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Steam Cleaner
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Wagner Steam Cleaner is all you need, being a high-quality product that comes at an affordable price.


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Wagner Steam Cleaner

Cleaning your car is very important but sometimes it might be a time-consuming activity if you do not have the proper tools and chemicals to help you.

One of the most important tools that will help you clean your car in no time is a steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner is a device that uses heated under pressure water and water vapors to clean any traces of dirt, dust and any stubborn grime.

What is most appreciated at a steam cleaner is its versatility being a tool that can take the place of your air compressor.

This device can blast away any king of dirt even from the hardest to get in places in your car with its powerful steam jet.

You can get in any nook and cranny getting all the gunk from seats, carpets, carpet mats, rims, tires removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

The utility and versatility of this device will worth any cent you spent on it making it one of the best investments for your car and not only.

Winter or in bad weather your car can get dirty fast with a lot of dried or multi-layered dirt/ mud and getting that out of your car could be a nightmare.

Things to know

With a steam cleaner cleaning up even the most annoying mess, mud or grime can be simple and easy.

Just imagine how hard and time consuming can be to clean a muddy and dirty rim or tire and in bad weather, you get that a lot.

But by having at your disposal a device like this with a powerful jet of hot water you can clean any time with no effort any part of your car or the whole car.

This way you can save time and quickly clean your car whenever you need without investing too much effort.

Even doing the interior of your car can be demanding especially when a lot of dirt is gathered on the mats and carpet.

Having the steam cleaner will save you from needing any other tool like a leaf blower or an air compressor to clean those dirty car mats.

With the powerful jet, the mats will be cleaned in no time removing chunks of dried dirt, sand, leaves and any other debris.

The steamer is a product that can do it all and fast with amazing results leaving you satisfied and happy.

You know the door jams how dirty can get and how dirty can you get cleaning them but with the steamer and a good professional cleaner it is really easy.

This way your car can be well maintained clean and look like new every time.

Along with cleaning the car you can also sanitize it with the hot steam jet you will get rid of all the germ also and thanks to the pressurized vapors every pore of the material will be cleaned.

Air vents can be cleaned and sanitized, all the porous materials that gather dust and grime and are difficult to clean like the dashboard.

With the steamer, you can make them look brand new clean and not even that but with all the germs killed to make them safe and allergen-free.

Perfectly clean sanitized and chemical-free interior are only a few of the advantages easily obtained with a steam cleaner.

Many good steamers are available on the market to help you clean with ease any kind off dirt and obtain amazing results.

Wagner Steam Cleaner Presentation

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Wagner Steam Cleaner Accessories

Wagner Steam Cleaner is a steam cleaner that uses distilled water for chemical-free and natural cleaning.

It is a multipurpose device having a temperature that can reach up to 212° F (100° C) that will sanitize and clean any surface with ease.

With a long-running time of 45 minutes continuously you can do all the cleaning you need only with 48 oz of water.

You can clean any surfaces using all the included attachments like the extension tubes, window/tile squeegee, large cleaning tool and towel, wallpaper steam-plate, assorted brushes, and jet nozzle.

This steam cleaner is small in size and easy to maneuver having a carrying handle, an 8-foot steam hose and wheels for mobility.

Using this amazing steam cleaner you can clean and sanitize in just one step without needing any chemicals.

It can be used both for interior and exterior cleaning and will deep-clean any surface removing any built-up dirt and grime.

With the squeegee attachments, it can be used to clean perfectly the windows and with the brushes and jet nozzles that are easy to attach any extra dirty surface with the powerful jet of steam.

Automotive cleaning will not be the same once you used this powerful tool.


  • easy to install and use
  • has a jet nozzle that will concentrate a powerful jet of steam to clean any resistant dirt
  • has a long 45 minute continuous running time
  • it comes with many useful accessories
  • it is small and easy to handle
  • runs with only 48 oz of distilled water
  • you do not need to use chemicals to clean with this device
  • gets difficult stains out of any fabric
  • removes stubborn dirt and grime easily
  • it sanitizes the surfaces with the hot steams
  • it makes cleaning more easy and inviting


  • you may use heated water or it will take up to 25 minutes to heat the water in the water tank
  • the water tank is small and needs to use the funnel to refill it
  • you need an extension cord for the small cord
  • before using you need to flush out the water that is stored in the hose
  • never ad chemicals in the water used because will damage the steamer


If you need a great steam cleaner that is small and easy to use to clean all over your house and the car Wagner Steam Cleaner is all you need being a high-quality product that comes at an affordable price.

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