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If you are looking for tires that give maximum efficiency in any season I recommend your tires to the Hankook company. Today I will present you three models from the same company, for every season.


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The performance of a machine can be considerably influenced by several factors. Oil changes, vehicle battery, but not least, the quality of the tires used. Regardless of the year of manufacture of the car you drive, it will not behave optimally during the road if you do not have some quality tires. Tires are often not considered to be important auto parts, as they are the only components of a machine that are in direct contact with the road. 

At first sight, you might consider that the tires are not so important in a car, because they only make contact with the ground. But the truth is quite different. The tires have the function of maintaining the direction in any weather condition and adapting to any kind of road. It does Not matter whether it is wet, slippery, full of snow or ice because a qualitative tire will keep the car on the road. 

They also have characteristics related to speed, the weight of the vehicle, suspension and comfort. Another factor is that of control during braking, acceleration or service maneuvers. The more correctly selected a tire, the better the driving of the machine. 

Therefore, for good operation, but also optimum comfort, it is recommended that you have a tire that fits all these factors mentioned above. A tire capable of achieving all these objectives is an all-seasonal tire that is designed to be used on all seasons. 

Hankook All Season Tires – Design

All season tires are designed to keep the vehicle on its path on various road surfaces such as wet roads, icy ones, dry or even in the summer. They can adapt themselves perfectly to any type of road.

The Hankook Group from South Korea is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, having as prestigious automobile partners such as Mercedes or BMW. It was founded in 1941. Hankook is based on the idea of inclusion, support, and dignity at all levels, constantly promoting free and sincere thinking. 

Hankook sponsors famous football teams such as Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. It is also an official sponsor of the UEFA Europa League.

 One important thing to maintain is the fact that the company is in the top seven in the world, being among the best tire manufacturers. Today I will present you three types of the tire from this company, each with the main purpose of customer satisfaction.

Hankook All Season Tires – Ventus V2 Concept2

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Hankook Ventus V2 Concept2

These Hankook All Season tires were exclusively designed for the BMW car brand, which is the mark of the market for imposing the highest standards.

 So what’s great about these is the center strip who has a lot of stability, has a good way throughout the pipe just through the tire. You have also on the wire a head that is designed to substantially reduce noise on any kind of road. So it doesn’t matter if you go on a stony or downhill road, these tires will help you to remain silent on the road. 

This model is also designed with a smart indicator fixed on the outside of the tire, which will tell you if your tire is worn. 

Another interesting feature, for people who are passionate about cars, is that these tires come with the sides of negations, giving the car an elegant grade. 

As a quality tire, the fuel consumption will be considerably reduced as the machine will have an optimum grip on the road. 

The Hankook All Season Tires Ventus V2 Concep2 model can be identified as a very high-quality tire model. The fact that they are all-season tires, gives the driver safety because he will not have to worry about changing them in the cold season. Thus, the queues in auto service for this action disappear. 

This model is made of a compound specially designed to prevent any shock which any tire has when braking, accelerating or sharply steering the machine. This model offers comfort and safety at any time and during any season, which is why it is recommended to all drivers who put their safety first. 


  • Durability
  • low noise
  • wear indicator
  • Easy to fit
  • Ride comfort


  • Could perform better on ice


So if you want some tires that give you the luxury of being quiet in any season and of superior quality, the Hankook Tire model Ventus V2 Concep2 is perfect for you.

Hankook All Season tires – Dynapro HP2 RA33 

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Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 All Season tires  

We all know that SUVs and small trucks need strong, durable tires suitable in any situation. Tires for these types of motor vehicles are designed to sustain a much higher weight than ordinary tires. 

The Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 is a model of tires specially designed for this category of passenger cars. Small trucks as well as SUVs are large, tend to slip and have no optimal adhesion in the cold season. 

This model is designed to provide the safety of passengers in any season encountered. Thus, the tire is specially created to react to the driver’s intentions as soon as possible. 

They have an elegant design, giving the car a luxurious air by its black sidewall. 

It also has a single tire support index of 100 kg. These tires come in different sizes, to fit a wide range of SUVs on the market. 

They were created with a layer of abrasion-resistant and shock-resistant tape, that offers resistance over time. So we can say that this tire will be able to withstand sharp brakes, and hard accelerations for a long time.


  • Car drives very smoothly
  • good price
  • good weather tires
  • Provides confidence
  • Very durable


  • not recommended for off-road


The Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 tire is an excellent model for SUVs or small trucks. It has an extraordinary adhesion to the asphalt, easily accepting the driver’s controls even over a cold season. It is a special model designed for active drivers.  

Hankook All Season Tires – Kinergy PT H737

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Hankook Kinergy PT H737

These tires are intended for customers who want a real experience in the steering wheel. They are premium-grade tires with a durability guarantee of up to 90000 kilometers. 

The high structure, along with their rigidity, creates a low driving resistance, providing the driver with a good and pleasant ride. 

The tire structure of this model is made of a special rubber compound that provides good abrasion resistance. This means that any sudden change of direction will not affect the tire. 

It also has two steel bands that greatly improve vehicle stability even at high speed. 

Puncture resistance is generated by a very meticulous internal structure created. Under the steel strips, there is a polystyrene belt. This belt considerably reduces vibration from the road, improving comfort. The tires also have a flat edge of the belt which gives added stability. 

The tire wall is built with strong, shock-resistant welds for a correct and good response in any season. As premium tires, the noise will never be a problem, and they behave most purposefully on any kind of road. 

The Hankook H737 tires are designed to provide a sporty look to the car, providing it with additional dynamics and traction throughout the year, including snow. The tire design is independent of asymmetrical block travel. 

Having a premium-quality adhesion, they will behave the same way on all types of roads. Therefore, their very superior quality can be seen from all these qualities.


  • good quality
  • comfortable ride
  • Good cornering stability
  • Price
  • 90k km tread life


  • different factors can influence the mileage guarantee 


So, if you ever thought it is time to buy some premium tires, for your larger car, these Hankook Kinergy PT H737 Tires are a good choice. They give you some advantages compared with standard tires. There are durable, flexible, stylish tires that respond quickly to the driver. After all, why not allow your premium quality, if it is so advantageous? 

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