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Thule Snow Chains – K-Summit K11

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  • Price - 9/10
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Drivers who wish to feel safe even during the winter season can confidently turn to the Thule K-Summit K11″ winter chains. They are practical, durable and easy to use chains.


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Thule Snow Chains Review

Winter is a fairly heavy season in many respects. A major one is a safety in traffic. Many road accidents happen because of roads covered by ice or snow, so it is recommended that you equip yourself for this season, accordingly. Winter tires are often not enough. So I recommend you to buy a couple of anti-skid chains. Moreover, most of the countries in the European Union, as well as in the USA, forcing the driver to have car equipment, such accessories. Thus, if you want to go through winter without danger and avoid any fine, I recommend you to buy a pair of chains. Today, I will present to you, a set of chains that pass the test of safety with flying colors. Thule K-Summit K11.

The auto chains firm Thule was established in 1942, in Sweden and offers its clients outstanding quality, namely ingenious solutions in terms of transport. Being a firm that emphasizes the quality and durability of products, it is no wonder that it has become a premium brand, used and appreciated globally. It is recommended that winter chains be bought from this company, as they are approved and are in line with European and American requirements.


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Thule Snow Chains Bag

Enjoying a modern but easy-to-use design, the K-Summit K11 chain model is suitable for any type of vehicle. These chains, are in asymmetrical shape and have reinforcements that help break the ice during the movement. This facilitates the stability of the car during driving on snow or ice-covered roads.

 The rolling surface shall also be fitted with a special steel alloy chain and specially injected plates with hard metal wire, which ensure optimum grip and performance.

It has an innovative ratchet system that acts as a mold-shaped multiplier and helps to easily fit chains. The pressure springs reduce the dynamic power, so this product becomes accessible for a variety of tire sizes

 These chains are suitable for ABS/ESP holding machines.

This model is very practical for the driver because it has only one attachment point on the wheel. There is no chain or block on the inside of the tire, so removal of the tire will be as simple as the installation.

 Although they are anti-slip chains, they are not recommended for off-road use.

Thule Snow Chains Features

It is a perfect set of chains thanks to its self-testing function. In the case of normal chains, the driver must check the chain tension after about 5 to 10 km to avoid destroying the car. So, this function offers the driver a long and comfortable journey without checking the chains.

 Once they are no longer needed, chains can be removed easily thanks to the Quick Release System. With a single button, chains are removed without the use of additional tools.

It is recommended to drive the vehicle at a maximum of 40 km/h during the use of chains

 Chains, come in an elegant, practical bag, which helps to store them in a dry, clean and compact environment.

 For a high life of the chains, it is recommended that after each use the K-Summit K11 chains be thoroughly cleaned by any residents and then placed in their purse. It is also not recommended that they are driven on dry asphalt. It is, therefore, appropriate to be removed after the portions of asphalt with ice or snow have been passed.

I come in a set of two chains at a time.

 These chains are also approved according to European and American requirements.

Thule Snow Chains Pros

  • good fit
  • -easy to install
  • -good adherence
  • -detailed instructions

Thule Snow Chains Cons

  • expensive
  • no off-road


So if it is looking for winter chains that are easy to mount and that bring you a greater safety contribution, the Thule Snow Chains K-Summit K11 winter chains are what you are looking for.

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