General Altimax Arctic Tires Review

SUV Tires Tires Winter Tires
  • Dry Grip - 7/10
  • Wet Grip - 8.1/10
  • Road Feedback - 8.2/10
  • Comfort - 8.5/10
  • Handling - 7.3/10
  • Wear - 9.3/10
  • Buy Again - 8.5/10


General Altimax Arctic Tires are good winter tires at an excellent price.


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Even if tires are not the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about your vehicle they are a really important component of your car. The quality and safety of driving are influenced by the quality and type of tires you choose for your vehicle.

General AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tire

The important functions of tires can easily be enumerated, they support the load of the vehicle and transmit braking and traction forces to the surface of the road. They maintain and change the travel direction by absorbing road shocks.

To adequately meet these functions some important things are required. Not all tires and tire brands are alike. There are many brands each with their quality and options available.

Choosing a brand for quality level and innovative design deserves careful thinking. To choose the tires best suited for your vehicle you must take into consideration also your budget. geographical area, driving habits and weather conditions.

One of the most important features of well-performing tires is tread depth which is essential. Tread is needed for good traction during harsh conditions like an accumulation of water, snow, ice, mud.

The grove on the tire allows the water to be carried out from the portion beneath the car avoiding hydroplaning and losing control of direction and of the car.

As an essential piece of the vehicle that is responsible for the good functioning and safety of the car on the road choosing the most fitted tires is vital.

According to the purpose they serve they can be fitted in different categories like all season, mud terrain, all-terrain, winter tires, high-performance.

Winter tires are designed for winter conditions like low temperatures, snow, and ice. The tread has larger gaps than summer tires that allow traction to be higher snow, ice and low temperature (below 7°C ).

Some winter tires have studs made of metal or ceramic inserted in rubber to increase adherence. But because they produce damage and wearing to roads the usage of this kind of tires is under special regulations in different states. The tires with M+S rating are tires for all seasons but they have a reduced adherence for ice and snow.

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General Altimax Arctic 12 Tires

Winter tires have a deep tread, a special feature that increases snow contact and friction called shoulder blocks, extra slits in rubber that look like biting edges improving traction, hydrophilic rubber, and studs.

General Altimax Arctic Tires


A well-known brand for car tires is General Tires with the popular winter tires Altimax Arctic. The Altimax Arctic models are designed for passenger cars.

These winter tires have studs and are well suited for demanding low temperatures. Special features include improved snow traction, excellent ice traction, and breaking traction and they also offer a smooth and pleasant ride.

When looking for the right tires for your car you should keep in mind the vital information needed like size and car model, the season (summer, winter, all-season), the car category (car/SUV4X4/van) and tire size(written on sidewalls of you cars tires).

All the technical details of tires like brand, model, section width, aspect ratio, construction, rim diameter, load index rating, speed rating, tread depth are found in the product’s specification on every producer’s page and it is most helpful in case of any unclarity.

General Altimax Arctic Tires is a studed winter tire appropriate for cross over vehicles, minivans, and sedans.

It has a tri-pattern design with smaller tighter groves with v-lines, open groves shoulders that provide and enhanced traction in difficult weather conditions like low temperatures, heavy snow, ice, and watery roads.

They are really well price and quality competitive and offer a good cost and value rate making it one of the most searched and appreciated products on the market.


  • studded
  • new tri-pattern design
  • are really affordable
  • performs really well on dry pavement
  • designed and labeled for extreme weather
  • high wet grip performance


  • more tread and less gap
  • not as good in light packed snow as the older models

General Altimax Arctic Conclusion

If you need really good studed winter tires that are of high quality and really affordable General Altimax Arctic Tires would be one of the best choices for you. These tires placed 4th on our top 5 best winter tires for SUV.

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