flawless set of LEDs.

They’re brighter than conventional halogen bulbs but won’t blind the oncoming vehicles. You’ll also benefit from no dark spots or shadowed areas. Its 6000K cool white light is 220% brighter than any halogen or xenon headlight.

Thanks to the smart core, the LEDs have an extended lifespan. It has a built-in drive integrated design that controls the temperature. The anti-interference integrated circuit can keep the bulb’s temperature under 176F.

With the high-quality heat sink aluminum and 12,000 RPM powerful turbo cooling fan, you can benefit from optimal performance. These LED Headlights offer over 50,000 hours of light. They’re also very durable and are a great choice for trucks that frequent harsh roads.

The AUSI 9005 and H11 Headlight Bulbs Combo Kit has a True Plug-N-Play feature. This means that it can perfectly fit your vehicle and can be plugged directly into the OEM sockets.

You can use this LED kit on 97% of all vehicles because it’s only 0,76 inches. And most OEM headlight dust covers need a special design.

This LED kit’s voltage is 10V-30V and has a power of 60W per set (30W per bulb). Its high beam is 9005 and the low beam H8/H9/H11. The beam’s angle is 360 degrees and the LEDs are waterproof.

With their -40F – 240F temperature resistance, you won’t ever have any heat or cold problems with the LEDs.

Thanks to its wide adaptation voltage, this kit is perfect for various models. This includes SUVs, VANs, ATVs, Trucks, Pickups, Forklifts, Buses, Wagons, etc.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs


  • Easy To Install
  • Lasts More Than 50,000 Hours
  • Top CSP Chip
  • Smart Core
  • True Plug-N-Play
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Can Be Used On 97% Of Vehicles
  • Intelligent Constant Cooling Fan System
  • Has A -40F – 240F Temperature Resistance


  • The installing instructions are slightly hard to understand.

Fahren Lumens Super Bright Waterproof LED Headlights

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Fahren Lumens Super Bright Waterproof LED Headlights

The Fahren Lumens Super Bright Waterproof LED Headlights are 300% more bright than halogen headlights. It features a Top Automotive-Grade LED chip with 60W, 10LM per pair, and 6500K cool white light.

The 1.2mm ultra-slim design offers an extra focused light beam pattern and provides a wider and farther lighting range. You’ll also benefit from a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Thanks to its whole aviation aluminum body and hallow-carved heat sink, the LED won’t ever overheat. The 12,000 RPM turbo cool fan offers a super cooling ability.

With its simple Plug-N-Play installation design, you can install them by yourself in just 10 minutes. It’s made to perfectly fit your housing and sockets without needing any modifications.

The Fahren Lumens Super Bright Waterproof LED Headlights are CanBus-Ready and work on 98% of vehicles. However, for any sensitive cars like the newer Volvo, Jeep, Dodge, or a few European vehicles, you may need an additional decoder or an anti-flick harness.

This All-in-one Conversion Kit is super brights, works at 60W and produces 10,000LM per pair. It also has a perfect beam pattern with no dark spots or foggy lights. You’ll also be able to use them without blinding any oncoming vehicles.

Thanks to the Adjustable Beam, these LEDs adopt a 360-degree adjustable locker ring. This will ensure the best beam pattern possible. This Kit is also very durable, waterproof, and dustproof.

With their -49F – 302F temperature resistance, you’ll be able to enjoy these LEDs without any heat or cold problems. The built-in smart IC provides the best temperature protection and optimal headlight performance.

You’ll be able to equip your truck with these LEDs even if you frequent rough roads, thanks to their durability.


  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Automotive-Grade LED Chip
  • Have A 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Whole Aviation Aluminum Body
  • Hallow-Carved Heat Sink
  • Great Cooling System
  • Built-In Smart IC
  • Plug-N-Play
  • CanBus-Ready
  • Have A -49F – 302F Temperature Resistance


  • The Anti-Flick harness might be hard to obtain from the company.

Cougar Motor X-Small LED Headlight Bulbs

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Cougar Motor X-Small LED Headlight Bulbs

The Cougar Motor X-Small LED Headlight Bulbs is only 30mm in diameter. It’s a combination kit with 9005 + 9006 (2 pairs) and Ultra-Thin fan base. This is ideal for original dust caps and compact clearance.

Cougar Motor is a high-end lightning automotive products manufacturers, founded in 2006 in California. They focus on making various LED models. And with a dual-sided SMT construction, they offer a highly-precise light beam.

During installation, you won’t need to do any cutting or modifications. This kit features a True Plug-N-Play simple installation process. You’ll be able to install it by yourself in as little as 10 minutes.

Thanks to their superior multicore-eutectic CREE chips, the LEDs are extra bright. They can provide 10,000LM per pair, high output, and provide optimal performance.

With their high-end 6500K cool white color, you’ll benefit from a clear vision. This is also because their accurate beam patterns achieve maximum visibility. It’s very safe for nighttime driving as it has no scatter or glare to other drivers.

The Cougar Motor X-Small LED Headlight Bulbs are CanBus-Ready and are compatible with 95% of vehicles. If they do flicker when installed, you’ll have to contact the company and request an anti-flick harness.

Thanks to their Dual Ball Fan that accelerates air cooling, their lifespan is greatly increased. The rugged aircraft aluminum housing offers a 50K hour lifespan. These are slim but very strong LEDs.

With their -40F – 176F temperature resistance, you can enjoy these LEDs without any problems. And above all this, their durability and strength allow you to install it on your truck as well. They’ll be able to withstand any rugged roads you might drive on.


  • Easy To Install
  • Durable
  • Has A -40F – 176F Temperature Resistance
  • Multicore-Eutectic CREE Chip
  • Works On 95% Of Vehicles
  • Dual Ball Fan
  • True Plug-N-Play
  • CanBus-Ready
  • Has A 50,000 Hour Lifespan


  • Not Recommended For A Jeep

Torchbeam T2 High Beam/Low Beam LED Headlight Bulb Kit

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Torchbeam T2 High Beam/Low

The Torchbeam T2 High Beam/Low Beam LED Headlight Kit offers 200% more brightness than conventional halogen headlights. And the 6500K daylight optics increase your visibility levels during nighttime driving.

Thanks to the Non-Polarity True Plug-N-Play design, you’ll be able to install the LEDs in under 10 minutes. You won’t need any tool to cut or modify them in any way. Just plug into your housing and connect to the factory sockets.

You’ll also be able to use them without blinding any oncoming cars. The T2 offers a superior lighting experience with no glare from other drivers.

With the high-tech turbofan that works at 10,000 RPM, the LEDs have a very efficient cooling system. The effective and efficient heat dissipation provides up to 50% better cooling than the headlights without fans.

Due to the Torchbeam T2 High Beam/Low Beam LED Headlight Kit’s rigorous durability tests, you’ll benefit from over 50,00 hours of illumination.

This Kit managed to eliminate the usual flickering problems and radio interference. It also features a non-integrated driver for extra reliability and can perform optimally in any weather condition.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs


  • Easy To Install
  • Non-Polarity True Plug-N-Play
  • Very Efficient Cooling System
  • Has A 50,000-Hour Lifespan
  • Non-Integrated Driver
  • No Dark Spots
  • Doesn’t Blind Oncoming Traffic
  • No Glare


  • You might not be able to tell the high beam and low beam apart.

Sealight H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

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Best LED Headlight Bulbs Sealight

The Sealight H4 LED Headlight Bulbs offer superior visibility thanks to the 12,000LM per pair. This way you’ll benefit from 300% light than typical halogen lights. Then you’ll be seen and kept safe during nighttime driving.

Thanks to the durable headlight bulbs, you can enhance your truck’s lighting as well. Their durability makes them perfect for vehicles that often frequent rugged roads.

The S3 Headlight Bulb Series are designed to last longer and offer a higher light-intensity level. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy over 50,000 hours of optimal illumination.

It has a highly-effective heat dissipation system and a built-in 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fan. This ensures that the bulbs won’t ever overheat and the headlights will always perform at their optimum capabilities.

With this perfect beam pattern that’s been built to adhere to safety regulations, you won’t blind the oncoming traffic.

Thanks to its easy installing process, you can skip the installation costs and do it yourself in just a few minutes. This is thanks to the Non-Polarity True Plug-N-Play design. You won’t need any extra tools or wiring to cut or modify the LEDs in any way.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs


  • Easy To Install
  • No Glare
  • Don’t Blind Oncoming Traffic
  • No Black Spots
  • Has A 50,000-Hour Lifespan
  • Non-Polarity True Plug-N-Play Design
  • Built-In 12,000 RPM Turbo Cooling Fan


  • Pricey


While LEDs do come with a higher price tag, they’re worth every single dime in the long run. You can use them for more than 20 years and they’re much brighter than conventional halogen headlights.

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