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Pirelli is an Italian multinational company that currently holds the title of the 5th largest tire manufacturer in the world. Pirelli has been sponsoring sport competitions since 1907 and is the exclusive tire supplier for FIA Formula One World Championship.

They are focused on the consumer business, producing tires for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Pirelli tires are generally among the highest performing on the market in both wet and dry conditions. Also, are easily accessible operating commercially in over 160 countries.

Many people are wondering if summer tires are worth it and if they really make a difference. Summer tires are made from a softer rubber compound and are fitted with large tread blocks. As a result, they provide better responsiveness, handling, speed, braking and traction on the road during summer weather conditions. They are very important, especially for sportier, high-performance vehicles. Every year, thousands of tire-related crashes happen simply because the vehicles don’t have the right tires on.

While tires do tend to get overlooked, they are one of the most important components of your vehicle. After all, tires are the ones allowing your car to roll down the road. They’re constantly in contact with the road and provide a great deal of stability and reliability to the driver. Higher-quality tires are designed to absorb the bumps and shocks along the road, offering a more comfortable driving experience.

While anything good comes with a higher price tag, I don’t think that tires are something you should ‘’ save money’’ on. They are just as important as the breaks. Keep yourself and your family safe by choosing the right tires for your car.

Summer Touring Tire – Pirelli Cinturato P7:

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Pirelli Cinturato P7

The Cinturato P7 is Pirelli’s first ‘’green tire’’. A summer touring tire produced from lesser raw materials, that’s also engineered with a 15% further reduction in rolling resistance for larger gas savings.

The world is slowly but surely going green so seeing one of the top tire manufacturers in the world join in, is amazing. But don’t worry, Pirelli isn’t doing it just for show, risking your safety in the process. The Cinturato P7 is made to handle the rudiments of performance driving with the utmost respect to the environment.

The features that contribute to the environmentally-friendly Cinturato P7 are Pirellis utilization of a special silica-based compound to maximize wear while improving traction and grip. This lowers the rolling resistance of the tire for maximum fuel economy. The Cinturato P7 also has fewer CO2 emissions and is made using 6% less raw materials.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Features

The Cinturato P7 comes with an asymmetric tread design and a five-rib tread pattern to optimize the contact patch of the rubber. To give a faster cornering, precise steering, and better stability, it comes with wider shoulder blocks and compact central blocks. Its exclusive tread pattern harnesses the elements while providing longer wear for up to 70,000 miles.

As a summer tire, you can expect superior levels of traction and grip in the dry from the Cinturato P7. Compared to an ordinary touring tire, it feels sportier and can improve the handling and stability of your vehicle. The braking power is one of Pirelli tires biggest strengths, you’ll be able to feel it in both wet and dry conditions.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 in Tests

You have the possibility of easily taking a corner while still maintaining perfect balance and control. It’s a tire made specifically for heavy cars and faster speeds. They’re ready to do 270km/h, which we do not recommend, but as a normal every-day driver, even when you’re driving 200km/h you can rest assured that you’re still not using this tire to its full capacity.

Some tires are quiet at low speeds but they get louder the faster you drive. This tire makes sure you have a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to Pirellis PNCS noise-canceling system. This is a sound-absorbing device applied in the circumferential wall of the tire, resulting in superior comfort even at higher speeds.

The Cinturato P7 is a summer touring tire. While it’s perfect for summer in both dry and wet conditions, it can’t be used in the winter. This tire is not designed or equipped to handle snow, ice or extended cold weather driving. It also doesn’t have the extreme grip levels of an ultra-high performance tire, but it’s a good choice for everyday driving, especially for a family car.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 is a run-flat-tire. This makes it perfect for additional peace of mind on those long road trips. If the tire is punctured, seal inside puncture technology allows you to keep driving without losing air pressure.


Pirelli tires aren’t exactly cheap and honestly, there are more affordable choices out there, but you get what you pay for. It provides relentless traction and grip in any summer weather while also improving the styling of your car with its design. While not suitable for crazy sports cars, it’s an excellent option for normal drivers, especially if you want to be a little bit less cruel to the environment.

Max Performance Run Flat – Pirelli P Zero UHP:

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Pirelli Summer Tires P Zero UHP

P Zero UHP Tires are Max Performance Summer tires made after 100 years of competitive Motorsport experience and developed specifically for sports cars and high-performance luxury sedans.

P Zero is still a point of reference in the ultra-high performing market, being technologically the most advanced and the best performing. These tires are a true milestone in the Pirelli range, being chosen as original equipment for the most performance-oriented models on the market. 

Pirelli P Zero Features

This tire features special silica and carbon black tread compound making it highly competitive even in the first few miles when the tires are still cold and most importantly a consistent performance throughout the tire’s life. The tread compound is molded into an attractive P Zeros S asymmetric design that offers superior handling and braking performances on both wet and dry surfaces.

For enhanced driving stability and sensitive steering control of the vehicle, Pirelli P Zero is made with a new high-grip compound with nano-composites. Three wide longitudinal grooves ensure an ultra-high resistance, while the S-shaped ones are designed to reduce rolling noise, merging sport handling with driving comfort. Pirelli’s Run-Flat tires are the most comprehensive approach to driving safety.

Run-flat tires have though rubber inserts which temporarily hold up the weight of your vehicle and are designed to keep your vehicle stable in case of a puncture.

P Zeros internal structure includes twin steel belts strengthen by polyamide cord plies and an integration of nylon and aramid cord that controls tire profile deformation and stabilizes the tread to increase high-speed capability and handling.

The external area with large blocks is the perfect support to enhance handling characteristics when driving on the limit, taking a few worries of your mind.

Pirelli P Zero Summer tires made specifically for crazy fast cars in summer conditions. That means that they should not be used in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Pirelli’s warranty doesn’t cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in temperatures below 7’ Celsius.

Since these tires are made for faster cars, they have an unsurprisingly short life. They last for an estimated 10-12,000 miles.


That being said, if you’re a driver that makes it easier on the road and doesn’t lighten up the tires at every stoplight, you should enjoy a longer tread life and get a lot more out of them.

Summer Performance – Pirelli P Zero PZ4:

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Pirelli P Zero PZ4

P Zero PZ4 tires are Max Performance Summer tires made after the vast knowledge Pirelli acquired from their Formula 1 experience. They are developed for some of the highest-performing vehicles available. At first, they were introduced as original equipment on the Audi A3, Lamborghini Huracan LP 508-2 and more top-performing cars.

Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Features

The P Zero PZ4 original equipment is made to the specific application. Special silica and carbon black tread can be modified according to the vehicle manufacturer’s needs. Pirelli’s main focus is to deliver the perfect combination of wet and dry grip and handling, fuel economy, tread life, and comfort.

The tire’s internal build is made out of twin steel belts reinforced by hybrid nylon and Kevlar Zero Degree cap ply.

The tire casing will be 2-ply polyester or 1- or 2-ply rayon and is based on the preferable performance characteristics of the original equipment application. It can have either symmetric or asymmetric construction. The reason for this customization is that it allows the tire designers to further improve the tire to perfectly match the ‘personality’ of the vehicle for which it is designed.

P Zero PZ4 design differs based on whether the tire is intended for original equipment, used on a sports car, or a luxury vehicle. The tread compound is molded into an asymmetric design, showing an outer shoulder. The outer shoulder of a sports car is focused on dry handling, grip and later stability, while the outer shoulder of the luxury vehicle tires is made to improve comfort, noise and hydroplaning resistance. They all use wide, circumferential grooves for more efficient water evacuation.

Pirelli P Zero in Tests

The P Zero PZ4 has an amazing performance in both wet and dry weather conditions. It gives a sporty and refined feeling while also taking care of your comfort. This tire lets you enjoy it at full power without worrying about being left in the middle of nowhere as it is a Run-Flat tire.

It’s also not made only and exclusively for fast cars that perform mainly on high-quality roads. These are tires engineered for real-life performances and most importantly, they’re made for real-life roads.

Just like any summer tire, the P Zero PZ4 is not made for winter. It shouldn’t be driven on freezing temperatures, on snow or ice. It also shouldn’t be stored or serviced at temperatures lower than 7’Celsius.

The tread life is also understandably not too impressive but it holds its own up to 25,000 miles. There’s also the possibility that after 18-20,000 miles, the noise-canceling system won’t work as well, making it louder the more it’s used.


Overall the P Zero PZ4 is an amazing high-performance tire, making every dime you spend worth it. Excellent in dry and wet conditions, accurate steering and short break distances. Pirelli rarely ever disappoints.

SUV Performance – Pirelli P Zero Nero Tire:

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Pirelli Summer Tires P Zero Nero

P Zero Nero Tire is a summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars and medium-large sedans. Pirelli made this tire with the thought of making a tire that works harder, to give passionate drivers the opportunity to play harder and safely enjoy the sporting character of their high-performance car. 

P Zero Nero Tires are made out of a silica and carbon black enhanced tread compound molded into a subtle asymmetric, wide tread design to increase the rigidity of the tread to resist deformation at high speeds or relatively heavier vehicles. This also enhances the grip and steering response on a variety of road surfaces, wet or dry weather, while enhancing resistance to irregular wear and generating low noise levels.

P Zero Nero Features

With performance tires such as these, it is normal for the tread to wear more quickly than with more traditional tires. This is one of the trade-offs for better grip and performance. It has a very good dry grip and a responsive, sporty feel to it, although it is a bit soft and not as precise as its competitors. The P Zero Nero tire does offer a constant performance throughout the tire’s life as the noise-canceling system is still holding on until the tread wears out, and it doesn’t worsen too much with time.

Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that are ruined from being kept or driving in nearly or below freezing temperatures. As a summer tire, it’s not good at all in winter conditions and it shouldn’t be driven in lower temperatures than 7’ Celsius either. Nor through snow or on ice. While it shows a good performance in both wet and dry weather, it does slip on sand. 


With an amazing performance in summer weather, especially on wet conditions, The Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires are one of the best summer high-performance tires to this date.

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