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As long as we believe or not, the tires are among the most important components of a car. These are the components that make direct contact with the asphalt. Therefore, for a good reaction to braking or cornering, the tires must be of quality but also suitable for the environment. Tires can be classified in three ways: Winter tires, summer tires, or mixed.

Mixed tires are also called all safe or all-year tires. As their name tells, they are tires intended to run throughout the year. They can adapt regardless of the weather, as they are efficient both during warm summer days and in cold winter days. Some tires make life easier for the driver because he will not have to change them when passing between the seasons.

All-season tires are constructed so that they have adhesion both in the summer, on the dry road, in the rain, the winter and even icy roads.  As they are some tires that fit several patterns, we can say that these are practically two tires in one.

However, these tires are recommended in countries where the climate is mild.  If the area you live in is an area where the snow lasts for several months and in summer temperatures exceed 35 degrees , it is recommended that you use winter and summer tires.

If the climate in which you live is friendly and has four well-defined seasons of weather, all safe tires are the right choice for you.

The Bridgestone is a Japanese Company, one of the world’s largest tire companies. This also provides tires for fitting the Formula 1. Bridgestone Formula pays special attention to the subject of safety, which is why the tire tests are very tough. Furthermore, Bridgestone tires guarantee the user a smooth and comfortable driving, with external factors affecting the quality of the product. The tires of this supplier are strong, maneuverability and optimum traction not being damaged by wet, incised or snow.

Today I will present you five models of all ‘season’ from this leading manufacturer, folding up on all customers’ wishes.

Bridgestone All Season Tires – TURANZA EL400-02

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Bridgestone Turanza EL400

This tire has a considerable advantage as it is a run-flat-tire.

A run-flat tire is a pneumatic tire designed to withstand total disturbance if it is intact and allows the machine to continue to be driven. With this positive feature, the vehicle can run at a speed of up to 90 km/h and reach a distance of 160 km.

The Bridgestone All Season Tires – EL400-02 are capable of supporting without any problem the weight and load of the vehicle, even if the tire pressure has reached 0 due to reinforced sidewalls.

However, in case the time has elapsed during the winter season, it is recommended to drive as low as possible. Driving during this season with the broken tire decreases the adhesion due to low temperatures.

About sports machines, run-flat EL400-02 tires can easily alter high-speed wheel turns, as these tires are slightly heavier than standard tires.

On the other hand, standard machines may face slight unpleasant heights, as these tires have much more rigid sidewalls, so they do not absorb the uneven surfaces of the road so easily.

Bridgestone guarantees that such a tire can withstand a road of 50,000 km without any problem.

These tires are recommended to drivers who want to drive even more quickly in the event of unfortunate events such as tire sting.

One of the best-known automobile manufacturers using these types of tires is BMW.

The weight of a single tire is 36 pounds.

Being all good tires, having the important characteristic that they are run-flat, these tires can be regarded as perfect for people who own small car racing because they will not have to wear the spare wheel with them.

It should be noted that it is prohibited to fit these types of tire on a vehicle that has not been designed for this purpose. Also, if you wish to change your tires with them, it should be noted that it is forbidden to use two different types of tires on the car at the same time. So to avoid inconvenience, your car will need four identical pieces.


  • Good quality
  • Lasting product
  • comfortable in the event of a breakdown


  • expensive to replace.
  • it’s a little noisy


These types of tires all seem to be a good choice if you have a long road and you don’t want to stop when you have a flat tire.

Bridgestone All Season Tires – Dueler H/T 684 II

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Bridgestone all season tires Dueler H/T 684

This type of all-season tires is intended for large SUV machines and trucks.

The Dueler H/T D684 II with UNI-T is a model tire designed for both commercial and off-road vehicles being specially designed for use on the road. The tire has been designed to provide optimum traction throughout the year, with no change in quality when it meets wet or snow-soaked roads.

The appearance of the tire gives the vehicle an aggressive appearance and sport. This combination of innovative design along the rounded lines maximizes the performance of running, and tire wear is a delayed on.

Externally, this model has an independent symmetrical tread design. It was developed to ensure good traction on the roads covered by snow, rain or even hot asphalt.

As for the interior of this tire, we will be able to find double steel straps, which stabilize the tread along with a polyester cable that contributes to the road depreciation.

The manufacturer Bridgestone guarantees that this tire will run up to 60,000 miles.

As they are premium tires, they offer the driver a quiet experiment, with the noise being amortized.

The water discharges from these tires are specially designed, so that water does not influence the quality of the cornering to which the vehicle is subjected.

Although it is recommended to be used on the road, the dueler H/T D684 II models behave well including on the road with sand, mud or stones, but the vehicle’s maneuverability will be slightly more rigid.

As the manufacturer claims, for optimum use of these tires, it is recommended that all four tires fitted to the vehicle be identical.

Not recommended for off-road.


  • comfortable
  • good grip
  • stable
  • long touring


  • they get loud
  • expensive


Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II tires are specially designed for SUVs or lorries, durability and stability are only a few strengths. Moreover, like all safe tires, they do not need to be changed periodically.

Bridgestone All Season Tires – ECOPIA EP422 PLUS

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Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

The Bridgestone Ecopy EP422 plus tires were built much more fuel-efficient, obtaining more miles per tank.

These tires have nominal H or V speed dimensions, are environmentally friendly and have been designed for sedans, minivan, coupes, or small gauge machines.

It offers fuel economy by providing for longer usage and better manipulation.

More specifically designed to improve the fuel economy of motor vehicles by reducing the tire rolling resistance, together with the vehicle’s CO2 emissions, these provide extra traction throughout the year, with snow or rain, not a problem.

Ecopy EP422 plus, are designed for a long journey, which is why producer Bridgestone offers a guarantee of up to 70,000 miles. They offer performance throughout the season, safe handling and a pleasant journey.

Uses an improved tread compound, which includes Nano-Pro-Tech (Nanostructure-oriented Properties Control Technology) to reduce rolling resistance and fuel loss while maintaining traction at a high level.

This compound is modeled in a symmetrical profile that combines split shoulders and intermediate ribs with independent central blocks for tracking dry and pulling.

The four circular channels are designed to help water flow constantly and to withstand hydroplaning resistance. They greatly improve wet traction.

Concerning the internal structure of the tire, this includes double steel belts, which are reinforced with spiral-shaped nylon, all of which are compressed above a polyester carcass. All this results in increased comfort and unquestionable sustainability.

The tire’s sidewalls feature Bridgestone’s Fuel sound to further had gained efficiency.

The weight of a single tire is 22 pounds.


  • wet and dry performance
  • very quiet
  • comfortable riding
  • good quality


  • loud at the beginning
  • low rolling resistance


These tires are specially designed for long journeys, offering greater comfort but also a considerable fuel economy

Bridgestone All Season Tires – Turanza Serenity Plus 235

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Bridgestone all season tires Turanza Serenity Plus

The Turanza Serenity Plus 235 tire is part of the premium ranges of Bridgestone, which is designed for mid-range and premium luxury coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossover vehicles.

This tire offers good tire wear, stronger traction on snow or rain, but also lower rolling resistance, which contributes substantially to fuel economy.

It is designed to offer the highest level of elegance, luxury, and comfort, this tire is fitted to any kind of road.

The outside of the tire

Turanza Seniness Plus tires are made from a high percentage of reinforced silica, black Carbon paste, having an asymmetric design. The splines have the characteristics of RESA which means that the grooves contribute to the reduction of noise and noise.

Also, the continuous ribs in the center and shoulder optimize noise reduction while maintaining permanent adhesion on the road. They keep the vehicle stable on the road.

In what the three splines receive, they are shaped and allow optimal water discharge, and they are resistant to hydrolysis.

The inside of the tire

The size of the tire comprises the two steel straps, which are reinforced with nylon, which are encased in the spiral, with high traction. They stabilize the running surface, thus improving the speed and the quality of the driving. The inside of the tire also helps to minimize the weight of the vehicle.

A polyester cable body and rubber side reinforcements enhance ride quality, steering response and cornering stability.

It provides solid performance in wet or dry conditions.

The manufacturer shall also ensure that this tire is driven up to 80,000 km, equivalent to 5 years of use.

As a premium product, this tire is resistant to an aggressive climate, with the same grip on heavy snow or the road.


  • wet and dry traction
  • progressive and controllable
  • quiet
  • Comfortable ride


  • Heavy
  • A little bit noisy.


These tires are part of the premium range of Bridgestone tires, but they deserve all their money. They are all safe tires that resist an aggressive climate, providing safety, comfort, and luxury at the top.

Bridgestone All Season Tires – POTENZA RE980

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Bridgestone all season tires Potenza

Potenza is a performance tire, which is specifically designed for drivers holding sports cars, sports coupes.

It reaches the performance of being able to sustain a high-speed capability, with fine handling even in damp conditions, or even damp combined with wind. It also adapts excellently to light snow.

The outside of the tire

This forms an entire year compound in an asymmetric profile and is optimized against noise. This perfectly combines high performance and quiet comfort.

As far as the side slots of the tire are concerned, they are chamfered to improve the contact between the rubber and the ground, helping with accurate braking.

They have a high density which creates optimal traction in slippery conditions and deep tire pressure helps to maintain performance over time.

The channels and tire tracks are interconnected to facilitate efficient water discharge from the road contact area. Moreover, shoulder slots are combined with 20 %, which provides more space, thus avoiding the risk of hydrolysis.

Internal construction

It consists of three polyester side-ply and two polyester-ply plates in the tread area. These are two balancing driving.

The filling layer in the side walls is rigid and is highly resistant to vehicle handling shocks. The double steel straps are reinforced with a spiraling fit, which in turn is wrapped in nylon for optimum grip, but also for the ability to sustain a high speed.


  • Good grip
  • good road feel
  • quiet tires
  • quality product


  • expensive


If you’re looking for sports tires, which fit all the season and offer you maximum adhesion even on rain, or snow, the POTENZA RE980 model is exactly what you need.

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