Michelin Latitude Tour HP Review

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Review

All Season Tires Tires
  • Dry Grip - 9.2/10
  • Wet Grip - 8.2/10
  • Road Feedback - 8.5/10
  • Handling - 7.4/10
  • Wear - 8/10
  • Comfort - 8.3/10
  • Buy Again - 8.5/10


If you look for comfort and fuel economy, long tread life, ecofriendly design, low rolling resistance, and increased traction, all in one product then Michelin Latitude Tour is the perfect choice.


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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Michelin is one of the most appreciated and well-known brands of tires and the second-largest manufacturer of tires in the world and Michelin Latitude Tour HP is one of their best All-Season Tires.

This french tire manufacturer owns other well-known brands of the tire like Kormoran, Uniroyal, Riken, Tigar, and BFGoodrich.

They are well known for their inventions like the radial tire, the pneurail, the removable tire, the run-flat-tire.

Michelin produces tires not only for cars but also for space shuttles, air-crafts, motorcycles, bicycles, and heavy equipment.

The radial tire is a patented design for tires that has the plies of the cord arranged radially from the tire center at 90 degrees to travel direction.

These tires are also known as Michelin X radial tires and offer significant advantages like economic fuel consumption, increased durability, longer tread life, lower rolling resistance and better steering.

This technology has become the standard for all automotive tires design.

Important characteristics of radial tires are the flexibility of the sidewalls, reduced consumption of fuel, softer ride, wide footprint, ground compaction is reduced and the damage also has steel belts and longer tread life.

Having quality tires is important in the proper and good functioning of the car making it safer and more easy to drive.

Even if quality tires are more expensive the benefits will be in having an increase in fuel efficiency, better handling, and stability of the vehicle on the road.

A good car must have also good tires so it is a natural choice to invest in quality when it comes to personal enjoyment and safety on the road.

Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Presentation

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Michelin Latitude Tour Review

The innovative design of Michelin Tires is well appreciated and offers many improvements that will ensure and guaranty an excellent driving experience.

All-Season tires have gaps in treads that are a bit smaller than those on snow tires and a bit larger than those on summer tires, these tires are quieter on roads but not as capable as winter tires on ice and snow.

Michelin Latitude Tour tires are radial tires for all-season use suitable for crossroad vehicles and SUV’s that have an outstanding efficiency related to fuel consumption.

This tires will offer comfort on the road and better handling of the car coupled with a longer tread life.

This line of tires is available for many tire sizes like P255/60R19 108S, P255/65R17 100T, P235/55R18 99T, P235/65R18 106T, P245/60R18 105T, and P265/60R18 109T

The special compounds in the rubber and the tread design with the wide grooves shortens the stop.

The fuel efficiency is improved by the tread compounds that reduce the rolling resistance of these tires.

The increased manufacturing precision offered by the computer-controlled optimal design reduces noise and vibrations on the road.

In wet conditions, these tires will adapt perfectly to offer you safer driving and a better grip and handling of the car.

Michelin Latitude Tour Pros

  • innovative design
  • good for all-season usage
  • reliable
  • options for sizes are available
  • increase fuel efficiency
  • reduce noise on the road
  • reduces vibration on the road
  • better handling of the car
  • increased comfort on the road
  • reliable in wet conditions
  • really good quality-price ratio

Michelin Latitude Tour Cons

  • suitable only for crossroad vehicles and SUV’s


If you need for your SUV or crossroad vehicle first-class quality tires that are suitable for all seasons usagethen Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire would be the best tires you can buy.

If you look for comfort and fuel economy, long tread life, ecofriendly design, low rolling resistance, and increased traction all in one product that will ensure the best quality for your car you will find this and even more in Michelin tires. This tire won our Top: Best Tires for SUV – All Season.

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