Security Chain SZ143 Review

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The Security Chain SZ143 is ideal for drivers that need low clearance snow chains.


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Security Chain SZ143

Snow chains, also known as tire chains, are chains fitted to the tires of vehicles to provide maximum traction when driving through snow and on ice.

In some regions, during winter, the law requires you to have them installed on your wheels. In regions without “real winters”, the law prohibits their use because they can deteriorate the road surfaces.

Snow chains work by helping to get a grip on the road, thereby allowing free rotation of the wheels. They cover the wheels of a vehicle to provide better traction when stuck on snow.

Snow Chains are easy to install and they stay in place. They can also help prevent skidding, ensuring a safe journey.

Snow chains are webs of chains or cable that you put on your car’s wheels during winter. They improve your traction and they work as well as studded tires on ice. Generally, snow tires are more effective on snow than any type of snow tire.

Ideally, you should put tire chains on all four wheels for all types of vehicles, this way you’ll obtain the best possible traction and balance. Front-wheel-drive vehicles must put snow chains on the front wheels, and rear-wheel-drive vehicles must put them on their rear axle.

The recommended maximum speed when driving with snow chains is 20 to 30mph. Driving on dry roads with snow chains can cause the vehicle to slide when braking.

Snow chains should only be used if there’s a layer of snow or ice on the road. Driving with snow chains on dry roads can cause substantial damage to both your tires and the road itself.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Security Chain SZ143.


Security Chain SZ143

The Security Chain SZ143 was designed for cars, pickups, and SUVs with a very limited operating clearance around the drive tires.

Thanks to the easy installation design you don’t have to move the vehicle when putting them on. If you install them while on a road trip, make sure you wear bright clothes for safety.

With a designed-in rubber tightener, there’s no need to stop and redo it again after installation. Once properly installed, you’re good to go.

Made out of steel cable, this snow tire cable has a better all-around traction performance than conventional snow chains or cables.

The Security Chain SZ143 has better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronically monitored control systems.

For better control of your vehicle during braking and cornering, it’s recommended that you use this product on all wheels. This is especially important for front-wheel-drive vehicles.

To ensure proper performance, operating clearance and durability, this traction product requires the use of chain tighteners. However, tighteners may scratch the wheels and wheel covers that get out beyond the sidewall of the tire.

It’s the owner’s responsibility to remove wheel covers or insure that the wheel damage does not occur.

The chain member links are made of manganese alloy steel. This allows them to be shorter, narrower and lighter than usual cross members. The “fly-off” is also reduced during driving and provides better gripping.


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The SZ143 snow cable offers superior performance for cars, pickups, and SUVs. This Security Chain is an innovative solution that is a step beyond traditional snow chains.

Based on the “Z” snow chain line, the SZ143 is designed for vehicles with restricted clearance around the drive tires. This snow cable requires only 0.25-inches of sidewall clearance to operate.

Thanks to a diagonal cross member pattern, this snow cable provides better traction and durability than conventional chain systems. They also need less than half the space required by most cable and tire chains.

With a versatile design, the SZ143 can fit passenger cars, pickups, and SUV tire sizes. It also offers a combination of performance and convenience features for every driver.

The SZ143 has better compatibility with almost any electronically monitored control systems. This way it will not interfere with the normal handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Even when abused, the unique design offers a low potential for damage to the vehicle’s body and mechanical components.


  • Very Easy to Install
  • Designed-in Rubber Tightener
  • High-Quality
  • Requires Low Clearance.
  • High-Performing


  • Included Rubber Tighteners Might Break.


Snow chains are very important during harsh winters, but not every region allows them. If you’re looking for low-clearance snow chains then you should give the Security Chain SZ143 a chance.

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