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Dewalt Tire inflator – DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator

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If you need a really good cordless and corded powerful tire inflator with all the accessories and features choose Dewalt DCC020IB.


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Dewalt Tire inflator

Tires are really important in a car and keeping them in perfect shape is also important contributions to the comfort and safety of your ride.

So to regularly check the condition of your tire is essential in keeping you safe on the road because a bad tire could produce a lot of damage to your car and even jeopardize your life.

To the proper functioning of your car important is the pressure in your tires and modern cars have tire pressure monitoring systems that will help you with that, but not all cars have those kinds of systems.

So to monitor your tire pressure is a simple process that will help you prevent many unpleasant situations.

To keep them with an optimal pressure we should know first which are those values so when we inflate a tire we should check the optimal pressure values for tires and the maximum pressure but most certainly not confuse these two values.

The operating tire pressure for each vehicle is set by the manufacturer and we can find it in the owners manual or on the sticker on the door of the car for each vehicle.

The maximum inflation values are imprinted or written on the sides of the tires and should not be exceeded and over-inflate the tires.

A stick gauge is really useful to check the pressure easily and regularly, also you can release air in the case of high tire pressure.

Portable tire inflators are easy to use way to inflate tires, these devices are portable and have pressure gauges to make sure the pressure is right.

We can find many types on the market to properly inflate your tires when you need without much effort.


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Dewalt Tire inflator review

Dewalt Tire inflator DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator is a portable and corded and cordless 20V air inflator.

You can use a 12 V cigarette lighter plug in your car and the cord is stored on the side of the device in a compartment, and you can also use a 20 W battery or a flex battery to assure an excellent run time for this device.

You can use this device to completely inflate a tire from 0 to 35 pounds in 6 minutes but this unit can be used to run just 10 minutes at a time and will need other 20 min to rest before reusing it.

You can go from 3 to 160 psi with half psi increments and set the wanted pressure and has a nice gauge in front that will tell you the values in psi the set target and the time to inflate.

This is a very light unit weighing only 5 pounds and the battery is easy to slide at the bottom and start with the power button, the menu is easy to navigate with the help of the option buttons.

You have an inflator and a deflator on the side and a well stored high-pressure rubber hose that will slide easily and is very durable

To adjust the setting for the pressure you have a turning wheel button and then you just have to press the start button or pause button to get the unit going.

Dewalt Tire inflator Pros

  • it is easy to use
  • it is not loud
  • has 3 power sources (20v max battery,110V AC or 12V DC )
  • has LED lights
  • has an automatic shutoff when reaches the preset pressure

Dewalt Tire inflator Cons

  • it has a tube at the tip of the inflation hose that will hang out when it is stored making it uncomfortable
  • you must pause for 20 min after 10 min of usage
  • the batteries and AC adapter and charger must be purchased separately


If you need a really good cordless and corded powerful tire inflator with all the accessories and features that will make inflating tires a breeze Dewalt Tire inflator DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator is all you are looking for.

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