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Top 5 best all terrain truck tires

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What can be better than to drive throughout the hills, rivers, and forests? You take your 4×4 Truck, water, food, tent and you go on an adventure with your friends. To enjoy this amazing trip, you need some good tires or even the best all-terrain truck tires you can buy.

Best all terrain truck tires: Introduction

Rugged terrain is quite challenging for your car and tires starting with swampy mud pits, jiggered rocks or river crossing and you want only the best all-terrain truck tires. All of these are quite challenging and you need to be pretty good at off-road if you don’t want to destroy your car.

Off-road driving is quite fun and not so expensive, compared with other motorsports. You only need a car, preferably 4×4, some good tires, and a place to climb, cross, etc. Because of this, even a rookie can engage, and many do. There are lots of clubs and dozens of off-roaders with little or no experience in off-road. Thus, many of them know very little or nothing about which tires are good for off-road.

Keep in mind that your tires are the only ones who connect your car to the pavement, rocks or mud. Ironically most people focus their attention on the car forgetting this important aspect, the car’s tires. Some of the best all-terrain truck tires are designed for comfort as well, and long mileage and fuel economy.

Of course, their primary goal is to offer durability and traction on rocky trails or muddy situations but they can be used on highway as well. The idea is to find the best all-terrain truck tires, that offer a good balance between these two.

1. BF Goodrich All-Terrain A/T K02

Bf Goodrich All-Terrain
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If you like a little off-road adventure, then most likely you heard about BF Goodrich. They have a long history in building tires for rally off-road cars and their All-Terrain A/T K02 tire is a good example of their experience in off-road tire manufacturer. This tire is probably the best all-terrain truck tire available on the market. It has incredible traction in mud, sand, gravel, snow or rocks.

They are quite good on wet or dry pavement as well. On the highway, they perform quite well compared with other all-terrain tires. Of course, they are not even close to normal road tires but you cannot have everything. BF Goodrich All-terrain A/T K02 is very durable and tough while the tread wears evenly and was build for long life.

Sidewalls are 20 percent tougher compared with standard all-terrain tires and they incorporate CoreGuard Technology. This tire exceeds RMS requirements for severe snow traction and due to its tread life, you can be sure it will last on any off-road adventure you may go.

This tire has one of the best money/performance ratios and because of this, we consider them to be the Best all-terrain truck tires.


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When looking for best all-terrain truck tires, Goodyear is no sleeper brand. You cannot ignore their presence. All over America, you will see their logo on every motorsport event. It is no surprise that one of their off-road tires climbed up in our tests.

Goodyear Wrangler All-terrain Adventure features some interesting technologies like Durawall that prevents sidewall cuts and DuPont Kevlar that provides additional rugged strength, better traction in snow and rain. The open tread pattern is ideal in muddy and wet situations while providing a good grip on biting edges.

Goodyear made Wrangler All-terrain adventure especially for SUVs, Vans, commercial vehicles, and full-sized pickup trucks. It is an incredible tire, designed to work well in off-road conditions like gravel, mud, snow while providing excellent composure and performance on the road. Of course, because of its tread, it can be a little noisy. If you take care of these tires it will last for a long time.

The only downfall is their weak sidewalls, which makes them prone to punctures. Because of this downfall, they climbed only to second place in our best all-terrain truck tires top.


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Michelin always keeps up with their reputation so a top of best all-terrain truck tires without Michelin won’t be a top at all. LTX A/t2 is a versatile tire that combines both needs on-road and off-road while minimizing road noise and improving fuel economy.

At first, they offered a light truck tire with an independent tread design that provides incredible traction in all situations, from mud to snow and rocky climbs. Michelin implemented a lot of cool technologies in this tire, starting with Comfort Control that reduces road noise and unwanted vibrations and continuing to Biting Edges that keeps the car steady on snowy roads.

Michelin LTX A/T2 is right in the middle between commercial mid-range vehicles and recreational. Thus, it combines off-road durability and traction with day to day requirements (wear, fuel efficiency, low road noise).

Michelin created an impressive tire with amazing traction on rough surfaces and incredible durability. It came third on our Top 5 Best All-terrain truck tires because of its high price and not so comfortable ride.

4. General Tire Grabber At 2 All-Terrain Tire

best All terrain truck tires - general tire grabber AT/2
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Well, this is quite an interesting tire. Although the name is a bit strange and the brand doesn’t say a lot, The Grabber is an amazing tire. It is one of the best all-terrain truck tires in its price range.

General Grabber AT 2 is built to provide superior off-road traction in good or bad weather conditions. This is possible because of its self-cleaning treads that help your car get traction in all kinds of situations.

The double-V tread pattern helps your tire last longer, while the 5-row tread pattern improves grip on dusty and muddy roads. The acoustic pattern reduces road noise and improves comfort. Also, these tires meet bot RAC and RMA requirements.

No matter what you throw at them: snow, ice, mud, water, they will not lose traction. A tear-resistant tread will protect the tire from rock punctures. The incredible internal steel structure provides a quitter ride while strengthening the tire.

They climbed only to fourth place on our Top 5 best all-terrain truck tires because, in deep mud, they tend to lose traction. Also, at highway speeds, they are quite noisy.

5. Hankook DynaPro All Terrain Off Road Tire

best all terrain truck tires - hankook DynaPro
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If you bought a Ford F-150 truck in the last years then you probably know these tires.  Most of the F-150 came with Hankook DynaPro All-Terrain tires by default.

They are considered some of the best all-terrain truck tires available on the market.  Now Hankook increases the range sizes of these tires, making them available for SUVs and light pickups as well.

Hankook DynaPro All-Terrain Off-Road Tire comes with an enlarged footprint that improves acceleration and grip. The wraparound tread design prevents uneven wear and boasts a rugged appearance perfect for off-road. The tire is strengthened due to two high steel belts that also improve ride comfort. Winter performance is impressive due to the biting edges of this tire.

It is a tire that will resist almost everything you will through at it.  This makes these fans’ favorite off-road tire available on the market. This tire will truly shine on wet roads due to its tread pattern that will evacuate water very quickly.

You can find this tire in different sizes, fitting trucks, vans, SUVs and so on. Due to its resistance, it is perfect for heavy loads and extreme off-road.

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