Snow chains for semi trucks

Snow Chains for Semi Trucks

snow chains
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If you have entered in the cold season and you have not yet bought non-skid chains, we recommend you to buy, the anti-skid chains. With these chains you will drive safely.


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Snow chains for semi trucks

Equipping vehicles with winter tires seems to be an obligatory condition if you want to pass without incidents of cold season.

In certain moments, winter tires simply do not cope with the traffic conditions on snow and ice.

In this case, it is necessary to use anti-skid chains.

Moreover, this type of chain should not be missing from the toolbox of winter tools and accessories of any conscientious driver.

We must also consider that they do not hold the place of winter tires and should be used with caution.

Firstly, it is good to know that there is no particular date from which the anti-skid chains can be used.

As with winter tires, snow chains are used when circulating on roads covered with a slippery snow layer or on roads covered by ice.

So the chains may be needed since November, or it could only be useful in January. It all depends on the weather conditions and not the date on the calendar. Skid chains are not used during all winter journeys, but only in extreme conditions and for a short period. More specifically, when you cannot perform a movement under normal safety conditions.

Also, the skid chains are useful when you need to start a car that is stuck in the snow. The chains are removed from the wheels as soon as it reaches the road portions with dry roads or which are covered with only a thin layer of snow.

Otherwise, chains can cause serious damage to the road and car. When using anti-skid chains for longer roads, it is not advisable to circulate at high speed. is an advanced business for over 68 years. This company deals exclusively with non-skid chains. All of their chains are Zinc Plated for strength and oxidation prevention.

Today we will discuss one of these products that they produce: snow chains for semi-truck.


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Snow chains

These anti-skid chains are approved for over the road. They will be used for semi-trucks. Also, are designed for low profile tractor-trailer tires.

For extended use, these heavy-duty truck tire chains, it is recommended to be the correct size.

The chains thick is 5/16 (.312inch). It is also Includes cams and cam tool. This product is also Zinc Plated that means they’ll last longer and it will not oxide.

For easier installation of these chains, there are available snow-chain ramps. Also is recommended extra spring or rubber tensioners.

These chains fit the following sizes: 285/75R24.5 inch, 275/80R24.5 inch, 305/70R22.5 inch, 295/75R22.5 inch, and 285/75R22.5 inch.

This set of chains are enough for two tires.

If you don’t have much experience with installing and removing chains do some dry-road tests. This operation can be difficult, especially when the wheel arches are snowed and your hands are cold.

To see how many pairs of chains you need, check the machine manual.

A car with chains mounted only on the front wheels will tend to oversteer.

Chains mounted only on the rear wheels will understeer.

A 4×4 integral traction vehicle must have chains mounted on all wheels.

Always respect the manufacturer’s recommendations, because otherwise you could risk shortening their lifespan.

Snow tire chains installation instructions:

  1. Loosen the chains and stretch them lengthwise in front of the wheels. Be careful, they must be stretched very well.
  2. Start the engine and move the car straight ahead until the wheels get over the chains
  3. Fix chains around tire

The chains are safe hardened under the ASTM E18 standard. Rockwell 56.

Snow chains for semi trucks Pros:

  • is a qualitative product
  • chains are not hard to install
  • easy to store
  • it has a long life span

Snow chains for semi trucks Cons

  • do not fit any size of tire


If you have entered in the cold season and you have not yet bought non-skid chains, we recommend you to buy, the Snow chains for semi trucks. With these chains you will drive safely.

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