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Cars get faster and faster every year and almost any eligible person owns one. This means that we drive a lot more than we ever did and the dangers are bigger as well. One of the most dangerous problems is the blind spots that cause hundreds of thousands of accidents per year, in the United States alone. This convinced most frequent drivers to invest in blind spot detection systems.

Driving without paying attention to your car’s blind spots can be very dangerous. And the sad truth is that any car has more or fewer blind spots, and it’s the driver’s job to always be vigilant. In a court battle, the driver that carelessly got into your blind spot is to blame. But no matter who ends up paying for the damage, the biggest price is paid by the victims.

Best Blind Spot Detection System

A blind spot is any area around your vehicle that you can’s see clearly while you’re behind the wheel. Even with all the mirrors properly adjusted, you’ll still have a hard time seeing some sneaky vehicles. And this can be a very big problem when you’re on the highway and you’re trying to change lanes.

Blind spots can cause you to push another vehicle onto the oncoming traffic or off-road if you change lanes at the wrong time. That’s why keeping the designated distance between vehicles is so important. But blind spots cause a lot of problems when you’re trying to back out of a parking space as well.

When backing up you might not see other vehicles, people, small children, or animals. Up to 5 children, a year lose their lives in the U.S. because of rear blind spots.

Best Blind Spot Detection System – What is this?

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Best Blind Spot Detection System

Since blind spots can be very dangerous, especially for tired drivers, most new vehicles already feature some type of blind spot detection system. High-end cars have already been having these systems for a while. Their job is to detect your vehicle’s blind spots and alert you when something or someone gets too close.

There are two types of blind spot detection systems, passive and active. The passive ones are the most affordable and simplistic ones. They’re small mirrors that can be mounted on the corner of your already-existing mirrors and broaden your field of view.

The problem with them is that they don’t increase your field of you as much as you need. However, they’re a great addition to your vehicle if you hate all the complications that come with electronic car gadgets. But you should still keep in mind that their placement is crucial. So you might want to consider taking them to a professional for installation.

Now let’s talk about the most popular and effective one, the active blind spot detection system. They’re much more technologically advanced and they also come with a stingy price. However, they’re more effective and accurate than the mirrors. Plus, they don’t force you to focus on a million places as they monitor every inch around your vehicle.

Active blind spot detection systems use different types of electronic detection devices. And you can mount them on both sides of your vehicle. To increase their efficiency, it’s best if you’re installing them near the outer rear-view mirrors, or around the rear bumpers. This will help them detect the rear and side blind spots more accurately.

Best Blind Spot Detection System – How to choose it

Best Blind Spot Detection System

The blind spot detection systems can use various devices that send electronic electromagnetic waves. Usually, they’re in the radar wavelengths, and high-end vehicles use microwave sensors. They’re the most convenient type of detection system as they do the whole job and then alert you.

These systems continuously monitor the area around your vehicle and allow you to focus on the road ahead. And when another vehicle gets too close, they use either visual or audible alerts to warn you. For maximum effectiveness, most systems use both warning types.

All good systems with visual warnings feature LED lights installed in the driver’s peripheral vision. The closer another vehicle gets, the more frequent the warnings get. This will allow you to notice in time if there are any children right behind your vehicle when you’re backing up. Some models will even allow you to choose the color of the lights.

The downside of these systems is that they can send a lot of false alerts. This is why it’s important to have a feature that turns the system off when you’re driving beneath a specific speed limit. Most systems stop when you’re driving slower than 20 miles per hour. This will stop the system from sending false alerts when you’re stuck in traffic.

If you’d like to avoid the annoying flashes of light and sounds, you can opt for a system that uses a digital camera. These systems work similarly to a dash cam. They take computer-processed images and send them to you. This will help you decide by yourself if the danger is serious or not.

In this article, we’ll talk about our Top 3 Favorite Blind Spot Detection Systems.

Best Blind Spot Detection System – Comparison Table

Product NameRydeen BSS1Radar-Based SensorBOYO Vision VTBSD2
ImageRydeen BSS1Radar-Based SensorBOYO Vision
Visual AlertsYesYesYes
Audible AlertsYesYesYes
Microwave RadarYesYesYes

1 Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

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Best Blind Spot Detection System - Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

The first one on our Best Blind Spot Detection System Top 3, is the Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System. It’s one of the highest-quality blind spot detection systems on the market. It’s specifically designed to continuously monitor the blind spots around your vehicle and alarm you if something gets too close.

Rydeen is an electronics company that focuses on researching, designing, and developing high-quality blind spot detection sensors. And this is one of the best models they ever put out. The company will also offer lifetime customer support and happily replace any defective parts within the warranty period.

Thanks to the blind spot sensor’s compact design, you can have it installed without ruining your car’s look. They’re most effective if they’re carefully installed near your rear-view mirrors or the rear bumpers. This will allow them to work efficiently and accurately. Otherwise, there might be some slight interference that may cause various false alarms.

With the durable and long-lasting design, these blind spot sensors can work optimally even in the middle of a harsh winter. The range might decrease a little bit but the sensors will still detect any near vehicles even through pouring rain and harsh snow. The fog won’t be a problem either. It was designed with any weather conditions in mind.

When it comes to installation, this system is far superior to the other sensors on the market. Generally, to install such a system you need to remove the bumpers. But this model allows you to easily install it anywhere you want without any tools or drilling.

The easy installation makes it ideal for any type of vehicle on the market. You can mount it on vehicles with still-bodies, as well as pickup trucks, and other vehicles with similar backs.


Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

The Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System features a high-accuracy digital microwave radar technology. This is the latest type of blind spot detection sensor on the market and is only found in high-end vehicles. This includes some of the newest models of BMW available.

Its new technology makes it much more accurate than most sensors. This will greatly decrease the number of false alerts you’ll get on the road. And its easy installation makes it not applicable to metal bumpers. This will ease the whole installation process and save you the money you would’ve spent on professional installation.

You will also benefit from two color options for the LED indicators for visual alerts. This will allow you to choose the ideal color that won’t distract you from the road while it’s warning you. Being annoyed by the flashing LED lights can do more harm than good.

Thanks to the buzzer speaker, you will also receive loud and clear audible alerts. They start very softly at first, and they slightly increase the intensity when ignored. And if it detects a vehicle heading to you at high speed, it will turn on its critical alarming system to get your attention as fast as possible.

With the included GPS antenna, the system can monitor the speed of your vehicle. This will allow it to immediately stop sending alerts when you drive slower than 20 miles per hour. You can also change the minimum speed and set it at the speed you need it.

Besides monitoring the blind spots from both sides of your vehicle, this system is also equipped with cross-traffic alerts while reversing. This is the feature that monitors your rear blind spots when you’re backing out of a parking space.


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • High-End Technology
  • High-End Quality
  • Highly Accurate
  • Long-Lasting
  • Durable
  • Two LED Color Options
  • Works Through Any Weather
  • Buzzer Speaker for Audible Alerts
  • Has a GPS Antenna For Speed Sensing
  • Digital Microwave Radar Technology
  • Cross-Traffic Alert While Reversing


  • This system operates in the same 25 GHz band that the police K-band speed radars operate in. Radar detectors that don’t recognize the BSS1’s “signature” may be set off by it.

2 Radar-Based Blind Spot Sensor

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Radar-Based Blind Spot Sensor

The second one on our Best Blind Spot Detection System Top 3, is a Radar-Based Blind Spot Sensor. It operates at a frequency of 24 – 24.2 GHz and a refresh frequency of 26 GHz. You can confidently use it at temperatures between -40F and 194F. This makes it perfect for any region you live in and it guarantees an optimal performance.

Thanks to its compact and simple design, you can easily stick the two sensors on the vehicle’s front pillars, one on each side. This will maximize its efficiency and provide you with optimal and accurate performance. When not in use, it’s recommended to store the product at a temperature between -49F and 221F.

With its simple installation, you can mount the sensors on your vehicle without destructing anything, and without the need for tools or drilling. And their small design will make the sensors almost unseen. You can fix them by using glass glue and hot melt adhesive.

While a few people would love an OBDII connector, they’re very hard to be properly engineered without causing any problems. This is why this system keeps itself absolutely independent to avoid any potential CANBUS issues. This will ensure that the system will work perfectly without any failures.

Thanks to the big detection coverage, the system can monitor a side blind spot up to 10 feet, and the rear blind spot up to 80 feet. This will give the system enough time to determine any dangers and alert you. It will also provide you with enough time to avoid any collisions.

You can also install the sensors outside and they will work just as well in any weather condition. Its waterproof level is IP6K7K, which is enough to withstand the pouring rain and any snowy and foggy conditions.


Radar-Based Blind Spot Sensor

The Radar-Based Blind Spot Sensor is also equipped with LCA (Lane Change Assist). This function continuously monitors the blind spots from either side of your vehicle. And when you’re trying to change your lane, it alarms you if there’s another vehicle that you might hit in your way.

Another great function is the Rear-Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). This one is focusing on the blind spots from the rear part of your vehicle. And its job is to alert you if there’s another vehicle coming when you’re trying to back out of a parking spot. It will also alert you if a child runs behind your vehicle.

And to make overtaking a vehicle easier, especially for new drivers, this system is also offering AOTA (Active Overtake Alert). When the system realizes you’re about to overtake another car, it will accelerate your vehicle for a much safer process.

Thanks to the automotive-grade design, it can offer great performance in any situation. It also has a two-level warning, such as a LED indicator and a speaker for visual and audible alerts. This will increase the chances of you noticing the danger in time.

With its high-quality sensor, it can offer accurate detection and processing. This will greatly reduce false alarms, and it also has a lane range control which will not detect a third lane to confuse the system.

You also won’t have to automatically turn on the system every time you get in your car. The system will automatically turn on when your speed is greater than 15 miles per hour.

It’s also designed without a GPS as it has a sensor equipped with algorithmic that can get the accurate speed by itself.


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Highly-Accurate
  • High-Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Target Tracking
  • No CANBUS Issues
  • Speed Control
  • Lane Range Control
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Rear-Cross Traffic Alert
  • Active Overtake Alert
  • Visual and Audible Alerts
  • Great Performance in All Weather Conditions
  • Sensor Equipped With Algorithmics to Calculate Speed


  • Slightly Pricey

3 BOYO Vision VTBSD2

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The last one on our Best Blind Spot Detection System Top 3, is the BOYO Vision VTBSD2. It has 2 compact microwave radar sensors that can continuously monitor your vehicle’s blind spots. It can work in most harsh weather conditions and has a fairly low rate of false alarms

Thanks to its good quality design, it can also work through rainy, snowy, and even foggy conditions. But like any sensor, its range decreases a little bit when driving through busy cities. Otherwise, it has a 9.8ft width detection range from both sides of the car.

With the two blind spot indicator lights and alert buzzer, you will be warned both visually and audibly. When another vehicle is approaching, the two LED lights will flash more and more as the vehicle gets closer.

And to detect the vehicle’s speed, the system also comes with a GPS module. This will help it know when you’re driving slower than 15 miles per hour so it can shut off.


  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Design
  • Microwave Radar Sensors
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Blind Spot Audible Alert Buzzer
  • GPS Vehicle Speed-Detection Module
  • Has a Detection Range of up to 9.8ft From the Sides


  • Might Require Professional Installation
  • It Doesn’t Have Many Features


Choosing the ideal blind spot detection system can be a little bit tricky at first. And this is why we put together this list that is meant to help you choose more accurately based on your needs. If you’re looking for the best one on the market, you can give the first one a chance. And if you want more functions, try the second one. But if you only need a second pair of eyes at an affordable price, give the third one a try.

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