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Continental Wintercontact TS 860 Review

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Continental Wintercontact TS 860

Given that the cold season has come, we must prepare the car as best we can, so that we can reach the destination every time in safe conditions. When we talk about car tires, we think about the most important components of the car because it ensures adherence to the road.

Winter tires are tires specially created for the winter season and offer better grip with the road when there is snow, ice or pole on the road surface.

Winter tires are different from all-season tires, because in winter they need a shorter braking distance. The rubber is more resistant to cold temperatures, and when it comes in contact with a cold surface, it becomes soft and has a much stronger grip.

As for mounting them, we should not wait until the first flakes of snow appear. It is recommended that the cars be equipped with these tires when the temperature drops to 7 degrees. The optimum period for these tires to be kept in the interval between September and April.

For better grip and to avoid unpleasant accidents, it is imperative to install special winter tires on all four wheels. Mounting only on the two wheels, on the front axle, can reduce the grip on the rear, and only mounting on the rear axle, the risk of driving straight ahead, even when you try to take the curve.

Continental is a large company in the business of tire. Recognised for the construction of plain tread back in 1989, and their participation to grooved tires, Continental is a real automotive powerhouse. With 147 years of practice behind them, they are a solid chance if your car needs a different set of tires.

Today we will discuss, in this article, about Continental WinterContact TS 860 S.


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Continental Wintercontact TS 860

The Continental Wintercontact TS860 S from Continental highlights high-performance winter adhesion and handling on dry, wet, snow or ice-covered street surfaces. Created for drivers of more strong sport coupes and sedans, the TS860 S is managed to produce remarkable European style handling and traction.

The Continental TS860 S (sport) is a very diverse tire compared to the TS860, this is a sports tire intended for performance vehicles. ( BMW mini, Mercedes and even N2 & N0 marked tires for Porsche).

This is different from Continentals ‘older’ winter tires, it started in 2008 which is moderately old in winter tire times. It was before presented in a wide variety of sizes and was their flagship winter tire for the ultra-high-performance market. In tire terms, this just means 17″ upwards actually.

Many of the given sizes in the TS860 S series are niche things for high-performance vehicles. Some of the dimensions are rather rare and only ever sold in little amounts so I’d think that they are not in as much of a rush to trade over to the new tire.

In addition to this numerous of the measurements given in TS860 S will have extra letters after them such as; MO, *, N0 & N1. These mean that they are licensed for use by different car manufacturers, MO = Mercedes, * = BMW, N0/N1 = Porsche. Getting this permission from the car companies takes a big deal of time and money on the part of the tire companies so they will not be in a rush to shift these onto the newer model.


A silica improved step mixture and asymmetric tread design combine with more rounded shoulders to produce excellent dry surface administration and supreme cornering grip. This tread mixture also optimizes balance and increases overall tread life.

Continental has expanded the amount of circumferential channels on this tire to help in draining more water from under the tire. Up to 5 wider channels, depending on tire dimension, give added administration performance and hydroplane stability on wet surfaces. Multiple sipes around the tire that are 20% wider raise snow traction and aid reduce the requirement for studs.

Unique step wear symbols on this design let you know when the tread depth has been decreased to 5/32 inch, which is the time that the tire has consumed past its limits for giving winter traction. Inside the tires, you will find two steel belts for improved power and endurance. They also improve driver comfort and prolong tread life. Continental suggests using these tires in complete sets of four for the best performance.


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One section that highlights effective performance on the TS860 is the dry pavement traction and cornering power this tire gives. It drives like a summer tire in that respect. Handling and grip on wet, light snow, ice and slush is very great.

Performance in profound snow has been a problem for many drivers and a region we would like to see change in. That said, this tire rides comfortably and has very small outside noise, and step wear is very great.

Prices on the TS860 S vary from approximately $271 and up. You may also obtain occasional discounts, rebates, tickets and exclusive offers on this tire.

The TS860 appears with a one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear guarantee on the tire’s steadiness. Bodies and workmanship are guaranteed for 6-years and add free tire replacement during the first year or the first 2/32 inch of damage.

Continental prorates the cost for the resting period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.
A 30-day client pleasure guarantee is also added that enables you to change the tires for another Continental name if you are not content.


  • Exceptional traction on dry, wet, snow and slush-covered street superficies
  • Responsive steering wheel and feeling
  • Quiet and comfortable travel tire
  • Treadlife is great


  • poor performance in deep snow


If you own a sports car and have not yet equipped it for the snow season, it would be time to try the Continental WinterContact TS 860 S tires. In case you are not satisfied with them you can change them at any time at no extra cost.

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