Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Review

All Season Tires
  • Dry Grip - 9.1/10
  • Wet Grip - 8.7/10
  • Comfort - 8.5/10
  • Road Feedback - 8.9/10
  • Handling - 8.9/10
  • Road noise - 8.5/10
  • Tread wear - 8.8/10
  • Buy again - 9.1/10


The Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack is ideal for people that want a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


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Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

Tires are a very important part of your vehicle. They’re the ones that stand between your car and the road. This is why a lot of people spend hundreds of dollars on each set. However, expensive tires are for high-performance tires. Normal drivers usually opt for all-season tires.

Unlike summer tires, that excel in hot temperatures, or winter tires, that are great on snow, all-season tires combine a little bit of both. And if you live in an area with no real winters and high performance is not too important to you, an all-season set might do the job for years.

All-season tires do not particularly excel in any weather condition. This is why some people refer to them as “no-season” tires. They have a little bit of both roads. These tires are designed for normal drivers that have no need for high-performance tires.

And since they can support your vehicle during both summer and mild winter, you can say goodbye to having two sets of different tires. You just put them on and you’re good to go until their tread runs out.

Performance tires are a must for drivers that continuously push their vehicle’s capabilities. Winter tires are, as the name suggests, ideal for winter. But for people that hate having to keep changing the tires during the fall and spring, all-season tires are perfect.

While an all-season tire can’t even reach the performance of dedicated tires, their treadlife makes them almost as great. Most all-season tires are expected to last more than 50K miles. Nor winter nor performance tires have anywhere near such a great tread lifespan.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Bridgestone Turanza Qiettrack.


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Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

The Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack is a grand touring all-season tire designed and developed for luxury cars, coupes, crossovers, minivans, and family sedans. Their job is to offer a luxurious driving experience and secure traction.

Thanks to its mixed design, this tire can provide a smooth and quiet ride, long tread life, and great wet traction. You can also use it confidently in light snow that’s no thicker than 2-inches.

Turanza Quiettrack’s asymmetric tread pattern is made out of an all-season molded compound.

With the innovative Quiettrack technology, this tire combines in-groove quiet tracks, non-chamfered shoulder slots, and optimized pitch sequencing. This will greatly reduce airborne noise while delivering a calm driving experience.

A ComfortCruise tech package is using proprietary computer modeling software. It can design the optimal shape and rounded contact patch. Its job is to help reduce vibration and offer a comfy ride.

Thanks to the round footprint, circumferential grooves, and shoulder slots, the Turanza Quiettrack cuts through the water, improving hydroplaning resistance.

With the EdgePerformance Technology that has interlocking grooves, the tire also features biting edges. These “teeth” help bite into the snow and improve winter traction. And the full depth tread pattern is designed to maintain the original performance as the tire wears off.

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack’s internal design uses a single-ply, polyester casing that supports two wide, steel belts. A single, nylon cap-ply is used to reinforce the structure and deliver high-speed resistance.

You can enjoy this all-season tire for more than 80K miles. You can purchase it in 37 sizes, making it compatible with up to 86% of vehicles available.

This tire’s sound dampening tech works like the noise-canceling technologies automakers use in their vehicles. They use off-setting noise frequencies to minimize or eliminate cabin noise.

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Pros

  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting (80K miles)
  • Extra Quiet
  • Great Dry Traction
  • Good Wet Traction
  • Excellent Grip
  • High-Speed Resistance
  • QuietTrack Technology
  • HydroTrack Technology
  • ComfortCruise Technology
  • EdgePerformance Technology

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Cons

  • It’s not particularly outstanding under any circumstances.


The Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack is a great all-season tire. It specializes in making your ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you’re looking for one of the quietest tires on the market, you should try this product.

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