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Toyo proxes TM1

Many experts argue that tires are the most important component of your vehicle. They’re the only thing that stands between your car and the road. They’re in constant contact with the road and they need a specific design for specific conditions.

If you equip your vehicle with the right tires, you’ll have a bigger chance of preventing accidents. The right set of tires can give you 100% control of your vehicle. Some drivers spend one thousand dollars on a car, and then buy tires twice as expensive. At the end of the day, your car is only as good as your tires.

If you own a sports car and you love pushing it to its maximum capacity, performance summer tires are a must. These tires aren’t made only for sports cars, but sports cars should only have performance tires. Summer tires are designed to resist to tremendous speeds while also offering complete control of your vehicle.

Performance tires aren’t a must if you aren’t a frequent driver. If you live in a region that only gets light snow during winter then all-seasons tires might be all you need. Otherwise, summer tires are very important. Professionals advise frequent drivers to have two sets of tires, winter and summer tires.

Summer tires feature a no-compromise design. This means you can get excellent handling and traction in warm weather than any other tires. Winter tires are designed to bite snow and excel in winter conditions. And all-summer tires are only Ok because they compromise a huge part of their summer capabilities to be able to work during winter.

Two drawbacks are a higher cost and having to switch between two sets of tires.

What are Summer Tires?

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Toyo Summer Tires

Two very common questions are: What are summer tires? and Are summer tires better than all-season tires? The short answers are: Summer tires are specifically designed tires for ultra-high summer performance. And yes, summer tires are better than all-season tires.

Because of how good they are in summer conditions, summer tires are also known as performance tires. They’re developed to provide excellent dry and wet traction and precise handling. They’re made to be used during summertime, or all year in areas that don’t have snow during winter.

Summer tires are recommended to be used during months that don’t have lower temperatures than 45F. These tires are the only ones that can guarantee a high grip level on dry and wet roads. This is thanks to their special tread patterns and tread compounds.

Performance tires are made to stick to the road as hard as possible to provide great dry and wet handling. To be able to achieve this, the summer tires compromise most of their winter capabilities. Using these tires during winter is very dangerous and you’ll risk damaging the tires.

At the end of the day, it all depends on where you live. If the temperature doesn’t go below freezing, you might be able to use these tires all-year-round. They don’t work on snow so you may be good to go during very mild winters. You should always follow the tire manufacturer’s recommendations.

Using winter tires during the summer months can greatly damage them and cut their tread lifespan almost in half. All-Season tires are designed to be Ok in both winter and summertime. But if you need real performance, you’ll be needing ultra-high-quality summer tires.

Why do you Need Summer Tires?

If you’re a sports car owner, the first reason to start using performance summer tires is safety. The handling capabilities offered by these tires during summer are unmatched. The more you push your car, the stronger your tires need to be. For your and others’ safety.

But don’t think that performance tires are only meant for high-performance cars. Any vehicle could use added grip and increased traction. If you drive often you’ll quickly notice the extra confidence that comes with having absolute control over your vehicle.

Due to their excellent handling, many luxury vehicles feature performance tires as O.E. (Original Equipment). Winter tires are designed to be sticky and flexible in the cold. However, summer tires are made to be grippy and stiff to be able to provide increased handling characteristics.

Winter tires have a dedicated rubber compound for snow and ice, and all-season tires mix a little bit of both worlds. On the other hand, summer tires focus on providing excellent traction through warmer weather. Something all-season tires can’t be anywhere near as good at, as performance tires.

If you live in a region that gets harsh winters and hot summers, two sets of tires are the perfect choice for you. Unless you plan not to drive at all during winter, you probably already have a set of winter tires. In this case, investing in summer tires is a far better choice than buying an all-season set of tires.

Most performance tires feature grooves in the tread that channel water. This particular feature helps the tire perform great on wet roads. They’re very effective at preventing hydroplaning. A central groove that helps evacuate water is very common in many summer tires.

What to Consider When Buying Summer Tires?

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If you’re new to summer tires, buying the right set for you can be tricky. The number one rule in buying any type of tire is ignoring anyone who doesn’t have the same car as yours. They might have found a match made in heaven for their car, but the same tires might turn your driving experience into hell.

Even if you have the same car, you have to compare the types of roads you typically drive on and your driving style. If they’re a calm driver but you love driving your car like you stole it, then you might need different tires. You should sit down and think things through before making any rash decisions.

You need to consider what weather conditions you usually drive in and what’s the worst weather situation you might face. Do you drive around the city or on highways as well? What type of driver are you? What problems do you face with the current tires that you’d like to improve?

An important thing to remember is to never mix tires. Having different types of tires or from different brands could be dangerous and cause damage. Alway’s make sure you select the right tires based on your owner’s manual.

For maximum performance, you’ll want to use sets of 4. Unless your car has different front and rear tire sizes. Generally, mixing tires with different speed ratings are not recommended either. It could affect handling and max speed limit.

The last thing to keep in mind is that it’s not recommended to buy used tires unless you 100% know and trust the seller.

In this article, we’ll talk about our Top 4 Summer Tires from Toyo.

Who is Toyo?

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Toyo Proxes Sport

Toyo Tire Corporation is a tire and rubber company that’s based in Japan. They are considered one of the leading tire manufacturers on the market. The company was founded in 1945 and in 1966, they expanded to the U.S.A. then later, in 1999 Nitto Tire North America was established.

Toyo focuses on designing and manufacturing auto tires, industrial rubber, and synthetic resin products. They also make soft and rigid polyurethane products, and waterproof sheets. For automotive parts, they also make anti-vibration rubber, seat cushions, and sporting goods.

Their top tire brands are Toyo, Nitto, and Silverstone.

In summer conditions, their Toyo performance tires provide a quiet and smooth driving experience. They also promise an unheard of 60K warranty for some of their models. But it’s important to remember that experts recommend changing your tires at least once every 6 years. Despite their tread life.

Toyo Tires recommends rotating the tires every 3,500 miles for ultra-high performance vehicles. For standard passenger vehicles and light trucks, you should rotate them every 7,500 miles. If irregular or uneven tread wear is beginning to appear, more frequent rotation is recommended.

Like all summer tires, Toyo performance tires are not meant to be used in near freezing, or below, temperatures. If winter wearing is the reason for damage, the company doesn’t assume any responsibility. The tires will be considered misused, therefore it’s all on you.

Comparation Table

Product NameToyo Proxes T1 SportToyo Proxes R888RToyo Proxes Sport Toyo Proxes TM1
ImageToyo Summer TiresToyo Proxes R888r
Aquaplaning ResistanceYesNoYesYes
Excellent Wet Grip and HandlingYesNoNoYes
Excellent Dry Grip and HandlingYesYesYesYes
High-Speed ResistanceYesYesYesNo
Great Braking and CorneringYesYesYesYes
Good Life SpanYesYesYesYes
Great TractionYesYesYesYes
Ultra-High Over-All PerformanceYesYesYesNo

1 Toyo Summer Tires – High Performance Proxes T1 Sport

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Toyo Summer Tires


The Proxes T1 Sport Tire is a high-performance tire designed for ultra-high performance cars. It’s developed to provide responsive handling and enhanced grip at top highway speeds.

The T1 Sport Tire is made for dedicated drivers who want a combination of performance and style, and precise handling. This tire also provides Z-speed rated durability along with wet and dry enhanced traction.

Thanks to their performance, these tires are used as O.E. for a few high-performance sports cars, coupes, and sedans. They’re usually bought as a direct replacement for worn-out pairs or sets of the vehicle’s original tires.

These tires can be used for other vehicles as well. They can be used in complete sets of four or axle pairs. Your vehicle must match the load range and speed rating of the Proxes T1 Sport tire’s performance category and specifications.


The T1 Sport tire features wide ribs on the outside edge of the tire’s tread pattern. This way it provides a stable and reliable performance when cornering.

Thanks to two wide grooves on the inner section of the tire’s tread, the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. These help to quickly evacuate water and increase braking performance.

With an incorporated wide center rib, Toyo ensures that the T1 Sport tire remains stable at high speeds. This design allows the perfect amount of tread to remain in contact with the road in any situation.

Proxes T1 Sport tires offer excellent handling performance in both dry and wet conditions. And thanks to the asymmetric tread you can benefit from great cornering and braking performance.


  • Excellent in Dry Conditions
  • Reduced Risk of Hydroplaning
  • Great Handling and Traction Capabilities
  • Stable at High Speeds
  • Enhanced Cornering and Braking Performance


  • Slightly weaker on wet roads than other top brands.

2 Toyo Summer Tires Racetrack Proxes R888R

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Toyo Proxes R888r


Evolving from the Proxes R888, the Proxes R888R was designed as Toyo’s Racetrack and Autocross ONLY tire. This tire is ideal for enthusiastic drivers that participate in track days and road racing.

The Proxes R888R tire is a next-generation race tire. This tire is developed for faster lap times and increased dry handling. So if you love racing, you can confidently try your luck with these tires.

Thanks to the new asymmetric tread design, the tire puts more rubber to the track. This design helps to increase predictability in braking.

The Prokes R888R comes with an R-compound tread compound that reaches optimal operating temperature quicker. It also has larger shoulder blocks for extra lateral grip with a wide center rib that enhances steering response and stability.

With faster cornering, longer-lasting and more consistent, the R888R conveys power into lap times. Thanks to the enhanced steering feel and response, and higher stability on the throttle, allows drivers to enjoy higher speeds.

Toyo Summer Tires Performance

The R-compound is molded into an aggressive asymmetric tread pattern. It also features big outboard shoulder blocks. This provides the lateral grip performance you need while driving on the track.

Thanks to the continuous development of the contact patch, the R888R has higher levels of dry traction. This offers enhanced braking, acceleration, and cornering compared to past models.

Even if the R888R tires meet D.O.T. requirements, they shouldn’t be used for driving in wet conditions. If drivers encounter a risk of hydroplaning, they should drive at reduced speeds carefully.

The internal construction of these tires features a two-ply, or three-ply, Rayon casing supporting two wide high-tensile steel belts. A spirally-wound nylon reinforcement ply offers additional high-speed stability and durability.


  • Excellent Dry Handling
  • High-Speed Stability
  • Enhanced Braking, Acceleration, and Cornering
  • Increased Grip
  • Great Steering Response and Stability


  • It can’t be used on wet surfaces.
  • Very Noisy

3 Max-Performance: Toyo Proxes Sport

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Toyo Summer Tires


The Toyo manufactured Proxes Sport tire is a Max-Performance Summer tire designed for sports cars, luxury vehicles, and high-performance sedans. Toyo developed these tires for drivers who want a tire that can deliver superior dry and wet traction and handling.

Thanks to the new tread compound, the Proxes Sport is a high-performance tire and features excellent grip in wet conditions.

The Proxes Sport tire is a superior stable tire. It’s also engineered to meet the demand of the most powerful vehicles. Proxes Sport features a decent grip on wet roads.. And, at the same time, this tire is still able to provide comfort and great mileage.

Thanks to the Nano Balance Technology and a new compound, the Proxes Sport provides higher levels of grip in both wet and dry. The new compound and optimized tread pattern offer an enhanced steering response.

To ensure the tires perform great in all summer conditions, Toyo conducted several tests. The testing took place both in Japan and the U.K.


Thanks to a high-grip silica tread compound, the Proxes Sport is designed to offer great flexibility and adhesion to the road surface. The tread compound is also molded into an asymmetric four-groove pattern.

To create more even pressure distribution under load, the Proxes Sport features a rounded rib design. This also enhances the braking and handling capabilities.

Toyo’s Dynamic Taper Design helps to reduce block edge deformation and provide better contact with the road. These specific features increase block stiffness.

Thanks to the updated compound’s increased contact with the road, the wet traction is also improved. Deep circumferential grooves and open shoulders help evacuate water from the footprint. This increases hydroplaning resistance.

The internal construction features a rayon casing with two-ply sidewall construction for increased handling. Two wide steel belts support the tread and are reinforced by a nylon cap ply. This increases high-speed stability and improved durability.


  • Good Dry Handling
  • Excellent Aquaplaning Resistance
  • High-Speed Stability
  • Enhanced Braking Capabilities
  • Great Wet Grip


  • Weak Wet Handling

4 High-performance: Toyo Proxes TM1

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Toyo Summer Tires TM1


The new Toyo tire model TM1 is a new generation, high-performance tire. This new model brings better handling and grip for your vehicle. These tires were developed for a wide range of sporty vehicles.

Thanks to the stylish design that features a V-shape groove tread pattern, this tire is satisfying a lot of drivers. This tire was designed for drivers that want the style to match their luxury vehicle.

With an excellent grip, the Proxes TM1 provides a high-quality ride experience. You will benefit from a quiet and comfortable drive. Even if you live in a region with horrible roads, these tires will greatly reduce road noise.

Thanks to the supplemental groove, you can also benefit from an increased tread life span. The special compound allows the Proxes TM1 to provide maximum control on both wet and dry conditions.


The Proxes TM1 has a directional pattern with tapered block edges and large blocks. This helps to provide good dry performance. The tire also features a high grip and cornering capabilities.

Thanks to the optimized supplemental groove, this tire reduces pattern noise and irregular wear. The TM1 has a wide and straight V-shaped groove that helps to evacuate water and provides good wet performance.

For this tire’s compound, Toyo introduced a special bonding agent that causes high compound rigidity during cornering. This is possible by increasing the interaction between elements and reinforcing the bonds between them.

Thanks to all these features, these new Toyo Summer Tires: Proxes TM1 offers excellent control in dry and wet surfaces. It also provides good braking performance, more durability, and less noise.


  • Quiet
  • Great Wet Handling
  • Excellent Grip and Cornering Capabilities


  • Slightly weaker than other performance tires within the same price range.

Toyo Summer Tires Conclusion

Regardless of the type of car you drive, if you’re a frequent driver, you need summer tires. They provide the extra safety and control many drivers need. Toyo’s summer tires are very decent and are worth every dime you spend on them.

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