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Toyo Tires is a Japanese company that has started manufacturing and marketing rubber and tires in 1945.

In 1966 this company became the first manufacturer from Japan that has established a branch in the USA and in 1980 they were already manufacturing tires in the USA.

They have earned a name for themselves and became leaders in the tuner market and applications for dynamic tire and fitments.

Since 1990 they have made significant developments and designed innovative products in these areas with products that were not available on the market like tires of high performance with a larger rim diameter and a low profile.

They were the first to introduce on the market for passenger cars the 18inch tire size followed by the 26, 28 and 30 inches specially designed for tuned compact sports cars.

Toyo Tires were the first to introduce the first sport truck tire that was load-rated properly making them the leading manufacturer on the market for sport trucks (SUV, light trucks).

Introducing the Proxes S/T and Proxes ST II lines they have developed tremendously the light truck customization market offering tire packages with larger wheels for SUV and light trucks.

In 2003 they have expanded to the off-road vehicle market introducing the Open Country M/T tires that are designed especially for customized trucks having an aggressive look, exceptional handling off-road, longer tread life ensuring a quiet and smooth ride on the highway.

As a new addition to their already impressive portfolio, they created a special line of tires specially designed for high-performance luxury cars named Versado LX.

The Versado LX tires are the first luxury touring line of tires and thanks to high performances and quality they have increased even more the Toyo Tires reputation as a brand of high performance and excellent quality products.

Toyo tires owns state-of-the-art tire facilities, equipped with the latest equipment for manufacturing that uses the most advanced automated manufacturing systems and technologies.

They produce high performance and excellent quality tires for 4×4 / SUV, MPV and passenger cars.

Why choosing Toyo Winter Tires?

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The ice road from Inuvik to Aklavik on the MacKenzie River (East Branch). credit: Mady MacDonald / Shutterstock

If you are still wondering what are the advantages of equipping your car with Toyo tires then we can shed a bit of light on this matter.

It is important to use on your vehicle original equipment tires because they are fitted by the vehicle’s manufacturers considering the best compatibility which ensures the highest performances of your car.

Toyo is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many prestigious car-manufacturers as Audi, Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, Infiniti, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Scion.

As a leader in the global market for tire manufacturing, this company integrates a unique state of the art technologies as Nano Balance Technology, Toyo Silent Technology, Mobility Aerodynamic Technology.

The Nano Balance Technology is used in the manufacturing of Toyo tires to increase fuel-efficiency thanks to higher levels of braking performance and rolling resistance.

These excellent results and performances are achieved with the help of a new tire manufacturing process that uses nano pressing technology that ensures high-control at nano-levels over the design of rubber materials.

Using Advanced Tyre Operation Mode (ATOM) they have excellent control over the quality of the mass production of tires producing only premium quality tires.

The new Silent Technology used by Toyo reduces effectively the resonance from the tire cavities decreasing this way the transmission of sounds from tires to vehicle.

With the help of the Mobility Aerodynamic Technology, the researchers from Toyo are measuring the influences of the discontinuous tire patterns on tire rotation designing this more fuel-efficient way tires.

Toyo tires have a wide range of products starting from the Proxes line of tires designed for high-performance sedans, sporty coupes and continuing with premium all-road and all-terrain tires designed for SUV and light trucks.

Toyo Winter Tires Features

Toyo tires are recognized for their high viability and quality integrating silica compounds in rubber and new multi-wave sipe design that ensures a high-performance, secure and safe experience driving on any type of surface.

Using tread zones with multiple compounds Toyo tires have integrated outboard compounds for enhanced cornering performances and inboard compounds for optimized and more responsive braking.

By choosing Toyo tires for your vehicle you will have handling prowess, optimal grip and absolute control over your vehicle on different surfaces ensuring you an absolute safe premium driving experience.

Each Toyo tire line has specific features incorporated that are specially designed to ensure excellent performances for vehicles from a specific class.

We will present in this article some lines of tires from Toyo that are very appreciated and that excel in their class thanks to the impressive features incorporated.

1.Toyo Winter Tires – Open Country WLT1

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Open Country

Toyo Open Country is a line of tires developed by Toyo for winter use for import and domestic vehicles that can ensure high-performances in a wide variety of conditions.

The Open Country WLT1 tires are unique thanks to the specific features designed to provide excellent winter performances for SUV and light trucks in very demanding winter road conditions.

The requirements for load-carrying commercial vehicles are different from the normal average vehicles.

This line of tires addresses these special needs by incorporating features like high-load resistance, aggressive design for extra tough winter conditions.

Having a new profile design ensures improved traction on snow and ice combined with a longer wear life that will make these tires a perfect fit for your demanding needs in extreme winter conditions.

The advanced technology used by Toyo improves traction on snow and ice, not like many other tires that are designed to excel in just one of these categories.

This winter tire line performs excellently in all winter conditions being all-around winter tires with increased traction on all surfaces like ice, slush, snow or on any other slippery surface.

This tire incorporates in its design many leading technologies that ensure improved ice performances thanks to the new design that has an increased sipes density.

These slides in the block of the tire tread will increase the edge biting effect allowing this way a more efficient evacuation of water from the tire surface.


Toyo Winter Tire Open Country WLT1

The WLT1 tire’s sipes are strategically placed in a wave pattern longitudinally using the Toyo Wave Sipe Technology which increases the edge length that ensures increased grip.

Thanks to this new incredible technology the rigidity of the tread blocks is increased because the waves bump into each other reducing the amount of squirm coming with siped tires.

This strategic design in treads is obtained by using a supercomputer technology which added wider and deeper grooves to ensure better evacuation of slush and snow and to increase traction.

The outside of the tread straight sipe and dimple design will improve the wandering resistance for increased deep snow traction.

Having self-cleaning pockets will clear the snow as the tire rotates ensuring every time maximum grip.

With characteristics like advanced tread design and deeper tread depth will ensure a longer wear life.

The wider tread footprint will ensure better stability while driving and increased overall performance.

With the angled tread block at a specific angle, these tires have maximum grip when you accelerate and brake.

The tread design was optimized by off-seating the tread blocks minimizing this was the road noise and making the ride more comfortable.

Including the 10 plies, advanced construction and the high-rigidity sidewalls rubber compounds the Open Country WLT1 tires are made to face the worse winter road conditions.


  • high-quality
  • maximum grip on any kind of surfaces
  • all-around winter tire
  • new tread blocks and sipes design
  • uses the Toyo Wave Sipe Technology
  • specifically designed for SUV’s and light trucks
  • specially designed for load-carrying commercial vehicles


  • available only for SUV’s and trucks


This amazing new design allows Open Country WLT1 tires to cut into the snow and bite into the slippery surfaces for a maximum grip in tough loaded conditions making these tires the toughest winter tires on the market.

2. Toyo Observe GSi-5 Winter Tires

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Observe GSi-5

The new Toyo Observe GSi-5 tires are specifically designed and tested for winter conditions to cover a variety of size ranges for different applications and vehicles from passenger cars, light trucks, vans, and SUV.

These tires will ensure a safe and secure winter driving and performance in all winter conditions no matter if it’s snow, slush, ice or slippery roads.

Incorporating high-end technology these tires have seriously improved traction on all kinds of surfaces even for heavy load vehicles.

With added innovations, these tires will improve your safety and ride enjoyment while at the same time contributes to environmental protection due to the minimized impact on the environment these products have.

With several industries leading advancements incorporated in the new design of these tires like the larger tread footprint design that maximizes grip.

The First edge sipe technology included in these tire’s design has shallow sipes integrated that ensure initial traction and all directions braking on snow and ice surfaces when the tire is new.

The large tread blocks with saw-tooth edges increase traction on slushy and snowy surfaces when accelerating or braking.

Integrating snow-claw technology will have stiffened block stability and increased traction on snow.


Toyo Observe GSi-5 Winter tire

For increased ice performances Toyo Observe GSi-5 tires have an increased sipes density throughout the whole surface of the tires and thanks to the multi waves sipe technology the rigidity of the blocks is higher and along with the spider, sipes provide better grip when accelerating, cornering or braking.

The continuous center rib ensures better straight-lines stability while the claw edges will increase the slush and snow traction.

Having a swim and wave sipe incorporated in the center rib these tires will have an increased all direction edge effect on ice surfaces.

Another great feature incorporated in the tread shoulder area of the Toyo Observe GSi-5 tires is the new AiroLift Technology that helps to propel the vehicle through these conditions.

One of the greatest features of this tire is the tread compound that incorporates Toyo Stud-less technology for added grip on slippery surfaces including natural components with high levels of improved silica.

The silica improves the adhesion on icy surfaces meaning better grip on ice remaining at the same time very flexible even in extremely low temperatures.

A flexible tread block will have more positive contact with road surfaces translating in improved traction.

Having carbon incorporated in the rubber tread compound will absorb the moisture film on the road increasing contact with the road.

Using a stud-less technology these tires use crushed black walnut shells which is one of the hardest natural substances that exist.

These crushed walnut shells incorporated in the treads are like tiny little spikes that bite in any slippery surface.

So to understand better the carbon compound absorbs the thin layer of road moisture increasing the contact with the tread rubber that has incorporated crushed micro walnut shells that bite into the surface while at the same time the silica compound works to better grip the road.

The tread design maximizes the traction no matter the conditions making this Toyo Observe GSi-5 tires a true all-around all conditions winter tire.


  • incredible new all-around winter tire design
  • suitable for passenger cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs.
  • First edge sipe technology included
  • large tread blocks with saw-tooth edges
  • snow-claw technology
  • stiffened block stability and increased traction on snow
  • increased sipes density
  • multi waves sipe technology
  • swim and wave sipe incorporated in the center rib
  • AiroLift Technology incorporated
  • uses Toyo Studless technology with carbon and silica rubber compounds
  • uses crushed black walnut shells for increased traction


  • you must check if this tire is compatible with your tire and vehicle model


If you need high-performance winter tires for your vehicle that will ensure a very good grip on all kinds of surfaces and will face excellent performances any type of winter condition than the Toyo Observe GSi-5 tires are all you need.

3. Toyo Celsius CUV – Winter Tires

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Toyo Celsius CUV Winter Tire

The new Toyo Celsius -All Season Tires are specially designed to raise the bar when it comes to high-quality products and technologies no matter the terrain and conditions be it snow-covered roads or back-country trails.

Toyo Celsius -All Season Tires are perfect to cover all your needs because the weather can be very unpredictable but with these tires, you will have constant high performances no matter the conditions.

When winter is over in the spring or the fall when you are not sure what conditions you will have to face and the weather is unstable you will have the perfect tires that will adapt and face all weather conditions.

The advantages of having all-weather high-quality tires are very obvious once you try these premium tires because they will eliminate the stress of any unexpected conditions.

The Toyo Celsius for passenger vehicles and Toyo Celsius CUV designed for SUVs, crossover vehicles and some light trucks have the imprinted snowflake symbol one side of the sidewall signaling tires that are fit for smoother driving in extreme winter weather and dry and warmer conditions.

The Celsius tires are designed with Toyo’s T-Mode Technology which is a sophisticated computer program that tests the design and on-road properties of all Toyo tire models maximizing this way the potential of all tires.

With this technology, Toyo has many advantages over other competitors being able to develop cutting edge high-quality products.


This unique category of all-weather tires in which Celsius tires are included offers supercharged all-seasons tires that will deliver good traction, increased comfort, and long tread life for performance-oriented vehicles.

Toyo Celsius

Celsius tires are a step up from the regular all-season tires thank to the many features included like a unique variable tread block pattern which ensure better positioning of each of the included new advanced technologies.

The outside tread area ensures better cornering and handling performances on dry roads and the inside treat with the higher sipe density will increase the traction on slush, snow, and ice.

The advanced tread design increases all of the vehicle’s performances ensuring a more comfortable ride while the unique tread angle maximizes all-weather traction.

The advanced special formulated tread rubber compound is split all across the tread maximizing all dry road performances thanks to the outside tread while the inside tread maximizes all cold-weather performances.

An important added feature is the presence of alignment indicators in the tread that will identify any irregular wear to prevent extreme tire damage.

Having Toyo Celsius tires installed on your car you will have a very comfortable ride no matter the condition ensuring you will enjoy full control and crisp perfect handling of your high-performance vehicle.

These tires are available in speed ratings like S, T, H, V and with very good grip on wet and icy roads they step up in a superior class.

With the unique design, they reduce hydroplaning while increasing the snow traction thanks to the wide laterals and the evacuation slash groves making this tire stop 5 meters shorter in snow and 2.5 meters shorter on ice which means added safety in all-weather conditions.

With the Toyo Celsius, you will have very versatile tires and a very convenable all-year-round traction ensuring increased safety and maneuverability even in unpredictable weather.


  • high-quality all-weather tires
  • very good for unpredictable weather
  • imprinted snowflake symbol for winter adapted tires
  • uses Toyo T-Mode Technology
  • unique variable tread block pattern
  • very good cornering and handling performances on dry roads
  • increased the traction on slush, snow, and ice
  • alignment indicators inserted in the tread blocks
  • available for S, T, H, V speed ratings
  • very versatile tires


  • Toyo Celsius is available only for passenger vehicles for a crossover, SUV’s, light trucks the Toyo Celsius CUV is compatible


If you need versatile all-weather tires for your car that are also rated with the winter snowflake you should try the Toyo Celsius and you will enjoy high-quality tires that were specially designed for high-performance cars.

4. Toyo Snowprox S954 Performance Winter Tires

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Toyo Snowprox S954

The Toyo Snowprox S954 winter tires are high-class Premium Touring Studless tires designed for passenger cars with high displacement engines.

These amazing tires provide a perfect grip even in the most difficult weather conditions and are specially designed for drivers that wish comfortable driving no matter the weather and road conditions.

These tires have an advanced design which ensures very short braking distances combines with very good durability.

Having a design with directional tread patterns they will ensure increased safety and smooth driving on any kind of surfaces.

By equipping your car with Toyo Snowprox S954 high-class premium winter tires you will have high performances with increased comfort and a long life span in the most difficult winter conditions.

Thanks to the V pattern design these tires have a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces, increased snow traction and a lower rolling resistance making them the ideal tires for a pleasant winter driving experience.

If you wish a comfortable experience driving your car in all winter conditions the best option might be the Toyo Snowprox S954 Performance Winter Tires.


  • good dry performances
  • good rolling resistance
  • asymmetric winter tires
  • high silica compound for increased wet braking and grip, good traction in low temperatures
  • 3 wide straight grooves to evacuate water which reduces hydroplaning
  • independent large blocks for an edge grip and increased snow traction
  • open slanted blocks which improve snow grip and cornering
  • Shallow sipe arrangements maintain a balance between an increased ice and snow grip and a wet/dry performances
  • multi-waves sipe design included for a quiet ride increased traction on snow and minimized irregular wear
  • have the 3PMSF symbol (three-peak mountain snowflake)
  • excellent driving economy


  • these tires are available only for small, mid family cars


If you value safety, convenience and comfort and you need high-performance touring winter tires for your car, you will not be disappointed by Toyo Snowprox S954 Performance Winter Tires.

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