General AmeriTrac TR

General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Review

All Terrain Tires Tires
  • Dry Grip - 9.1/10
  • Wet Grip - 8.6/10
  • Off Road - 9.5/10
  • Comfort - 7.8/10
  • Road Noise - 7.8/10
  • Wear - 8.4/10
  • Buy again - 9.1/10


The General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tires are ideal for drivers that need excellent off-road perfromance in dry conditions.


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General AmeriTrac TR All Terrain Tires

Arguably, there’s little more important than tires about your car. They’re the only thing that stays between your vehicle and the road, which means you should take extra care of them. However, a lot of people tend to overlook their importance or even label them as unimportant.

Having the wrong set of tires, on the wrong road, can cost you your life and endanger other road users. Just how you need a pair of shoes that fit your feet, where you’re going, and what are you walking on, your car needs the ideal tires as well.

If you love continuously pushing your sports car’s limits, then a performance tire is a must. You need extra handling and braking capabilities which are only found in high-end performance tires. You cannot afford to risk losing control while you’re driving at max speed.

However, if you’re a normal, everyday, driver, that doesn’t need high performance, investing in an All-Season Tires set might be the way to go. These tires are especially useful if you don’t experience heavy winters in your area (more than 1-2 inches of snow).

All-Season Tires offer an acceptable performance on both light snow and dry pavement. But if you also tend to drive on harsh roads, that have a lot of rocks, sand, etc, then maybe you should consider All-Terrain Tires.

All-Terrains are specifically designed and developed for drivers that drive on both highways and off-road. These tires will offer you the durability you need on rough roads, something all-season tires can’t offer. And the ideal comfort on highways, something an aggressive off-road tire can’t do.

Choosing the right set of tires is the key to safe driving.

What Are All-Terrain Tires?

General AmeriTrac TR All Terrain Tires

All-Terrain Tires are made to be used on kinds of surfaces, including on and off-road. They mix the open-tread feature of off-road tires with the smooth handling of all-season tires.

One of their biggest advantages is Open-Tread Design. This improves the traction of a lot of off-road terrains. They feature various interlocking tread elements that offer an excellent grip on mud and rocks. And great handling on highways as well.

Another great advantage is the reinforced sidewalls that some models have. This will offer you a broader load-carrying capacity. They look much more aggressive and are made for heavy trucks and regular off-road use. If you’re using a camper then this type of tire is ideal, as these vehicles have a big load to carry.

They also have a similar feature as A/S tires, and that’s being able to be used all-year-round. The reason is that they’re considered all-purpose tires and provide great traction on snowy and icy roads.

If a constant performance is enough for your car, then you won’t have to change between summer and winter tires. However, they shouldn’t replace winter tires if your area has extreme winters.

Now that we’ve praised them enough, let’s take a moment and talk about the cons of All-Terrain Tires. And the biggest one is the noise. While they’re much quieter than aggressive off-road tires, they’re still noisier than regular A/S tires. This is because of their tread design.

Mud, Off-Road, and All-Terrain Tires have symmetrical grooves while touring tires have many different types of patterns. This makes the air going through them, sound differently.

In this article, we’ll talk about the General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tires.


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General AmeriTrac TR

The General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tires are carefully designed to offer a mix of reliable all-season highway performance and durable off-road capabilities. You can confidently use this tire to drive on various off-road terrains and highways regularly.

It’s a tire designed with pickups and sport utility vehicles in mind. The General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tires are also used as original equipment on select truck models.

The tread compound has a few similarities with the all-season one, except it is tougher and is made cut and chip resistant. It features impressive tread life and extra protection. The computer-designed tread pattern increases traction on both dry and wet road conditions.

When it comes to winter performance, the General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tire has the Mountain/Snowflake Emblem. This means that its winter capabilities are above most All-Terrains, and it meets the standards for severe snow service requirements.

Thanks to its tread design, the tire offers enhanced performance off-road in light terrains. This includes sand, mud, dirt, gravel, and grass. Similar to Mud-Terrains, this tire is made with self-cleaning capabilities. It kicks out small rocks, gravel and cleans itself from the mud.

With the two steel belts, the General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tire features extra strength and durability. The polyester cord body increases the ride comfort and handling capabilities. General provides this tire in 17-inch sizes, including P-metric and LT sizes.

Although it does seem to have potential, it doesn’t feature an exceptionally good performance on either highway or light terrain. The increased dry traction does help this tire to offer good off-road performance.

Unfortunately, its wet handling capabilities aren’t as great, and the bumps can be pretty harsh at times. But if you don’t face many wet roads, this tire is great.

General AmeriTrac TR Pros

  • Durable
  • Exceptional Dry Traction
  • Very Good For Light Terrain Surfaces
  • Decreased Noise Level
  • Strong
  • Polyester Cord Body
  • Cut And Chip Resistant
  • Self-Cleaning Capabilities
  • Has The Mountain/Snowflake Emblem
  • Two Integrated Steel Belts

General AmeriTrac TR Cons

  • Wet Handling Could Be Better
  • Short Treadlife
  • Not Very Comfortable


The General AmeriTrac TR All-Terrain Tire is a very decent tire if you’re mainly dealing with dry conditions. Its strong compound features a cut and chip resistant design. This makes it great for light terrain surfaces like any country road. If you don’t face wet conditions too often and you don’t push this tire past its limits, you might be able to enjoy a longer lifespan.

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